Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter's Lament and Beauty's Withhold

_____Look at that fancy-pantsy title-- is that some poetry or what? Just call me Robert FROST (geddit, geddit, there be snow in my pictures? hurhurhrur). Today is a good day, citizens, mainly because we got a two hour delay to school and I woke up on the happy and buttered side of my bread. We have had a few delays this year. I'm liking this extra snow, not only because it guarantees the most bright of photos, but also because it's concentrated awesomeness in its coldest and most sinisterly delightful form.
_____If you look in the back of some of my pictures, you can see Charles the swan making the water ripple about. He kept trying to take the spotlight from me. That crazy swan. In other news, I got my hair cut last weekend and now it feels a ton shorter. When I went in to get it cut, I told the hairstylist lady I was trying to grow it out, and she said we'd have to cut off all the dead ends.. apparently, all of my hair was dead. Oh well, at least I can brush my hair now without my brush getting stuck halfway down my hair. That's a pretty nice feeling, I guessssss.
_____I hope you all are staying warm in this cozycold weather!

Red coat: Guess
Military jacket: Forever 21
Skirt: Handmade by Gramma Nami
Pin: vintage, gifted by Gramma Nami
Tights: Target
Boots: Wallywuuurld

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Think in Generalities, But We Live in Detail

Self Portrait High School

________I actually finished this a long time ago, but it's been framed in our school's library for probably about a year now and I was never able to take pictures of it; thus, the other day, I decided to smuggle it out since I wanted it back.  I unhooked it from the wall and busted out the library doors, frame and all, then dissembled it in the art room and sneakily snuck my prize home.  I felt so dastardly and agent-like.  Those librarians never suspected a thing.

________Then again, they saw me and didn't give two damns--er, what I really meant is that it was like a James Bond movie up in there with the 007 theme playing in the background and bullets whizzing past me in slow motion and everything.  Too rad for words.  It's a shame you weren't present.

____Yeah.  So. This be sharpie and ink, and it 'twas quite fun to draw.  I just love ink and making lots of wonderfully varied lines that slope and curve in and out of each other.