Monday, March 29, 2010

The Wind Beckons

At first I was annoyed that it was windy today.. but then I saw how cool these pictures turned out! I attempted Marilyn Monroe's signature pose but unfortunately the wind didn't want to fly up my dress or anything so it looked like I was just assassinated in half of those pictures. No, the wind wanted to be like all the other winds in the world and fly sideways. What a conformist. Sorry for lots of pictures of me, I just liked the ways Mr. Dress was floating so wonderfully in the wind, oh la la~

Oh oh, so yesterday I studded a bush (and my dad's sleeve) with sparkly pink gems. They are still there today, ahaha! Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to take a shower since I was unable to this morning since I woke up late. I felt greasy all day, plus my nose was all sniffly from the blooming flowers and bees making love (which is strange, because I never react to pollen!). I sorta had to brighten these pictures lots so my face and hair wouldn't look too icky. Not a wonderful feeling, haha. But anyway, I hope everyone had a pretty Monday! The weather here is finally starting to get nice.. Even Mr. Buggabug von Bandito says tomorrow he wants to go topless. You see, I have this theory where boy beetle bugs are convertibles since they can take their tops off and girl beetle bugs are hard tops since they cannot. I guess convertible bugs could be girls, but that wouldn't be very appropriate, no no!

Know Style dress, Target bow belt and Target Mossimo shoes,
F21 jacket and tights, Rock City pendant

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aqua Rose

I usually have the tendency to not buy shirts-- it's not that I purposely avoid them because I look at them every time I go to a store. It's just that they're usually not long enough or I think, "Oh, I never wear jeans, so I don't need any fancy shirts." But now my mindset has changed after buying this amazing shirt with such pretty colors in it.. and I am determined to find shirts! Over the weekend I cleaned my closet out and I have a countable amount of shirts left now. I never realized how many times I just wore a white or black tank top to school then stuck a pretty jacket or cardigan over it. I never dressed myself up based on my shirt; usually my shirt was the last thing I put on! I wasn't even aware that I did that! But now that warm weather is coming I can't do that every day. My poor white tank top already has a hole in it. because of love, not abuse, of course! heh heh.. I think it's that I want to find shirts with interesting shapes and patterns, like this one. I love the pattern on it and it a) has fun colors b) could match with lots and c) has ruched sleeves and puffy, pointy shoulders! It's interesting and a little different. I guess it depends on what kind of fabric it is, too-- I can't stand silk or thin clingy materials. Is there anything you tend to ignore buying for your closet, whether you were aware of it or not?

So, mom took lots of pictures today! We went from the brick wall to the red chair by the lake and to the wall again! The light was sort of weird. As you can tell, the weather here is still mushy and gross. Our yard is all muddy still even though it hasn't rained in days! Plus, it's going to rain again tomorrow! Ahhh well, at least Mr. Buggabug Von Bandito (my prized beetle bug! I name everything) got his windshield wipers fixed. Apparently now he has automatic ones, so that's a wonderful surprise I never knew about! Before, whenever I wanted to wipe rain off from the windshield, I had to push the little lever down. Every time. It was a chore, haha. So this is going to be like the most luxurious thing ever and I actually can't wait for it to rain. Even though the weather here is icky, I hope everyone else is enjoying pretty spring weather and I hope to join you all on that bandwagon soon!

F21 top and belt, Merona skirt, unknown brand tights, Miss Me flats

Monday, March 22, 2010

March of the Bumblebees

I find myself doing odd things like trying to finish something before the timer on my popcorn reaches 00:00, like cleaning out the dishwasher or seeing how fast I can go to the bathroom. I can clean out a full dishwasher in two minutes-- I feel that's pretty impressive. And how fast can I use the bathroom? I won't tell you because I don't want to cause a fit of jealousy to arise within the deepest sanctuaries of your soul, but if you want a hint at how very quick I am, I'll go ahead and tell you that I'm pretty much basically superwoman. Sometimes I'll go try to print something out from my printer but that's frustrating because even when you're yelling words of encouragement ("you can do it!" "puuuuuuush!") at your printer, he still prints slow.

These shoes were $14.00 and when I saw them I didn't even think of how perfectly they would match this jacket.. I think they were meant for each other! Two of these jackets must have mated and had twins. Except the right twin is a little deformed and small. That or my right foot is just bigger than the left, haha.

