Sunday, September 30, 2012

Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash4Butternut Squash5Butternut Squash
Butternut Squash6
Butternut Squash1
Butternut Squash7
Butternut Squash8
Butternut Squash9Butternut Squash10

______I feel like normally I'm unable to wear sleeveless dresses because of my wider-than-average shoulders, but for some reason, after trying this brilliant squash yellow dress on, that idea completely vanished from my mind.  My mom is the one who spotted it from afar--she's really the only person I'm able to shop with when I'm not shopping alone, and is always able to pick out the pieces which become my favorites.  She always knows what will look best on my interestingly-shaped figure, and I really don't know what I'd do without such an amazing shopping buddy as herself!

______Do you prefer shopping with a friend (or parent!), or are you more of a lone shopper?

Butternut Squash2

Dress: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Fossil, thrifted for $3
Socks: Target (guys, they have so many cute socks there right now)
Heels: Ross Dress for Less
Earring: Charming Charlie
Hair: done by the amazing momma Hval

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bottles, Cans, and Other Shiny Things

Charcoal Still LifeCharcoal Still Life Flower DetailCharcoal Still Life Cup Detail
Final Still Life, 24x36, charcoal, Drawing I Spring 2012

______Just the other day, I was in the process of organizing some computer folders when I stumbled across both of these charcoal drawings that were done last semester in Drawing I.  Upon unearthing them, I realized they hadn't yet been posted on the ole' bloggy-blog--which is terrifying since I like to keep my things up to date and documented!

______The bottles below are a bit wonky, and some of the above are a bit, er, organic... but hey, it's Drawing I, not astrophysics (sorry, that was kind of sassy--I am trying my best to make things more symmetrical, though).  I can't wait until my art classes get into that "draw what you want" mode, because still life drawings tend to make me anxious instead of making me relax and enjoy what I'm drawing.

Charcoal BottlesCharcoal Bottles Detail
Bottles, 24x18, charcoal, Drawing I Spring 2012 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumn's Orange Glow


______This week has been busier than a herd of bloodthirsty mosquitos at a nude beach, you guys.  Usually after Wednesdays, my workload lightens up, but everything was still going in extreme hyperspace mode until late noon on Friday.  I accomplished so much, though, and I've gotta say, it feels pretty rad.  I scrawled out a lengthy rough draft, sat for five hours in the painting room to start and finish my assignment of copying a Salvador Dali painting in oils, studied like a mad man, and still managed to fit a Starbucks tea break with my super lovely roommate in there.

______Though hectic days can be kind of awful, I think that I thrive in them like weeds do in the heat.  That is me.  I am a weed, a graceful weed, a dandelion.

______Guess I'd better prepare myself to be one of these graceful weeds next week, too, 'cause I know it's gonna be another hectic one.  I hope that you guys' first day of autumn is nice and cool!

Wine2Tiny Pumpkin Scenario

Top: Know-Style
Shorts: JC Penny
Sheer Anklets: Target
Wedges: Calvin Klein (via Ross Dress for Less)
Necklace: vintage
Bangle: Lulu*s
Earrings: Lotus Botique

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Black Velvet + Firmoo Review

Black Velvet
Black Velvet3
Black Velvet6
Black Velvet4
Black Velvet7
Black Velvet2
Black Velvet12

______Recently, Firmoo contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing an honest review in exchange for a pair of their eyewear--of course, I jumped at the idea!  It didn't take but a few days for these lovely sunglasses to arrive, and when they did, I was more than impressed with them.  The quality of these beauties is high, and they're nice and sturdy and don't feel like they're going to break if I toss 'em around a bit.  And just in case you couldn't tell, they're kind of sort of super attractive.  Seriously, there's something about the way the light looks on these lenses that sets them apart from other sunglasses I have.  I'm quite fond of these shades, and will be merrily channeling my inner John Lennon with them both now and in the future.

Black Velvet8

______So, my lovely followers, if you're interesting in getting either some prescription or non-prescription eyewear that's good quality but won't break the bank, take a look at  In fact, they've got a program going on right now where you can get your first pair of eyeglasses for free, meaning that all that you have to pay is shipping!  They've got great customer service and will reply quickly to any questions you may have.  I would definitely recommend them!

______Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and listen to Mr. Lennon's Imagine while peacefully swaying side to side. Au revoir, my delicate citizens.

Black Velvet9
Black Velvet1

Sunglasses: c/o Firmoo
Dress: Lulu*s
Heels: Charming Charlie
Bracelet: Lulu*s
Collar necklace, earrings: Charming Charlie

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spot On

Spot On4Spot On5Spot On1
Spot On6Spot On3Spot On7Spot On8Spot On10Spot On9

______Why yes, I do have an immense love for navy and white polka dotted things. Polka dots and I are best buddies for life.  I almost love polka dots as much as I love the idea of ruling Earth one day (and I do love me some Earth ruling).  That being said, finding this dress was a bit of a dream come true.  The price tag was also a dream come true: 'twas a mere eight dollars.  Yes, eight dollars--and it's even lined!  How about that?

______Not only did I steal a deal on such an awesome dress this week, but I also won this vintage navy purse through a giveaway hosted by the super lovely Elanor of Missing Lovebirds.  It's even more amazing in person, and literally the perfect length, size, and everything.  I seriously love it.  Sweet beans, you guys.  Sweet beans to the max.  Even though I use purses all the time, I'm very reluctant to purchasing them with my own money; thus, winning one really helped increase my purse collection.  Now I have a grand total of three purses--one each in navy, black, and cognac. That's basically every color in the neutral color palette rainbow!  Nothing can stop me now.

______What're your favorite patterns or colors to wear?

Spot On

Dress: Ross Dress for Less ($8, yeah!)
Heels: Go Jane (*a lobster and a unicorn totally mated to produce these)
Anchor belt: Lotus Botique
Airplane earrings: Charming Charlie
Purse: vintage, won from MissingLovebirds giveaway

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Horizontal Lines

Horizontal Lines4Horizontal Lines2Horizontal Lines1Horizontal Lines5
Horizontal LinesEHorizontal Lines6Horizontal Lines7Horizontal Lines8

______You might think I'm one crazy lady for wearing a sweater while it's still summer, but you've gotta hear me out.

______I'm not just doing this for the fashion, you see.  The thing is, I just get cold really easily!  The instant I walk into an air-conditioned building, the coldness immediately penetrates my bones and chills me to the core, even when those around me are exhaling sighs of relief from having such blessed cool air rush against their overheated craniums. I find that I must brace myself for that coolness which others are thankful for.  That being said, when I am armed with the knowledge that I will be entering some air-conditioned places, I'm always sure to properly prepare myself, hence this sweater.

______I'm pretty convinced by now that I'm some kind of cold-blooded creature that instantly adapts to whatever temperature is around it.  Temperature is 70 degrees?  I am 70 degrees.  Touch an ice cube?  I become the ice cube.  Does anyone else have this problem?

______Oh, well. It could be worse. I could breathe fire every time I laugh, or excrete a strange alien plasma from my pores at certain moon phases.  That being said, I guess getting cold easily isn't all so horrible.  However, writing this has made me become aware of my current body temperature, and so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go brew some scorching hot Tazo Passion tea to warm my heat-lacking body.

Horizontal Lines3

Sweater: TJ Maxx
Dress: New York and Company (sale)
Flatform sandals: Calvin Klein (via Ross Dress for Less)
Necklace: vintage costume jewelry
Earrings: Lotus Botique