Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Think in Generalities, But We Live in Detail

Self Portrait High School

________I actually finished this a long time ago, but it's been framed in our school's library for probably about a year now and I was never able to take pictures of it; thus, the other day, I decided to smuggle it out since I wanted it back.  I unhooked it from the wall and busted out the library doors, frame and all, then dissembled it in the art room and sneakily snuck my prize home.  I felt so dastardly and agent-like.  Those librarians never suspected a thing.

________Then again, they saw me and didn't give two damns--er, what I really meant is that it was like a James Bond movie up in there with the 007 theme playing in the background and bullets whizzing past me in slow motion and everything.  Too rad for words.  It's a shame you weren't present.

____Yeah.  So. This be sharpie and ink, and it 'twas quite fun to draw.  I just love ink and making lots of wonderfully varied lines that slope and curve in and out of each other.


julianne. said...

such talent wow.<3

Kat said...

it's so great... the contours -- and all of this with nothing but sharpie and ink?

i love her hair and sequins, too.

you're so amazing, ali!

Charmalade said...

You pay such attention to detail, you can totally tell from your dedication to your craft!

I also feel like I haven't "talked" to you in ages. How's you?? :D

Toast with Charmalade

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Great worK!!!


Krystal said...

these are AMAZING! such talent.

jess said...

That is so great. You are really talented.

LyddieGal said...

Oh my, the early days of the art theif!
You came home with quite the prize.
So much depth and drama with just the simple black line - you are so talented!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...


I swear, I was just STARING at this computer screen, MESMERIZED, for at least ten minutes. It might be because I'm really tired or because that's FREAKING AMAZING. (Probably both, but a little more of the latter.)

SO INCREDIBLE. Are you applying to art schools for next year?

Noelle Chantal said...

wow! that's amazing! you are so talented! plus, i really like your style in your art. :)

Viv said...

gorgeous drawing, i'm jealous of how talented you are :)

E said...

This is my kind of design. I love black and white intricate pieces. Beautiful.

Meg said...

Your coats are all amazing! How many do you have?
Great outfit!