Monday, March 1, 2010

Strawberry Symphony

I'd pretty much say this is a nothingspecial outfit, but that's not why I posted it.. I posted it because this is the first skirt my gramma Nami made for me! It is amazing and adorable and everything in between! I helped her make about half of it (but she fixed my terrible half and made it look prettier, haha) and picked out the fabric. We couldn't find any ditzy floral prints, so we picked the next best thing-- yummy strawberries, hoorah! The name Nami derives from my inability to say "grammie" when I was little, and it just stuck. I didn't know her name wasn't Nami until about three years ago when my dad started calling her "Alma"-- but Alma reminds me of almonds, which are delicious and have the tendency to make me very hungry, and so I try to refrain from calling her Grammie Almond-- err, Grammie Alma. It just sounds strange to me! Nami fits much better, yes yes!

Nami-made skirt, Target tank top and ruffle shoes, Grammie&Grandad
gifted bird necklace, Dad gifted dolphin necklace from Brazille


Fashion Therapist said...

I love this's so girly and fun!

LyddieGal said...

Such cuteness!!!
The skirt is great and the print is adorable. Can I get one too??
I also love the bird necklace, I completely have a thing for bird jewelry.

The F Word Online said...

cuute skirt girl. i love the touch of the yellow flats - perfect for spring.

xx lue

Shelby said...

OMG where did you get that skirt? Its my dream...I WANT ONE! You totally made my day!

Ali said...

@ Shelby: my grandmother made it for me. :D