Monday, February 2, 2015

Maybe It's Her, Maybe It's Her Cape Thing


______I've been having a rough time getting anything posted on here, haven't I? I promise you all that I'm not belly-flopping on my magic carpet and sliding away from the blogosphere anytime soon; rather, it's my final semester of college and I'm managing 18 hours along with a part-time illustration job, AKA a poop-ton of art-making. Yeah, you heard that right. I said poop-ton. On the internet. Sue me.

______I can say with confidence I won't be posting as many outfits as I do art things, but I'm not leaving, oh no. I'm not leaving until scientists stop arguing about whether or not Pluto is a planet, until the bonds between a goat and his half-gnawed can are broken, or until my butter melts in a freezer. All of which will just never happen due to the laws of nature, the laws of stuff, and the indisputable law of things and stuff. Butter just doesn't melt in a freezer, ya'll. Try it sometime, but make sure you have an adult who remembers the phone number for 911 nearby.


_____Generally, I don't even realize the state of my ghastly Art major appearance, especially when my fellow art friends appear just as wonderfully mucky (no offense, guys). I'm unable to dress like a frilly fairy princess during the week and even into the weekends: paint-enshrouded leggings with snippets of fabric stuck on them and a sweatshirt with tea stains are my go-to items. My chin is never not streaked with paint (a murky green on most days, though I have no idea why) and the cuticles on my fingers are eternally tinted a sooty grey from lithography ink, giving them a post-apocolytpic, zombie look. Ultra stylin' and in season for Spring 2015, for sure.

_____I wear my skin and garments proudly with lipstick so it seems like I'm somewhat considering my appearance. I cackle in a witch-like manner at the fact that I'll still get catcalled when I walk home at night wearing this. Do you even see me? I am terrifying and you are just ridiculous.

_____In addition to my eclectic choice of skin smudges, I wear the same Palladium boots everyday: a traditional beige combat-style boot.
_____Someone once commented, "They have that authentic worn look!" Oh, honey. Oh no. They were not purchased in such a disjointed state. They were initially nice-looking, yes, but were purchased with the knowledge they would become a visual timeline for the art things I was to make my final semester of college. If they are authentic as you so say, then these boots are "authenticity" at its prime, with scuffs borne from dragging my ankles across the floor, ink and paint stains mingling in the best and most ugly manner on the sides, and white gesso spotting the laces like white freckles.

_____Nope. Not authentic at all. They're definitely just covered in art crap.


Stay brave and free of dust mites out there, friends!

LOTR-esque cape thing: Urban Outtfitters
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Leopard tights: idk man (similar)
Tassel loafers: Jeffrey Campbell
Gold bangle: Lulus
Chain bracelet: Charming Charlie (similar)