Friday, November 5, 2010

I Will Protect the Constitution

____It's been raining cats and dogs for the past week! Seriously, I almost stepped in a POODLE today. Bahahahaha. So anyway, since I'm really terrible at making funny jokes, I'll tell you about my picture-taking adventure today. Since the sprinkly-rain stuff falling from the sky decided to chill for a moment or two, I thought that today would be a good day to go exploring and take pictures with my tripod, Jean Bob II, who unfortunately hasn't been used that much!

____So off I went, Jean Bob loyally at my side, as I trekked to the closed pool pavillion. I started taking some pictures there until I heard something. A sound. A voice. No, more than one voice. Two, possibly three. Surely they were human voices. By the pool there is a lake, and by that lake there were some kiddies. And one of them saw me. And so I quickly scrambled to my camera, pretending that I was taking pictures of something that was not me. I felt like a creeper for some reason. And then I casually escaped and darted past and behind the tennis courts where hopefully no human souls would be, and where no humans souls were. All was well. I didn't feel like I had to constantly look around to make sure that anyone was there, because trees surrounded me in all directions, I was on a trail that dipped down into a hole, and nobody ever went back there. Here is where I took my pictures, and I must say that they turned out much better than the ones from the pool area. Except for that second picture up there.. I don't know what happened there,-- deep contemplation, perhaps?

____Do you guys have any slightly freaky (or, if you're wimpy like me, not really freaky but yeah still freaky) picture-taking moments? Or any scary moments, for that matter?

____I also wanted to say thank you to Miss Rio from Showers of Sunflowers; I won her giveaway and received these ridiculously awesome skeleton earrings in the mail last week. I've been wearing them before Halloween and for Day of the Dead and I love them like I love me some oreos. They're super cool, not too heavy, and attract random people as a result of their awesomeness and shininess.

____Plusplusplusplus, thank you everyone for commenting and liking my artsies in my last post! I'm glad you guys like my stuff and I'd love to stick each and every one of you into something, so, yay for willing volunteers! Not that anyone in the past has not been willing.. I told you all about the part where you'd have to eat only toothpaste for the rest of your life, right? Right? Good. Have a fantastic week, citizens!

Top: TJ Maxx
Skirt: Target
Jacket: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Gifted by momma


Vanessa said...

OK: No. 1: Your skirt is amazing! Really. And the pairing with the navy and stripes and jacket: Perfect-o.
And, No. 2: I am the QUEEN of faking like I'm taking pictures of something else (anything else!) when I get "caught" taking my outfit photos. It just feels SO awkward! The worst is when someone creeps up on me, unseen, when I've really got my pose on. I want to die.

Charmalade said...

Ooooh this outfit is like that one time when you said you wanted to jump around the woods and pretend that you're an olden-time revolutionary ... is that why you're protecting the constitution? I'm sure you are. :D

And YES haha I always seem to be looking over my back when I'm taking pictures lately since I usually take them while I'm on campus. So risk of students just walking by (wtf are you doing, can't you see I'm trying to take pictures OF MYSELF here? hahaha) is very prevalent. xD And unlike what I heard Jennifhsieh does, I don't lug my tripod around and instead make do with placing my camera on various ledges. ><

Toast with Charmalade

PS: I had an inkling of an idea for our fashion-y thing-y. Check your email soon!

Amber Rose said...

You are always so gorgeous and put together Miss Grace Kelly. <3

And I always feel like a creeper when people catch me taking pictures of myself. Kind of like they're thinking "Just WHO does she think she is!?"

These pictures are great though. I hope you don't step in any more poodles. ;)

LyddieGal said...

I love this look and the military + nautical + leather = awesome!

I hate it when it rains for days and days, and last week I was out taking photos and some creepy middle aged dude in a car rolled up, stopped and tried to chat me up. gross.
and then there was the time some people asked me if was taking photos for the newspaper.

people need to mind their own damn business!

Glad you and jean bob made it out alive.

Berlin said...

Everyone has basically said what I wanted to say, so I'll summarize it lol: A++

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time :)

Pumpkins bobbing down the streets,

Krystal said...