Forever 21 jacket, Body Central dress, Walmart tights, Dollhouse shoes

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green

..which is why I'm wearing red instead. Happy St. Patrick's day! I should have at least worn a leaf on my head or something like that. Hey, I saw this dress today that looked like a big leaf. Should've gotten that. I also saw these two cute old people today wearing green. The old man had a little shamrock shirt and I was like d'awwwwoldpeoplesocute! I hope I'm cute when I'm an old people.

I am sorry for the long drawn out outfit posts. I was sick yesterday and the day before. Seriously, I woke up at like four a.m. and starting barfing all over the place. Okay, not all over the place. I managed to get to the toilet. Either way, it was beautiful. I guess that counts for wearing green since I was able to see the beautiful colors inside of me. "You're not wearing green!" "What about my bile?!" "Hmmm. Yes, well.. I suppose that counts." Actually, it's more of a yellowish color. But that may have just been from the corn I ate. Okay okay, I'll stop describing my digested innards. I still don't much feel like eating food though, which is unfortunate because I like food. It's strange how it's possible for me to be repelled by the idea of eating food. What a sickening thought. Not too sickening. I don't feel nauseous, no worries!

Before I forgot, I wanted to say thank you to the lovely love over at Walk the Sand. Even though my blog was the one that was picked completely random out of all the others, I still wanted to thank her for picking mine! I won some wonderful animal inspired things from her closet-- I have never won anything before, so it's super exciting! You should take a peek at her blog, it's very inspiring!

So! Five or so days ago, I took this picture of the beauuutiful apple tree in the front yard (well, mom says it's an apple tree, but I think it's a pear tree. How should we know? It doesn't have fruit on it. For all we know it's a mustache tree). It's sad though because there were about two or three days of beautiful weather and then, suddenly, these grayish white clouds swam in and sat on the sun. It's hard to tell if it's the afternoon or six at night. Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty though so I can't wait!

Target blazer, F21 striped tank, whistle I found under my bed stuck onto a string,
Mudd shorts, Wet Seal tights, flats

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lace and Leather

I haven't had a chance to wear these ankle boots much. I hand studded the booties over Christmas and I remember how much my fingers ended up hurting and how long it took (3-4 hours?) but then how in the end it was totally worth it.

Today's fabulous, it's just beautiful outside! And 'cause Spring Break is officially on! I'm actually not that excited. Everyone is all, "Spring break, freedommmm!" and I'm all, "I'll have nothing to do.. wah!" I have no idea what I'm going to do, I think I'm going to do some of the DIY's I've been inspired to do. I also have some pretty spring pictures that I will put up soon. Everything is blooming so loverly and the birds are singing and la la la~ so wonderful! I hope everyone has a pretty weekend and hopefully all of your icky weather has gone away (I know we've had like three days straight of rain-- should I build an ark?).

Vintage skirt and tights, Target skirt, DIY booties
[but bootie base (hahaha) from TJ Maxx], Claire's pearl bracelet, F21 bangle

Sunday, March 7, 2010

They're Waiting for the Sun to go Down

Today was so wonderful! I actually got to ride my bike outside.. I haven't been able to do that in forever! I had to wear a light jacket but it was still so perfect and lovely! Plus, I was reminded how out of shape I am now. Winter equals cold equals inability to ride bike equals frog equals out of shape Ali. It's a cycle that happens every winter (note: frog is a very important element and without it, self combustion may occur).

This friendly fellow perched so beautifully on a window outside our house today. Actually, he wasn't friendly at all, because when I said, "hello!" he scuttled away from me as quick as a tumbleweed past the saloon yee haw (*getting into character). How very rude of you, mister cat sir. Or ma'am. I never got a clear look.

Oh and also! on my last post, I got 20 comments and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has commented and been so very nice to me all the way along! Especially my followers, I love you all dearly! That many comments I had never even dreamed of getting (or even getting followers, haha! 8 is a lot for me).. I cannot thank you all enough! Plus I thank the ever most stylish lady over at Fashion She Says for this delicious looking award:

Such fuzzy feelings today!

Oh! plus, here is a worm cake I recently made in honor of one of my friends coming back from Calirfornia. It's a dark chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing and crushed up Oreos and gummy worms.. yay, dirt cake! It's nothing special but I remember seeing it in a magazine when I was a wee grasshopper and have wanted to make one ever since, so now my child persona is satisfied and I am ready to move into adulthood!!.. okay, maybe not.

F21 skirt, pendant from New Orleans, Wet Seal vest, Rodarte for Target tights,
gifted Corral boots, large gold bangle from Grammie