Thursday, December 29, 2011

Black Magic

_____Firstly, you must excuse my slightly disheveled hair (for both now and in future posts). I'm in the process of growing it out (one year without a haircut and going strong!) and I must admit that it does look quite frizzy near the ends. You see, I have recently decided that I will be a part-time mermaid, and in order to do so, I must grow my hair out so that it is rather long. I hope that one day it is halfway down my back. Another fifty or so years and it should reach such a lovely length. My hair grows about as quickly as a bush can run a marathon-- and let me tell you, bushes are not nomadic creatures and thus tend to not be able to run at all.

_____Less about my boring hair and more about this hopefully less boring outfit, eh? My brother bought me this necklace just yesterday (because he is so amazing and the best ever!) and so I was quite excited to wear it today. I can already see it as being one my favorite pieces of jewelry so far; it looks so ethereal and magical with its colorful pendant-y-ness, hence the title to this post. Totally had me spellbound in the store, ya'lls~ hardy har har. As for the skirt, I got it for Christmas and I really like how bold the pattern is-- I do think it will be fun finding things to wear with it! I am also glad that it's starting to get colder. This is actually the first time I have worn these Jeffrey Campbell shoes in an outfit picture, so hopefully it will stay cold so I can wear them again and again. Stay warm, lovelies!

Sweater: TJ Maxx
Skirt: Lulus, gifted
Whale bracelet: gift from Grammi
Necklace: Altr'd State, from brother-brother
Booties: Jeffrey Campbell

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas, Yah Filthy Animal

_____I hope you all had a good Christmas (or at least a nice holiday weekend!). I know I did. It was nice not having a bunch of people at our house. Family time together is a beautiful thing, isn't it? On Christmas Day, we saw the new Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and it was amazing and made me extremely happy. On Christmas Eve, my dad surprised me with these ever-most fabulous mirrored Ray-Bans (who's gonna look like a cop? dis gurl) and a faux fur blanket (who's gonna be warm while looking like a cop? das right, dis gurl). I also received various clothing items and spent a hefty portion of my Christmas monies to buy some new running shoes today. I sorta hurt my ankle the other day because I was running with some shoes that weren't really suited for running... so... so hopefully said shoes were a wise investment.

_____I'm afraid I don't have much more to say. Until our paths cross again, O jolly citizens!

*note: the title is a movie reference. I don't really think you're a filthy animal!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Decapitate Grass, Aquire Currency

_____Well, first off, this is my 100th post! I would have never even realized that unless I saw it right before I posted this. Most people have so many posts and can make 100 posts much more quickly than I can (I've had this blog for what, an on-and-off two years or so?) but this is an accomplishment nonetheless!

_____Moving on, these lovely boots are my first pair of tall brown boots, and my oh my are they amazing! They remind me of Link's boots (from the Legend of Zelda... any fellow Zelda fans out zer!? wooofdshfgo) and consequently make me want to save some princesses and go on some ridiculous adventures to find some medallions. Or at least stomp around a lot. It still hasn't gotten legitimately cold down here, which makes me sad, because I have so much new cold weather stuff I want to wear... namely these boots, scarves, tights, and jackets. Why, it peaked 70 degrees yesterday! It's a bit cooler today, but still, how ridiculous. It surely doesn't feel much like Christmas yet.

_____These gloves were kind of a splurge for $30 (oh, Urban Outfitters...) but hey at least they're leather. Slightly pointless because of the whole fingerless thing, but it's fashion... right, guys?! Right?! I saw them and was all, whoa, it's like a bomber jacket condensed into gloves that would not keep my hands warm and wouldn't match anything I own... I guess that means... I guess that means that I should buy them! I'm good at rationalizing my purchases. Anyway.

______What's the most pointless purchase you've ever made, whether it's something you will probably never wear or some odd little thing like a tiny shopping cart (which might be useful for holding my pointless gloves)?

Sweater: TJ Maxx
Jeggings (YEP I'm wearing jeggings): New York & Company
Boots: Dirty Laundry
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

*title inspired by one of my clever friends' Facebook statuses, hurp

Sunday, December 18, 2011

No Color? No Problem!

______It has been quite a busy first semester of college.  My finals were last week, but now I am free! Free to mindlessly play the Sims and build houses, adventure through the new Zelda game, take some outfit pictures, and bake.  I've already whipped up a batch of molasses cookies, frosting-drenched sugar cookies, and a few dozen butterscotchies!  Paula Deen would be smiling so hard her mouth would fall off if she saw how much butter mother and I bought today.

