Monday, May 31, 2010

Plastic Fire, Synthetic Light

It's not that I don't like sleeping, but rather that the process that builds up to sleeping is quite boring and uneventful to me. If you're like me, it takes about two or three hours to fall asleep, even when my eyes feel all salty and tired. So why would I bother trying to sleep in bed for two hours when I know it won't work? Rather than succumbing to such a silly old thing, I chose the intelligible option of staying awake and ingeniously covering half of my face in silver eyeshadow, sitting in my sink in the darkened lights of my bathroom, shining a half-working flashlight into my eyes, all with the intent of snapping clever little pictures. Whilst taking said pictures, my mom walked in and said goodnight. I casually walked out from my batcave/bathroom with my face still murderously smothered in metallic silver. Mom looked at me, said goodnight again and casually nodded, not looking the least bit suprised after seeing my extraterrestrial face. You would think she's used to seeing me like this based on her so-called "reaction."

Anyways, above are the results of my insomnia: completely cliche single-eyeball photos!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bright, Bright Like A Summer's Night

I am actually not as excited as I should be about it being the first day of summer, especially since this summer should be fantastico since I can make money with an awesome pool job (equals money equals shopping aaahhhlove). Either way, I'm just glad the stress from exams is over! My face has finally cleared up. It was all icky and that was another reason I did not want to post many pictures, I just felt greasy and nasty like a sponge excreting oil, mmm, you have to admit that sounds quite like the delicious appetizer to your day.

I have this huge list of things I plan on doing this summer, like doing arts for my senior show and portfolio, making a seriously legit turtle boxcar with my friend, having sleepovers in blanket forts, catching a firefly, and even more etcetera awesome things. What are you guys planning on doing, anything special, unique, or fantastically odd?

F21 top, belt, and heels, Body Central skirt, Walk the Sand (.blogspot) giveaway ring

Sunday, May 23, 2010


"Madness," May 2010, sharpie

I'm sorry I haven't made a post in forever! And I'm sorry that I keep saying that at the start of every post I've ever made in the past month. Just two more days and exams are over and hopefully I will be back to normal. Until then, enjoy this Sharpie mad-sterpiece (bwahaha, I am so clever) I have created as a result of I have no idea what, actually. Perhaps craziness, perhaps madness, perhaps SPAAAARTA? Saying that makes me want to kick some person into an endless black hole thing in the center of the earth, boo-yeah.

You know what confuses me? Why they have those speaker things people can click on to listen to the words on captchas. If you were blind, how would you know to click the speaker? How could you see it? Maybe I'm missing something here. Ah, well. Some things in life will forever remain a mystery to me, such as how bugs get stuck in lights that are clearly sealed off very well, or why opening something by the "tear here" tab is impossible and one will have to resort to using scissors or teeth, hence there being no point to this innovative thing.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grapes and Wine

My Grampa (who is married to my Gramma Nami who so nicely makes skirts for me!) sent me a dress for getting into the Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish, Art, and National Honor Societies (haha not trying to brag). Unfortunately, it did not fit! It was rather loose in the boobula region, a rare and precious region many but myself possess. So we had to take the dress back and in return I got this skirt and shirt! Which together = a dress! Hooray! I tried on so many dresses but either the size 6's were too big or the size 4's too small, so in the end I went with this. Exams start at the end of next week! I'm so excited, I think. Right? Exams are fun, yeah?LAnd deliciously comparable to ice cream? Exactly. Just eat the exams up and wait for the next bowel movement. Exams complete. Oh yes.

Title inspired by this incredibly clever eight second video:

Bissou Bissou top and skirt, Target tights and kitten heels, F21 necklace, Body Central snake ring

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Binary Coding

I have recently discovered that Urban Outfitters has really amazing sales. I got these shoes for just ten dollars! I've been looking for white flats and walah, one random day I score these pretty perforated ones for way cheap! I saw some neat shirts there I need to go back and look at, too. One made me look like a Renaissance peasant, which was awesome. Oh, that store is wonderful, but some things just aren't worth $70.00 no matter how cute they are. I just hope some of those things go on sale, buwahahaha. Then I can put them in my magical Mary Poppins bag and scuttle away like a bandito crab, all while smirking devilishly (can crabs smirk?).

Also, muchos thankos to the beautiful beautiful lady at Toast with Charmalade for this wondrous thing!

Quirk: Drawing on people's paper, arms, hands, or faces (when they're asleep ahahaha).
Pet peeve: When people chew gum really obnoxiously loud. QUIT IT AUGHH.
Favorite song: Stranger in Moscow by MICHAEL JACKSON who is king forever and ever. And ever. Yes.
Trend: Bold color-block outfits.
Murder: Uggs, what the heck, they're called Uggs because they're UGLY. People, how much more clearly can that name be made out? That's like calling a brand "Puu-puu" and you not realizing what it's saying. Friends, they mock you!
Nail color: I like pretty light blue, like Cinderella, oooh la la.

So, I've found that it is much more pleasing to drive to school in the morning if certain things are happening; your favorite music is on, the traffic is light, your car rides smoother than it usually seems to, you can roll your windows down and let the wind run through your lovely, streaming, Rapunzel-esque hair, or if there is FOG EVERYWHERE oh my goodness. Fog is so cool, like, I'm not even kidding. I wish I could just put it in a jar and keep it there and sit it in my room and stare at it. Along with a firefly and a jellyfish. When I grow up, there's gonna be jellyfish and lobsters and fireflies in my house everywhere. When I get married (hahaha good joke right thar) there will be fat birds thrown instead of rose petals and fireflies floating prettily around me in a snowy forest, oh yes.

Now, this photo may seem a bit random. You may ask yourself, is it a tree exploding? Is it about to be transported to a parallel universe via time warp? Or maybe it's the secret location of platform nine and three-quarters, and this tree was beckoning me to come forth to discover it and harness its power as my own. But alas, it was merely the sun shining through the fog and a tree. But really, I like to think it would have gone to Hogwarts. Anyway, it's things like this that make my day. That and when the lunchroom has baked lays chips, oh so delicious.

What simple things make your day start off most loverly?

Worthington shirt, F21 skirt, WM tights, necklace from Nami, Urban Outfitters