Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Into the Ocean Blue

Today, I got in trouble for wearing this. Imagine this outfit without the belt and the skirt pulled down a little more to my knees (which is where it naturally sits). My grandmother made this skirt specifically long enough and to my knees so that I wouldn't get in trouble for it. It's three inches longer than mid-thigh in front and one and a half inches longer in back, so longer than it should be. Funny how other girls can run around and pass the teachers without a word going to them, all the while wearing tunics for dresses.

I go to her office and wait a little, my heart beating. I don't know what will happen. I don't know why I'm worried, I shouldn't be, I've done nothing wrong. She comes in a few minutes later and tells me to stand up, turn around, then face her again. I do. She says my skirt is fine, then later tells me that I'm "pushing it." I ask her if my tights have anything to do with it and she says yes, that they're "distracting" and that they "drew too much attention." She said I shouldn't wear them anymore and that the heels didn't help either. Yes, I am aware that heels elongate your legs, but that doesn't mean that your actual leg length is going to change. Heels are supposed to make your legs look longer. But your legs are going to stay their normal length even when you're wearing heels (unless heels magically give you a growth spurt and then a shrink spurt when you take them off). I totally understand why you don't want me to wear fishnet tights to school. I know when something's going to make you look like Santa's jolly laughter and I know that fashion can be a little on the..
unique side sometimes. I didn't think these tights were like that, I thought they were fun and a little quirky. People told me that they liked them, too.

So, the principle lady knows my name. When she told me to come to her office, she didn't have to ask my name. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I don't want her to think I'm "one of those girls" and that the reason I dress up is to cause distractions and try to be some sexy prostitute. I dress up because it's fun, what I like to do; I don't like looking like everyone else. I don't like it when someone doesn't like me or thinks something bad of me. Knowing something like that is equivalent to the feeling before a big test, but the feeling never goes away. It's still here haunting me, and even though I know the facing of the principle lady is over, it still feels like it hasn't come and won't ever come.

There's no person I know of who I have a grudge against or who has a grudge against me, and that's nice and how I like it and how it should be. I'm a good-minded person.. but I'm afraid that's not what she sees in me. She's nice about it and I know other people think she's a mean lady sent from Mars, but I honestly don't think she's mean. I know she's just doing her job and I respect that. I know it's not like she's targeting just me. It's not like she's purposely missing the girls who run around wearing tunics, I just think she could find someone better to ask to her office. I never ended up getting in trouble, but it still freaks me out and I don't want to be negatively known by the administration.

My current mood is definitely like a pigeon perched on a pile of poop (props to my English teacher for making that up).

Okay, but anyway, let us not bring bad news into the blogging world! On a happier note, thank you so much Nami for making this skirt! This one fits amazing and
is long enough for school, mom and I measured it and everything and it's beyond perfect. Plus it's the cutest color! This week is a good week because I've completed all of my graduation exams and so all juniors and seniors get to come to school late (at 11:40!). My friend and I went to breakfast this morning and then sat in my car singing loudly-- err, yelling-- to the first five songs of Britney Spears' CD (with oops! I did it again on it) while pretending that water bottles were microphones. Our throats will definitely hurt tomorrow, but it'll be well worth it.

F21 tank and belt, Nami-made skirt, Body Central necklace, WM belt, Fioni heels


LyddieGal said...

Awww - I think your outfit is so great and I would say your skirt is long enough even belted!

But when I was in high school all the girls wore these bands of fabric 10 inches below their belly-buttons and call them skirts - and no one said boo.

I did once get in trouble at a job for wearing a mini skirt and a pair of opaque purple tights - I knew it was short, but I thought with the tights I'd be okay, so I know just how you feel.

Perhaps you could try layering the lace tights over some opaque tights for a more conservative look? Because you should defiantly be wearing them, they are too cute to stay in the closet!

Zoe said...

I love everything about this outfit! You are so darn cute. I used to get in trouble a lot for dress code issues at the school I used to go to, and it's stupid. Cheerleader skirts are about half that length! haha

Clara said...

wow lovely look
your blog is great!

Jen said...

i can't believe you got in trouble for wearing this outfit to school! i think you look beyond adorable and your principal and teachers are just being silly. they're probably just jealous of your fantastic tights. :) anyway, i love this skirt so much. your nami is so sweet to make it for you (and she did such a good job).

oh! and black would be lovely, it's more believable when i pretend like it's a real mustache :)

Ally said...

you're sooo cute! shame you got into trouble...ur just too chic! and i sit and sing in my car at the top of my lungs too! guilty pleasures :)

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

aww, that cute skirt can certainly make anyone forget those pesky people/problems that bring you down!
love the stockings too!
xoxo alison

Diya said...

that skirt isn't that short at all! the whole outfit has a cute nautical vibe to it.. can't believe you got in trouble for it.

ps. please take a second to check out my new blog:

I am Khatu said...

perfect shade of blue, and great tights.

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

oh wow, this outfit blows me away!
from the stripes to the pleats in a contrasting color to the tights! very good job! :D

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Bug said...

Really? You got in trouble for that! Well, I think its very cute and a call out to spring. I love the striped shirt with the blue skirt, I will have to give this a try soon.


t said...

nice tights! :)


projectvee said...

hey girlie! stumbled across your blog and i'm loving all of your outfits! love how sailor this look is, and lovely tights :)

Savvy Gal said...

Cute outfit.

Miss Woody said...

love your tights !

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

Lovely style! Your are so cute!

Nice blog!!

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Loving your top.

Fashion She Says said...

Sod school dress codes - I want to sail away with your outfit. P.S. I tagged you for the Happy 101 Award on my blog xo

claulovesfashion♥ said...

woOoO...ilove all that you are wearingg..ur nakelace is amazing!*

Visit my blog&follow me! =;-D



Rita P. said...

Wow I loved this nautical outfit! *_* The skirt is really perfect!

Have a great week xo

xoxoKrysten said...

I think that outfit is absolutely wonderful and the tights and heels are not THAT distracting. Especially love that necklace.

simona said...

i like this look