Saturday, January 26, 2013

The English Teacher

English Teacher1English Teacher3English Teacher7English Teacher4English Teacher8English Teacher9English Teacher11

 ______This skirt that you see is actually a kilt that I'm wearing backwards.  It was my mom's a long time ago and it's made from real Scottish sheep.  The wool part of the sheep, I mean.  Not the whole sheep.  Hopefully, sheep aren't just put through giant sheep grinders and boom, kilt production ensues.  That would be rather saddening.  But yeah, authentic vintage kilt right here, and it's even itchy.  You know if it's itchy it's authentic.

______The first thing I associate with a plaid skirt is school.  So of course, channeling my inner English teacher was a must.  In reality, I would probably make the most awful English teacher ever, mainly because I can't spell or pronounce most English words that a middle schooler can (Thai restaurant? I thought it was pronounced "thigh" restaurant); then again, I have this totally rad teacher for Honors Lit who confessed that he can't spell many things, so I'm sure I'd turn out all right.  What a brave soul he is to admit such a thing in the first place!

English Teacher6English Teacher5

______I think I'm getting a hang of my schedule now, so that's good, but I do wish I could stop being so anxious about it all the time.  One of the classes I'm taking is a film photography class, and film photography is so different from normal photography.  Obviously you can't see what you took after you took it, so there's no way to know if you need to re-take it or correct something, plus there's making sure you get all the chemicals right when you're developing, and then there's getting a little sad when certain pictures don't turn out at all and you just wonder if you'll ever get it right.  I'm also taking a 3D design class and we're working with all sorts of new power tools and materials I've never used or even tried.

______That being said, I think the reason why I've been getting anxious and nervous about my classes this year is because, well, I'm afraid of not succeeding.  There are so many new things.  So many unfamiliar things. So many words I've never heard of that other people can utilize as if it's their second language.  So many things I've never tried, never been good at... Which of course means that I have indeed already failed a few times at these things.  I'm not used to that.  I'm not used to failing.  I'm not used to being entirely horrible at something.  I'm at least somewhat decent at most things.  I'm passionate about photography, so it's frustrating that I can't get perfect film pictures on the first or second round through.  I've at least had some familiarity with the other art classes I've taken in the past--I've painted before, even if not with oils, and I've drawn before with most materials, so those classes weren't as difficult to transition into.  It's almost a little hard to stay positive lately.

______Alas, I can only pray that next week will be smoother, and maybe I'll learn some more things.  Better things.  Try to stay positive, my dear citizens!

English Teacher

PS) You can find a different wording of this post over here at Ashley's blog, Twenties Girl Style!

Ruffle top: Isabell de Pedro, secondhand
Kilt: vintage authentic Scottish kilt
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Christmas pressie
Earrings: Charming Charlie

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Msdressy $80 Voucher Giveaway!

Hey there, party peeps!  You saw the pretty dress I recieved from Msdressy not too long ago, so wouldn't you be interested in getting one for yourself?  If so, you're in luck, 'cause you can win an $80 Msdressy gift voucher to use toward any of their dresses just by doing these three super important things:

1) You must be following me via GFC (and sacrifice your soul to me, accordingly).

2) Comment on this post with your e-mail address.

3) Like Msdressy on Facebook.

There are tons of pretty dresses on Msdressy--in addition to their prom and wedding dresses, you can find some formal, some casual, and some right in between dresses with all types of lengths and colors. I picked out two here to show you.  You're sure to find something you like!

If you win, you're going to need to make an account at with the same e-mail that you commented with, and I'll let the winner know how to do that.  Capeesh?  Good.  A winner will be chosen with after two weeks.

Good luck, my mighty citizens! 

(pictured dresses can be found here and here)

UPDATE: Giveaway closed! Congrats to Brooke, #12!

