Sunday, October 31, 2010

She Was a Vision

______I've finally finished this picture!  I began it over the summer and then it dragged into the school year like an unenthusiastic squid until I rediscovered its true potential and forced it to become a part of my AP Art concentration.  It is of Miss Amber Rose, but I'm aware that it doesn't look exactly like her.  Either way, she is a most gorgemous lady and I tried to make this picture reflect the dreamy side of her charismatic personality.

______Posting this makes me think of how I like that there are those of you who comment frequently on my blog posts, as I am sure you may know I am one of those posters for you!  I'm so very thankful for all of you guys and I just need to thank you for being so sweet and loyal.  If any of you want to be drawn or painted, please tell me, because I would love to stick you into a future piece of artsies!  Plus, you guys already naturally pose for pictures and look great, so it's not like you'd ever have to do anything new!

______Anyway, I hope you like the picture, Amber (and you all too, citizens)!  I hope everyone had a scaryawesome Halloween, too!

______Update: Amber made a post featuring this on her blog.  She is such a darling little sweetheart!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ambulances and Ice Cream Trucks

It has been a long week and a half, my friends. A very long week and a half. Rumors of my demise have been extremely exaggerated and utterly made up, for I still live on. And so I excuse my absence and hope to start anew. So today, I got up, put some makeup on, brushed my hair a bit, and took some pictures in this dandy little outfit. I feel so dedicated! I love this shirt so much, I'm so super obsessed with stripes. I counted how many striped shirts I have in my closet and I have six. Eight if that includes vertically striped shirts. Intense? Perhaps so. And even after acquiring more and more striped shirts, I still hover toward them in stores like a bologna-eating person does to bologna.

So, good citizens, I ask you this today: what exactly keeps you busy and away from your blog?

Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: handmade by Gramma Nami
Belt: Fossil, thrifted for $3
Socks: Forever 21
Shoes: Chelsea Crew

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Caelumaid, acrylic and oil on canvas, October 2010 

______At last I feel I am able to wash my blue brushes one last time and declare this done.  This painting depicts a majestic sky-lady who appears from a swirling cloud of watery goodness.  With the completion of this, I have also completed another painting for my final art concentration!  I'd consider that a success.

______My favorite details would have to be her face and the way her hair fades into the sky, though I'm also quite fond of the purplish transition of her skin to the misty, ocean-resemblant dress.  Overall, I'm pleased as a peach with this piece, and hope to explore some more interactions between people and nature in future works...


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Lady of the Lake

Your eyes don't deceive you. These are indeed my new and first ever pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes which I originally got for homecoming, although later decided that I didn't trust leaving their awesomeness off my feet whilst boogieing it down. I love these shoes. They are awesome and make me feel like I could stare at a rock and move it with my mind and make it hit some bully being mean to a kid, who would then look over at me.

____"You throw that rock?" The bully kid would say, throwing the pathetic nerd (aka me) to the side with his pure idiocy.
____"Yeah," I'd say. "I threw that rock. And I threw it at you. Got a problem?"
____I would stand with my hands on my hips as the sun rose behind me in a dramatic fashion, creating a shadow that loomed over the bully kid like a dark raincloud amongst a sparkly, firefly-filled forest of tender love and joy.
____"Yeah. We got a problem," the bully kid would say, taking a step forward, his eyes never leaving mine. As he would walk closer, I could only envision how perfectly my evil plan would work out. Oh, yes, I would think. Oh, yes indeed.
____"I'd like for you to leave that kid alone," I'd say.
____"That won't be happening," the bully kid would say. I would nod, acting as if I understood his side in this dispute. Acting as if he had good reason.
____But of course, I would never truly see eye-to-eye with him. In fact, once able to see the whites of those corrupted eyes of his, I would flail about ever so wildly and stick my hands in the air as if I were to take off and fly. That bully kid would laugh so very hard at me, but little would he know what was to come. With my hands in the air (waving 'em like I just don't care) and my Jeffrey Campbell shoes on, I would move the earth below him with my power of epic proportions. The earth would tear apart and he would be swallowed into a dark abyss, his face contorted into an expression somewhere between confusion and astonishment as he fell. Just before the earth closed over him, I would use my mind powers to bring the bully kid back to safety.
____The earth's surface would return to normal. That would be when the only sound heard would be the cheers from the kid who was being bullied earlier. Other than that, silence will reign dominion for a few breathtaking seconds. The bully kid, shocked into remission and unable to utter a single vowel, will only be able to look at my shoes which will be glowing like majestic glow worms. Then and there is when the bully kid will decide on his own that being a bully kid was never that fun, that being a bully kid was the last thing he ever wanted to be, let alone think about being. And that is my story of how I will one day save the bullied kids of the world.

Yup, so rather than starting the introduction to my research paper on King Arthur or at least replying to my poor friend's e-mail that she so diligently sent me, I decided to write a story about what I see these shoes being able to do. I do hope you enjoyed it, for now I must go and write about a less interesting topic. I kid, I kid. This research paper shan't be too terrible to scribe about on parchment, ohohoho. Farewell, citizens! See how in the picture below I'm waving goodbye to you? No? It looks like I'm contemplating life after picking up a pebble that fell diagonally from the sky? Dang.. you're right, it does.

Top: Ross Dress for Less
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (hsdfghasdsg)