"stepped in a poodle" that is hilarious :) you can paint me anytime you want! I can't believe how good you are at it!

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Great jacket!

arnique said...

Jean Bob, as in the frog from the Swan Princess cartoon movie? Or is that me being a geek? :)) Anyway, B and I bought a cheap tripod but we always forget to bring it with us!

I love the navy and I have been looking for a great navy coat that is suitable for winter/spring. I might have to settle for a classic trench but that's good too. Keeping an eye on your autumn outfits. :)

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

CATS AND DOGS AND POODLES?! Oh my! (That was a play on "lions and tigers and bears" via Wizards of Oz. AW YEAH PUNNY TIMES.)

You look fabulous. I love the leath-ahhhh. It's so fierce. I want to add a pun here, but I'm not filling hilarious. So sawwwry.

And I WILL eat toothpaste for the rest of my life for a drawing. I WILL.

20 York Street said...

You won those super cute earrings! Lucky girl!



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Mel said...

These pictures are lovely! I really like the autumn-like setting :) Cute leather skirt and boots, I just adore your outfit! I usually take my outfit pictures on my roof, but even then I'm a little paranoid of people walking in the street, afraid they might see me (although I'm 98% sure they can't).

Sanny said...

I adore both your boots and top! Heheh! Most of my outdoor outfit pictures were taken by others but sometimes I still feel all awkward and weird when people were around and kind of watching. But I guess we just have to get used to this photo taking thing heheh!

Have a fabulous weekend! (:

Sanny's Head to Heart

Bug said...

Love your outfit! I've been wishing for a pair of boots just like yours. I scared myself the other day when taking my Halloween pics in a cemetery, lol. Thanks for the blog comments :)

gleenn said...

I love your outfit. I adore the jacket a lot. stylish look. :)

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Marta said...

i usually take shots at my flat, or in the front of my house when i come back home, but although i feel silly when i ask all my personal photgraphers to take adozens of photos so that i could pick THESE shots. and i am in love with your skirt :o)

projectvee said...

hehe you're so PUNNY!!
your posts are always so fun to read :)

Cheyne said...

Why do I not own a leather skirt? Oh wait, I've been vegetarian for three years. Sometimes it's so difficult to resist...sigh, but I must. Hopefully I'll find one at thrift store, then I can look as chic as you dooo. (:


Sweetdie said...

great the jacket and the boots!

Isquisofrenia said...

i really dig this combination the skirt witht the top look amazing!

sallyannie☆ said...

Oh yes, it's super awkward when you're caught taking outfit photos! My dad asked me if I was taking them for facebook...I'm amazed that he knows what facebook is, actually.

PS you're cute :D

Winnie said...

Love that jacket. It's such a great colour on you.

Louise said...

I love this look! My man takes most of my photos for me, and I am still getting comfortable doing it!

Indie.Tea said...

I only take pictures of stuff (I'm way to self-conscious to take pictures of myself...I admire your bravery in doing it)...but sometimes I feel like a tourist in my own home-area.
I adore the outfit, the skirt is fabulous, the striped top and cardigan are perfect together.

MarchMusings said...

Great silhouette and colours in these photos. Blue looks lovely on you.

E said...

That military-style sweater is a delightful contrast with that leather skirt. Wonderful look!

monica said...

nice boots.

i love ur sweater

dishly said...

wowww i really love how all your outfits are so colour coordinated, and mix cute with edgy yet neat! :)
i know i'm commenting on the wrong post.. but i loved how you had those bright red socks teamed with those sandals :)

hiven said...

x hivennn. enter my giveaway? six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway.

Theresa said...

I love this outfit- the boots, the skirt, you know what if I state everything I like I'm just gonna be describing every part of your outfit so I'll just stop. haha
Your adventures looking for a spot for your photos is definitely relate able! Agh, having someone come by is one of the most awkward things ever! But nevertheless, this location is fantastic, as well are your pictures. <3

julianne. said...

totally inlove with this outfit.<3

Will said...

Fell in love with the vest.