Sunday, May 23, 2010


"Madness," May 2010, sharpie

I'm sorry I haven't made a post in forever! And I'm sorry that I keep saying that at the start of every post I've ever made in the past month. Just two more days and exams are over and hopefully I will be back to normal. Until then, enjoy this Sharpie mad-sterpiece (bwahaha, I am so clever) I have created as a result of I have no idea what, actually. Perhaps craziness, perhaps madness, perhaps SPAAAARTA? Saying that makes me want to kick some person into an endless black hole thing in the center of the earth, boo-yeah.

You know what confuses me? Why they have those speaker things people can click on to listen to the words on captchas. If you were blind, how would you know to click the speaker? How could you see it? Maybe I'm missing something here. Ah, well. Some things in life will forever remain a mystery to me, such as how bugs get stuck in lights that are clearly sealed off very well, or why opening something by the "tear here" tab is impossible and one will have to resort to using scissors or teeth, hence there being no point to this innovative thing.


LyddieGal said...
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LyddieGal said...

Oh wow, that is fantastic! Are you entering this contest to win $100 worth of sharpies?? Because you totally should!

Chic on the Cheap

Candice said...

Haha, I completely agree with you! How do bugs get into those fluorescent lights? I think probably mold grows and bacteria accumulate, thus resulting in weird species of insects/bugs growing from it.. that's my hypothesis!

Aside from that, that is one awesome Sharpie drawing. Psychedelic to the max! I love the starry background and the contrast between that and the swirls. Damn, this is trippy.

Thanks for dropping by our blog btw! We both use Nikon DSLRs; I have a D90 and Jennifer (aka "DJ b.mastah" lol) uses a D50.

monica said...

wat this is made from sharpies???

absolutely amazing wowwwwww

alsoooo good luck finishing up school and i cant wait for more frequent posts

facts said...

beautiful art i like this drawing

Anna Jane said...

You made that with a Sharpie? I'm obviously overwhelmed with awe because the most artistic thing I've ever done with a sharpie is drawn a moustache on a drunk friend's face. LOVE the colourssss.

Haha, I totally agree about the bugs in lights thing. Forget all these "What's the meaning of life" questions, THAT is philosophy.

- Anna Jane xxx

michelle_ said...

woaahhh im totally amazed at this piece of art !
i can only do my name in fancy fonts with sharpie ;)

thanks for your entry in my We Love Colors tights giveaway


Jen said...

ahahaha i love you and your madness! that sharpie creation is beyond amazing. when i first saw it i'm pretty sure my jaw dropped haha :)
at least your exams are over by now. hopefully you're back to normal and enjoying the beautiful summer weather :)

Danni and Maria said...

I can't quite get over how cool this're so talented!


Julls said...

I`ve just found your blog and it`s lovely! The header is fantastic + the doodles on the copybook are Wow! .

Would you like to follow eachother ?