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Tale of Two Legs

A Tale of Two Legs

"A Tale of Two Legs," 36x24, oil paint, Painting I, Fall 2012

______My goodness, it's been a long week.  A long week indeed.  It went by as slow as a turtle would with a vending machine on its back.  Maybe even two vending machines.  But the first week of any semester at college is always like that for me; it always takes me a while to get used to everything and figure out a new routine, and until I can figure that out, I'm usually this stressed out mess of a person, and I have the tendency to hole myself away in my dorm room and forgo human contact until I feel safe and "on schedule" for the day.

______Before my inevitable return to college, I was able to snap a few pictures of some final art things.  That being said, I present to you precious citizens the final oil painting which I completed during my previous semester at college.  My dad named it because he is super clever and can always think of super clever titles such as this one.  I hadn't ever used oil paint before I took this class, but after suffering through a semester of it, I learned to embrace it.  I learned much of underpaintings and other oil paint-based techniques, and my brain was able to sponge up many puddles of artsy information.  Though oil painting takes a little extra time to set up and put away, it definitely has many advantages over acrylics--the paint is brighter and smoother, it doesn't dry as quickly so you can continuously work on different sections of it, and after a while, the turpentine gets to you and the Bob Marley music playing in the background doesn't seem as obnoxious as it did before.

A Tale of Two Legs Detail2A Tale of Two Legs Detail

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Forevergreen + Msdressy Review


______Feast your eyes upon this ever most charming gown which I recently received from Msdressy, my fair people.  No, seriously, check it out.  That quality.  That sheen.  That subtle beauty and elegance.  I am a forest fairy, floating ever so gracefully through the, uh, my driveway.  Shhh, no, you must imagine the dense and misty surrounding forest.  You must believe.

______Anyway, a little bit about the lovely company that was ever so kind to offer me this pretty dress in exchange for a  review.  Msdressy is a website that offers discounted prom, wedding, and formal dresses, all which can be customized to either a standard or custom size and also in your color of choice.  I chose this pretty little number in a deep, dark green and had it custom sized.  When it arrived, I was pleased to discover that it fit just perfectly, so very perfectly!


______I really like how this strapless dress actually manages to stay up no matter what.  This dress has a stretchy custom fit built-in bra thing going on behind the scenes to keep the dress in place at all times.  I can jump and dance about and this dress won't fall down.  It's kind of incredible.  I also adore the detailing, primarily the sweetheart neckline ruffles and the little sleeve drape; it adds a subtle amount of Roman-esque feel, no?  I feel like a pretty princess wearing this... and that, my friends, is the best thing that a dress can do for you!


Dress: c/o Msdressy
Jewel necklace: vintage
Crystal drop earrings: World Market

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pewter Rose + eShakti Review


______When I was contacted by the lovely people over at eShakti to do a product review on one of their items, I couldn't have been more ecstatic.  I've heard a positive thing or two about their company before, and now I must share my equally pleasant experience with you!

______If you haven't heard of them before, eShakti is a women's clothing website which offers tons upon tons of pretty dresses, skirts, jackets, and tops, all which come in a custom cut size anywhere from 0-36W.  Or if you want something made with your measurements, you can do that, too--you just have to pay a little extra (though your first custom dress will add no extra cost to the initial order).  In addition, you can choose the dress length or if you want a different sleeve type.  Basically, you can do whatever you want.  Who doesn't love customization?  People who are squares, that's who.

Rose3Rose8Rose10Rose Earrings

______It was difficult to choose between so many beautiful pieces, but in the end, I opted for the Pewter Rose Jaquard Dress with custom sizing.  When the dress came (and ever so quickly, especially considering the busy winter holidays!), I was delighted to find that it fit like a dream.  I've never really purchased a knee-length dress before, but I decided to be a little daring and go for it, and boy, am I glad I did!  I quite like the modest flair that a longer length dress adds.  The full, twirly skirt is also a big plus, and the material is so high-quality and has a nice sheen to it.  I also love the high neckline and zippered back design.  This dress is gorgeous and makes me feel like the classiest lady who ever lived.

______Why, wearing it made me feel like a cutesy housewife from the 50s who had just baked a cherry pie for her loving husband, Charles, after he came home from a long shift at work.  I can see it now--we would have been eating our warm pie on a stylish sea foam carpet whilst watching I Love Lucy and discussing the latest news concerning hula hoops and Buddy Holly.

