Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mustaches Everywhere!

I love my mustache necklace to no end. He still receives a many comment on a daily basis, even from random people I don't know! That makes me happy. Oh, and I do fully promise that I'm not choking my dog in that fourth picture, I was trying to give him a kiss, but he just wanted to gnaw my nose off instead! Silly puppy. I suppose opposites do attract, which is why I love thee so much, oh handsome and fluffy mustach'd dog of mine.

Mustaches are just amazing, aren't they? If I was a man, I'd totally grow a different one every week. One week a handlebar, the next week a kung-fu emperor-stache, then a lumber jack bear.. it would provide me with entertainment for the rest of my life. Speaking of facial hair, a very long time ago I found this (don't know where it's from, but if anyone does..!) and it still keeps me amused to this day. The names for the 'staches are accurate and funny, and you won't regret clicking on and reading them!

F21 tights, belt, and high-waisted pants; handmade mustache necklace; Luxe oxfords


Ally said...

omigosh i love your necklace! my boyf and i are obsessed with moustaches!!! i think its cuz he can't grow one haha! how did u make it? it looks so professional!

and thank you for your nice comments!! you're such a sweetheart :)

Jen said...

this mustache necklace is making me love your blog 100x more. i've been wanting one since forever but haven't gotten around to getting one. i just want to wear the chain over my ears so it looks like it's my legit mustache :P well aside from this mustache fetish of mine...i love your outfit with the high waisted pants and your tights. you're looking so chic!

Fashion Therapist said...

I LOVE the mustache necklace it's SOOO adorable! My friends and I went to a mustache party last summer wearing fake mustaches and I have to say it was one of my favorite parties.

LyddieGal said...

The mustache necklace is so hilarious! I love your leopard tights too and your puppy is adorable!

Taylor B. said...

Oh, those shoes! I've been wanting me some lately.