Thursday, June 3, 2010

Waiting for the Train

Today, I felt quite daring. For one, I am wearing gold, something I never do. Gold, the color of the Gods, hence I equal Ali, God of Godliness. And not only was I wearing gold, I was wearing lots of it: gold on my necklace, gold on the details of my mommy's (now mine) vintage purse, and little gold beads on this old vest I found in the attic in the Halloween costume bin. I consider myself a bit intense today. Beside that, I never brushed my hair, which is a very daring thing to do when one knows they must take pictures of them self.

Half of the pictures I took today didn't have me in them since I kept running from the wasps that decided to invade. I was about to get my lightsaber out and chop their faces off, but running seemed more realistic at the time. Perhaps we shall meet at another time, awkward black wasps that look like evil buzzing threads. Perhaps we shall. When we do, I will be waiting, lightsaber in one hand, complete and utter destruction in the other.

Vintage purse and vest, Express bodycon dress, Fioni wedges


LyddieGal said...

Black and gold is just the perfect pairing, and the wasps were probably bothering you because you were doing their colors better than they.

The bag is super awesome, don't give it back ;)

projectvee said...

I like :)
very pretty detailing.

Rebecca Clairine said...

thx for ur sweet comment on my post ,, :)

oh , u look beautiful with black .

keep update,

Mel said...

Gold looks lovely on you! I also adore your purse, it's lovely!

Erika Michel said...

I used to not like gold either, but now I totally love it, specially using the right accessories can make a simple outfit look very stylish.



v [ hobovogue ] said...

hahaah i love the part about the wasps :P

anyway, the gold looks great. i used to have ZERO gold jewelry and then one day i realized how silly it was to pretend like gold didn't matter. because it did. and i was just scared of not looking good in it :( but you look amazing with all the gold details please wear it more often!!!



Jen said...

GOLD! i love how it accents your all black outfit. you should wear that color more often! the detailing on that vest is just fantastic. and next time you better show those wasps who's boss. >:)

as for the moustache, i'm beyond excited!!!!! you're my hero. :)
my email is

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Ooh, I love the gold studded vest! I was lusting after a French Connection cardigan a lot like that last fall - still haven't gotten my fix!

Anna Jane said...

Haha, love your comment about the wasps.
Very chic and very elegant outfit. And I love the bag/satchel too, very profesh!

- Anna Jane xxx

anton belardo said...

im loving this look on you
black is sooo you :)
i missed you dear haven't been blogging
for weeks will be back in a few days

kisses A.

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

You look so chic in all black. And a little random, but I love the shape of that bag. Boxy is the way to be!

And I love the photos you posted below. A little eerie, but totally rad.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

You look so chic in all black. And a little random, but I love the shape of that bag. Boxy is the way to be!

And I love the photos you posted below. A little eerie, but totally rad.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jessica said...

You look great! The vest is the perfect way to top off the outfit. Have a lovely weekend!

Megan Hawley said...

Thank you for the comment! I really like this bag by the way! So great!

Anonymous said...

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Twee + Kz said...

love your bag Ali~it's amazing!!!

thanks for your message too^^


Victoire said...

you look great! i love the vest and your bag :)

monica said...

you look fabulous. love the studded vest

S and O said...

I love that gorgeous black bag of beautiful!


Alix said...

beautiful pictures :)

avalonne summers said...

Love the necklace and bag. I adore a good quality leather bag, it's adorable. Well you look wonderful :)

Julls said...

Hello dear ! I love this outfit,very somple but with those golden touches it looks amazing :)

Great job,honey,huuuugs !

christinefong said...

love the outfit (:
especially the waistcoat, the detailing is amazing!

whatiwore said...

Ooh! I especially like that doctor bag-esque satchel!

jess said...

I like your vest.

michelle_ said...

what a lovely vest and purse !!
i love black and gold as well !

Journal of gossip girl said...

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Fashion Cappuccino said...

Very chic all black outfit!! I adore your bag!! xoxoxoxxo

libys11 said...

this is such an elegant outfit!!!! the all black outfit is stunning with those accessories! :D

Animated Confessions

Susi said...

The vintage purse!!! <3

Very classic and fancy look. I'm loving the waistcoat you pulled over it =)

dotie said...

I don't brush my hair ever..I find that blow drying it and then just stroking it through with your fingers gives it a more natural look :)
pretty vest..the bead details is lovely!

eclectic du jour

Mademoiselle Paulina said...

cute look !

C'est La Vie said...

i very much love that necklace!!! I'm a new fan of gold myself :)

Sandy Joe said...

love the beaded vest!