Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Animating Force Within Living Things

This week was, da da dummm, Spirit Week! And homecoming is Saturday night and it's all so very exciting, 'specially since I'm a little old senior in high school! Woe is me. Anyway, for this post, I decided to wait an entire week and gather up an abundance of pictures from the dress up days and montage them together here. So, hurr we go! Boom boom, firepower, baby.

Monday was nerd day. This was a fun day and fit the description of me quite well, snort snort. I already had everything I needed to dress up with this in my closet. That alone says a lot about myself. Like that I'm nerdy. Surprisingly enough, not many people really decided to comment on the day's outfit. I suppose my friends are used to seeing me in nonprescription glasses, high-waisted skirts and shorts, and these lurvely loafers. But it was truly amazing how many suspenders I saw that day. So. Many. Suspenders. I bet there were enough suspenders there that a giant suspender ball of doom could be made to wage war with the legendary giant rubber band ball.

Tuesday I was gone on a field trip, so no dressing up occurred. But that's all good and great, because Tuesday's dress up day of wearing your favorite football team jersey is a day that would not fancy my fancies anyway. Huzzah! On Wednesday, though, it was Rockstar Day. Awe yeah, rockstar. I went all out for this and attempted to look awesome with my crazy black hair, self-drawn tattoo, and shiny leggings. Besides looking badass, I also apparently delivered the feeling of apprehensive fear that in the hearts of many people as a result of my (attractive?) looks.

On the lovely day of Thursday, there was Decades Day. I was the 1920s! 1920s glamour, that is, darlings. Clamorous glamour, clamorous glamour that could not be stopped with a hammer. I felt pretty awesome all day up until my faux mole blob of paint thing decided to fall off my face somewhere between lunch and math, making me twenty-four percent less awesome. Touche, mole. Touche.

And finally, Friday was the wondrous class theme day, and for seniors, that meant it was Toga Day. It was not until I wore my elite toga that I truly felt like a senior. My toga is a bed sheet, my cape is curtain fabric, and my gold chain cape connector thingie majigger (such big and fancy words, I apologize) were made from two unused lion drawer knobs and gold chain. Oh, the things we have lying around in this house. I think my toga was my favorite outfit from the entire week.. it was very comfy, plus the entire day I had this intense superiority complex that made me feel like Caesar himself, and that the rest of the people in the world were peasants in my kingdom, ahahaha. I get so into character, I cannot help it.

..and that was Spirit Week! I think it was the funnest Spirit Week out of the four years of my high school career. Next post, I shall wear my dress from homecoming and show you guys my recently acquired first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes (which I got for $40.00 less than they were on Modcloth, plus free shipping, awe yeah)! So many exciting things are happening right now. I do hope you all had a fabulous week, and an even more fabulous weekend!


dennicapearl said...

wow! you really went all out for spirit week.
so stylish and chic! each and every single outfit :D

<3 dennica pearl
- through the eyes of a pearl
- vintage shop

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

OH MY GOODNESS this is the best post ever. I love all of these spirit week outfits, they're impeccable! I think my favorite one is the rockstar, though.
I remember when we had a dress up week at my school which included toga day, decades day and one other I can't remember, but I was one of the only people who did it because the majority of my senior class lame and didn't like dressing up! :(
Can't wait to see your homecoming outfit!

Oh, My Darling said...

Wow, your school spirit outfits are legitimately impressive!!!

Rio said...

Oh my goodness! Favorite thing eveeeer! I love playing dress up (Halloween? Dress up party? Yes please!), and you are the champ at it! Your rock star outfit makes you look like a completely different person, and your toga is down right impressive, especially for being made from household items! Nicely done, my friend! :)


Fan. tastic. As in, I am all of a sudden a ridiculously huge fan of your blog. I mean it was pretty awesome before, but you kicked it up about a kafrillion notches with Spirit Week. Word to the nerd look fo sho.

projectvee said...

this looks so fun. glad you went alllll out!
ps, you're a cute nerd :D

Mel said...

Ahhh I miss Spirit Week :( I love all your outfits! The nerd one totally reminded me of our nerd day in high school!

SMASH said...

ahh so fun!!! not gonna like, youre kinda channeling choe sevigny in the first set of photos and I don't hate it one bit ;)


Victoria said...

I love these pictures, you look awesome, what a seriously fun week, I especially like the first outfit ad the third one!! :)

I'm holding a giveaway over on my blog, make sure you check it out

Have a great weekend! xxx

Rebecca Clairine said...

u re awesome ,
love all of them ,
so stylish ! :D


Stephanie said...