______Besides buying massive amounts of butter this Christmas break, I decided to take pictures of  my Design I art projects.  I felt the need to document it in one ridiculously image-heavy post.  That being said, shall we begin our marvelous journey through the world of design-y fun?

______Why yes, yes we shall.

Broken Square

______The first-ish assignment of ours was to break apart a square so that you could still tell it was a square but it wasn't a square.  I feel the need to say square one more time.  Square.  There.  Yeah.  So. That's about it for this one.  Moving right along...


______This was a word thing where we had to design the word in a) a font that described the word and b) made it kind of look like the word.  It's hard to put into words, but I feel that you citizens may know what I'm attempting to say.  I chose the word "eternity" and gave it a grandfather clock-esque font and spun the word around a hollow circle. 

Avocados and Wheels

______For this assignment, we had to pick two shapes: one organic (avocado) and one mechanical (a ship wheel) and repeat them in a manner that is oh-so-pleasing to the eye, hnnnnnnyes.  This was when I learned that my art teacher was also a fervent appreciator of avocados.  Avocados are a fruit which more people really should know about, yes yes.  Purchase one at your local grocer today.  And smell it.  And appreciate it.  And consume it to harness its avocado-y goodness and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats for hair and skin so gleaming it will blind your enemies.


______For a homework assignment I went absolutely crazy with, we were  to draw a random shape (mine's that Nike swoop gone cray-cray) then envelope it in a variety of textures.  I sketched out broken glass, swirly hair, chain-like scales, and a bundle of rope to "rope it all in" (ahahah I am so witty, who's still got it?  I've still got it.  Aww yiss).


______This assignment was to make a shape from two shapes and give it some movement (so that it moves like Jagger?).  If my dad was here, he would probably say something along the lines of, "I have seen the arrows, but there are no Indians."

Wonderland Book Cover Illustration

______Finally, this one.  And finally, this last assignment was a beast.  A big, hairy, successful beast.  I had a party and a half drawing it, and its my favorite piece thus far, though it required much diligence and hard work.  I drew madly from the start of the class to the end of the three-hour long class for nearly four classes to get it done.  The assignment was to make a book cover while using the elements and principles.  We didn't have to choose a book that actually existed, though I sorta did with an altered title.  One of my favorite books is Alice in Wonderland, so I shortened the title simply to Wonderland.  My dream job is to illustrate books and book covers. If only, if only.

______...Well, that concludes the reminiscing of my Design I projects for le first semester of college.  I learned a lot from this class, which was really nice, especially since the last two years of art class I had in high school I felt like I did not absorb as much artsy knowledge as I could've.

______But hey, I suppose that's what college is for, huh?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Space For Rent

For Rent

______So, I was going to have a post up for you guys, but then my camera decided to play dead after taking about four pictures.  It must have not been plugged in all the way when I was charging it the night before.

______Overly dramatic sigh.

______So instead, you'll have to deal with some old art projects from my senior year in high school.  Ah well, variety is the spice of life.  Though my favorite spice is pumpkin pie spice, mainly because I put it plus some pumpkin in my oatmeal this morning and it was fantastic.  Uh, so, eat anything exciting for breakfast? /awkward closing

Sunday, October 30, 2011


_____You may see this pop up on your dash and go, "WHOA is that a post from that dead chick?!" Well citizens, the answer to that is yes. But I assure you that I am not, nor was I ever, dead. My whereabouts were rather intimately kept since I'm uh, I was, uh, on a secret mission. Yeah. You don't just have leggings like this and not be an astronaut, okay?

_____But honestly, I do want to keep up with this blog. I truly have missed it. There's a place for this little blog in my heart. I feel that when I had my blog, I did more creative things. I dressed up more. I drew much more. I took more pictures and used my camera more. And I need to start doing that again! Now, I can't guarantee that I'll be an avid, every two-days kind of poster, but I will do my best to post once a week! Better than nothing, right? During the weekdays, I am at college anyway. I come home on the weekends since I am a super mega weenie (and I like my family and housie yay). It's a good thing that the college I am going to is only an hour away from housie.

_____Finally, I must thank you all for not unfollowing me. It was as if you had faith in me-- and that was another thing that made me want to get this ol' bloggie blog running again. Thank you all so much! I think that I am going to give Mr. Blog a much-needed makeover soon! That way, it will feel all shiny and new. I don't know what else to say, so I'll end my post here. Questions, concerns, comments, hate mail, avocados? Put 'em in the comments below, citizens! See you next week!

