Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Not Over Yet

_____Fair citizens, I miss you all. Especially a certain few of you whose blogs I have neglected like squishy iguanas on those lonely desert nights. Alas, I have this final week until Spring Break. I must retain my grades in this short time and then hopefully I shall return for vengenc-- errr, more blogging.. nnnnyes. Feel free to leave negative criticism on behalf of my absence, I will accept it with open arms (then have you tracked down, then given you the bacon.. of eternal sorrow and sleepless nights). Baugha haugh haugh haaaaaauh! No, seriously-- I like you. A lot.

Tank: Delia*s
Giant shirt thinger: Know Style
Skirt: Landsend
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell, aka my knight in shining.. shoes
Necklace: gifted from Gramma Nami