I really love all these pictures! Cool post! :]

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

gAHHHHHH. Can I PLEASE express my insane ENVY of your life, specifically THIS WEEK?!

I got a day off from my uniform, so that obviously struck me as a super awesome thing. But, obviously, you have proved to me that that is not at all awesome, as THIS is the most super awesomest thing EVER.

I'm seriously so jealous. It's like Halloween. But for a whole week. I'm suggesting this at all my weekly student council meetings until it goes through. (I'm 99.9% sure it won't, but I'll do it for that mere 0.1%)

You were definitely the best dressed there. That nerd outfit is actually so cute.

Castor Pollux said...

awesome week! my school made each of the students wear uniforms, and the worst part; the thick & long pleated electric blue skirt (trust me, nothing vintage/edgy about it). envy your week so much :D

and, oh, i probably have to scream in awe or something, but let's keep it calm here; i super LOVE your toga dress!

Castor Pollux

Sweetdie said...

JusT wooowwww!I follow u.This blog is incredib.

julia louise said...

Hey babe.
It's my first time on your blog :-) You are welcome to comment on my blog and follow me<3

silviasiantar said...

beautiful styling

following your blog now babe


Flashes of Style said...

This photoshoot looks like such fun! <3

LyddieGal said...

Ahhh, how did I miss this post for 3 days??

You are so awesome. Spirit week is so cool -- when I was in highschool before homecoming we just had pajama day. (aka lame, because half the school wore pj pants everyday)

You look so crazy with your rockstar hair and I think the toga look is my favorite, because you did such an amazing job on it -- i'm especially impressed by the lions and leafy headdress.

Glad you are having a great senior year and can't wait to see the JCs!

Susi said...

How cool is it!!!??? OMG!!! Great convert!!!

I love the nerd day most, this is something I would def. wear, haha. Can you imagine? :D

Kisses xxx

anton belardo said...

hi dear
sorry haven't commented in awhile
been terribly busy
i miss you lots!

im loving the different looks on you

kisses A.

Tany Lë *charmediem* said...

great blog!


Marta said...

i didn't recognize you with that black wig!!! you absolutely rock, ali!!! loooooove these costumes!

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Hi! thanks for visiting my blog!
And I love these pictures...spirit week was fun, huh? I especially like your look for Toga week.. and the fountain was a good choice for the photo! :)

Isquisofrenia said...

awesome, love your first outfit but your rockstar is so cool
you look totally different but is you

Hope Adela said...

wow these outfits are all so amazing!!! LOVE!! =)

arnique said...

This is a fantastic post and your high school is so cool for letting you have theme days. I went to a Catholic girls' school, so you must know that means UNIFORMS and a strict dress code. :(

I love the penny loafers on your Nerd outfit (I am a geek so I actually sort of dress like that for school though sans pens in pockets—way too much!) and I missed snapping a pair from Zara (they ran out of my size). But the black gown for twenties day is to die for!

Love this Spirit Week of yours.
Arianne from A + B in the Sea

michelle_ said...

you totally nailed this look girl !!
these spirit week outfits are definitely runway worthy :)
this is the BEST POST from you !

thanks soo much for stopping by at my blog :)

roxanne said...

although i have to give you points for that amazing wig, the toga is my favorite look as well, with the nerd outfit coming in at a close second. i love - LOVE - a lady who can tackle a character. so basically what i'm saying is: saywhaaaaat you're even more awesome than i thought you were?! is this real life??

p.s.: thanks for the kind words. i'm excited to get back to the blog, too!

ABIGAIL NY said...

Those are some really great outfit, love that last roman type outfit!!:)

P.S. Checkout my two winner giveaway!

Ashley said...

Lovely! I totally like your rockstar day look the best. You COMPLETELY pull of the hair like no body's business! Really, I want to dress like that everyday.

And I'm loving your "elite toga," too. ;)

Trishna said...

These outfits are so classic and fun to see. I loved each and every one of them but I think my most favorite has to be the classic black dress one. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada

Anna-Lena said...

wonderful differen every one of them!! you are looking gorgeous!have a nice week! hugs

Krystal said...

whoa, that is NOT how we did spirit week, that is awesome!

dotie said...

envy the fact that you have a reason to actually play dress up...whether it be a dorky nerd or Hollywood glam, you look awesome :)

eclectic du jour

Elaine said...

Wow!!! These outfits were AWESOME!!!!! They're so perfect for Halloween too!! :D

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Jan said...

Love the first outfit!