Top: Know-Style (it's actually a dark plum color, but it looks red, huh!)
Pleathery Latexy Leggings: Walmart
Cuff: Lulus
Earrings: Charming Charlie's
Booties: pressie

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Never Saw This Coming

_____Short post. Must leave quickly. Here's a drawing I finished for AP Art last week. I'm not really all that happy with it. The background is too blah and her expression is too blah, tambien. I like the hair and that is about it. I'm great at criticizing myself, aren't I?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Not Over Yet

_____Fair citizens, I miss you all. Especially a certain few of you whose blogs I have neglected like squishy iguanas on those lonely desert nights. Alas, I have this final week until Spring Break. I must retain my grades in this short time and then hopefully I shall return for vengenc-- errr, more blogging.. nnnnyes. Feel free to leave negative criticism on behalf of my absence, I will accept it with open arms (then have you tracked down, then given you the bacon.. of eternal sorrow and sleepless nights). Baugha haugh haugh haaaaaauh! No, seriously-- I like you. A lot.

Tank: Delia*s
Giant shirt thinger: Know Style
Skirt: Landsend
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell, aka my knight in shining.. shoes
Necklace: gifted from Gramma Nami

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter's Lament and Beauty's Withhold

_____Look at that fancy-pantsy title-- is that some poetry or what? Just call me Robert FROST (geddit, geddit, there be snow in my pictures? hurhurhrur). Today is a good day, citizens, mainly because we got a two hour delay to school and I woke up on the happy and buttered side of my bread. We have had a few delays this year. I'm liking this extra snow, not only because it guarantees the most bright of photos, but also because it's concentrated awesomeness in its coldest and most sinisterly delightful form.
_____If you look in the back of some of my pictures, you can see Charles the swan making the water ripple about. He kept trying to take the spotlight from me. That crazy swan. In other news, I got my hair cut last weekend and now it feels a ton shorter. When I went in to get it cut, I told the hairstylist lady I was trying to grow it out, and she said we'd have to cut off all the dead ends.. apparently, all of my hair was dead. Oh well, at least I can brush my hair now without my brush getting stuck halfway down my hair. That's a pretty nice feeling, I guessssss.
_____I hope you all are staying warm in this cozycold weather!

Red coat: Guess
Military jacket: Forever 21
Skirt: Handmade by Gramma Nami
Pin: vintage, gifted by Gramma Nami
Tights: Target
Boots: Wallywuuurld

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Think in Generalities, But We Live in Detail

Self Portrait High School

________I actually finished this a long time ago, but it's been framed in our school's library for probably about a year now and I was never able to take pictures of it; thus, the other day, I decided to smuggle it out since I wanted it back.  I unhooked it from the wall and busted out the library doors, frame and all, then dissembled it in the art room and sneakily snuck my prize home.  I felt so dastardly and agent-like.  Those librarians never suspected a thing.

________Then again, they saw me and didn't give two damns--er, what I really meant is that it was like a James Bond movie up in there with the 007 theme playing in the background and bullets whizzing past me in slow motion and everything.  Too rad for words.  It's a shame you weren't present.

____Yeah.  So. This be sharpie and ink, and it 'twas quite fun to draw.  I just love ink and making lots of wonderfully varied lines that slope and curve in and out of each other.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Crowd Gives the Leader New Strength

____No, I won't say it. I refuse to apologize for my lengthy absence. I absolutely and irrevocably refuse.
____Very well. I'm sorry I was gone. But I do have a legitimate excuse (or a few) for my hiatus, such as how I've had lots of school junk, like having to read about 700+ pages in the past three weeks for school (for some people that's nothing, but for me, different story), doing some art stuff, aaaaand having to complete lots of not-so-lovely essays and projects. I thought that your senior year was supposed to be easy. LIES, my friends, lies. I'll say to myself at the start of a week, "If I can just get this week over with, from here on out will be nice for a while," but then after finishing one week, new work flows into the weekend and the next week and it's just a never-ending cycle of wretchedness.
____I would love to write more in this bloggerly post, but alas, the drone of school's doings is battering my ears and will continue to do so until I wage war with it. Farewell, my fair citizens-- hopefully we shall meet again before the moon's phases change too dramatically!

Dress: New York & Co.
Jacket: TJ Maxx
Boots: Urbanog