______Oh, did I mention this dress has pockets, too?  Because I discovered that shortly after taking these.  Any dress with pockets is a win in my book.  Functional and fabulous.


______I personally find it awesome that there's a company out there that realizes that we ladies don't come in the same size all the time--even if I'm a size 4, someone else might be a size 4 but be shorter and, unlike me, actually have boobies, and thus need a differently shaped dress that gives them more boobie storage.  eShakti gets that.  eShakti gets you.

______Now go check out their pretty clothes, or face impending doom.  I know I wouldn't hesitate to order something from eShakti in the future, and you shouldn't either!

Dress: c/o eShatki
Tights: TJ Maxx
Unicorn heels: GoJane
Rose earrings: Charming Charlie
Necklace: vintage

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Dress, New Battle Scar


______Happy 2013!  How did I start the New Year, you ask?  By getting the stitches taken out of my chin.  You might be thinking, "What?! What stitches, you crazy girl?"

______The stitches from the fight I was in where I beat up some punk who thought it would be funny to steal my toaster strudel.

______...Kidding. I don't like toaster strudels.

______But I'm not kidding about stitches.  The last post I made would have pictured me with my stitches, but those pictures were prepared before my little accident.  Here's the scoop: I was riding my bike one morning about a week ago, as I do, and for whatever reason, I rode straight into a parked car (during the 2.83 mile mark, to be exact), hit my head on the rear windshield, hit my chin, hit some other body parts, and toppled down to the pavement while feeling a lot like television static.

______I sat there in kind of a daze for a while, looking around a bit, hoping maybe someone would pity me and come out to see if I was okay, but it was 35 degrees and Alabama people just don't come outside when it's 35 degrees.  I glanced down and saw that there was blood all over my mom's zebra scarf which I decided to use instead of my own that day (sorry, mom).

______To be honest, the accident only made my already freezing bike ride more frustrating and I simply wanted to continue on--I couldn't really feel anything but a headache so why bother checking, right?--but I didn't even know where the blood was coming from, so I grudgingly walked my bike back home.  Once there, my mom made it known that my chin was split open, when I was thinking that maybe it was a nosebleed or something... Strange, how there was no pain.


______So to the doctor's we went, and I got 7 magical stitches after waiting for half an hour in a room full of obnoxious sick people.  Thankfully, my stitches aren't really visible straight on since the split is kind of below my chin.  I got kind of lucky with the placement of them.  I then asked the doctor when I would be able to ride my bike again.

______"Oh, heck, you could go at it later this afternoon," he replied matter-of-factly.  My mother looked horrified.


______However, upon arriving home, I discovered I wouldn't be going on a bike ride later that afternoon--my super lovely brother was kind enough to take my bike to get fixed while I was getting stitches, only to find out it was completely totalled.  Front fork out of place.  Tire spokes bent.  Gears shot.  Sacrificed to the bike gods, basically.

______I am getting a new bike, though.  A Sirrus Sport hybrid in gleaming white.  My dad was ever so kind as to make the purchase himself, and right after Christmas at that.  I got lucky with a lot of things, even though what happened was quite unlucky.  I'm just very thankful that I have such a supportive and loving family!


______And my resolutions?

______Don't ride into parked cars.  Read some books that aren't related to school.  Stop biting my nails.    Purge negative people from my life and Tumblr.  Buy more high-quality pieces like this lovely velvet burnout dress that will last me longer opposed to those that will fall apart within a year or two.  I spent $110 on this dress, which is absolutely crazy, but I'm absolutely crazy in love with it.  I think the purchase of that Guess coat has opened my eyes to how much nicer the quality and fit of clothing becomes and how much sturdier the material gets as the price increases.  This realization could be a good or bag thing.  We'll see!


Dress: Minkpink (via Urban Outfitters)
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell (I'm wearing all the fancy things today)
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Earrings: via Etsy