Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Black Lace, White Pearls

I had the most awesome, strange, and melodramatic dream last night. So I was in the Middle East with my fellow troopers, hiding behind a sack of corn by a worn down house, when suddenly these milk duds start falling from the sky and raining down upon us. The milk duds explode and turn into this hazy purple mist that spreads out and chokes people to death and smells like chili peppers (pleasant, I know!). Then I'm suddenly outside at school. My sarcastic and mean English teacher (he's actually the coolest teacher I've had ever), who's also the track coach, is outside of our school's art room running around the track with his track peoples. There is an 0-shaped fence inside of the track, rather than outside of it. I run around the track once, then stop to watch the rest of the track team. They all run around the track and start talking to the people who have the milk dud bombs in their pocket. Then my teacher starts running backwards and making fun of them, telling them they're slow and are a waste of human flesh, totally unaware that they are MILK DUD BOMBERS!
I'm inside now and the suspicious guys let their milk dud bombs loose and everyone outside died (sorry, teacher sir) including the guys with the bombs (kamikazes on foot?). Then, the purple mist starts seeping its way into the school! I am in the school's hallway and run to the art room. Behind me, there are other people who are rushing toward it, as well, since apparently the art room is a "safe place." I get in before they all do and close the door, locking it. The art room is for some reason filled with two feet of solid aqua-colored water, lily pads, and other people I know who have canvas medical masks and velvet red togas on. My art teacher throws me a mask and says to prepare for the worst if the purple haze gets through the doors. By now, the people outside were banging on the doors, begging for me to let them in. I simply said, "No, let them die! This is our art room!" Gosh, I'm mean. Sorry, guys, I didn't mean to subconsciously be a jerk. So then the purple haze seeped through the doors, and the voices outside began to fade. After the haze was gone, I went to the front of the school to do some hot dog ritual with colorguard flags and blue suede shoes, then woke up to the lovely screeching of my alarm clock.

Sounds woeful and dramatic, doesn't it? I have dreams that are like short Shakespearean plays. I swear that in a way they can predict the future-- three of the people who died from the purple haze in my dream were sick today or felt sick. And my teacher even coughed a few times. Haha, I'm so superstitious.. I love it!

Body Central lace top, TJ Maxx lace skirt, Rodarte for Target bow belt, Burlington pearls, WM tights, Fioni heels


Fashion Therapist said...

I really really like this outfit and I love that white tights are making a comeback. When my leg is up and running I'm going to the store and buying me a pair.

Mel said...

Wow the lace top and skirt go so well together! I love how you paired white tights with the lace outfit, looks amazing! Black and white are such a wonderful color combo!

LyddieGal said...

I love your outfit! I have the same skirt too!

I can't ever get out of Tjmaxx empty handed; I'm cursed like that.

Kinsey said...

I love lace so much and it is worn perfectly here!
cute shoes as well!

sexylegsandbody said...

Hi Ali, luv your style... love your pics and love your blog, very colorful and interesting.
You look stunning in this outfit in black and white, it really suits you. The white tights is a brilliant idea, that paired with the black heels is a fabulous combination.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog, really nice to hear comments like that.
Best wishes with blogging, and hope to see you again soon.

Take care.

Ps, please let me know when you dream about

Clara said...

lovely outfit!!

Zanah said...

I like your Black lace dress :) Mon Mode Blog

monica w said...

omg that is an intense dream!!!!

i love your outfit - it's so delicate, classy and girlie

Jen said...

your dream is FANTASTIC and i'm loving the part with the milk dud bombers. that sounds deliciously dangerous :)
i love this outfit btw, especially with all the lace (i've been obsessed with lace recently). my favorite piece is definitely your lace top!