Friday, February 26, 2010


Sorry for the slowness, I've had lots of tests in the past few days! Things will be sure to speed up within the next week. My grandma has so graciously offered to make me pleated skirts in any color or pattern I'd like! I'm wearing one of them for you all to see next week during school, plus another one is coming in the mail. It's so exciting! I hope you all are going to have a wonderful weekend!

handdecorated tuxedo shoes, handmade mustache necklace, Wet Seal vest, Express dress

Monday, February 22, 2010

Look, Ma--No Red!

I'm so proud of myself! I finally wore black and white without wearing red.. this calls for a celebration! /gets out a bunch of peacocks. Celebraaaate!

Sooo, whenever I can make a cake for a project, I make a cake. Last year for biology, I made plant cell cupcakes with my buddy. For history this year, I made "Britain" for the Battle of Britain in World War II. I tried to make it as accurate as possible. Yes, didn't you know Great Britain only had four trees and three buildings on their entire island? Obviously someone needs to brush up on their history! At the very end of explaining my cake, I dumped milk dud "bombs" on it, completely covering the cake. I found it to be quite fun ruining something that took so long to make, haha!

And last year's plant cell cupcakes..

Walmart dress, TJ Maxx tights, mom's Fioni heels, F21 fringe necklace,
Claire's diamond bracelet, mom's old bracelet, Body Central weave-y bangles

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Cinderella Story

Tonight was the Beauty Walk. I was dragged into it by my friend (who dragged in another friend, as well) about a month ago. I thought it would be fun and an interesting experience, so I agreed to do it. And it was fun! Of course, I didn't even get in the top 8 (out of 14 girls) but I didn't go there with high expectations of winning, so I'm not disappointed in myself or anything like that-- I did what I could and to the best of my ability! Who ever knew walking across a stage could be so frightening? I do feel bad for the girls who bought expensive dresses and did not even place as runner-ups, though. One girl bought a $900 dress and was talking about how she didn't eat the whole day... and I've been stuffing my face more than I have any other day this week! (you can tell I haven't had any experience with this)

It was fun getting my hair done. I left a little after noon and it took two hours! But it's so pretty-- I never knew my hair could do that, it seems much to thin to! After that, we went home and my mom helped me do my make up, we stuck some sparkly things in my hair, I stuck on the weird and squishy silicone bra thing (amusing? quite!), mom zipped and laced up the dress on me, and put on the clear platform heels she bought for me from a stripper website (the pageant required clear shoes-- mom doesn't want you guys to think she's cheap!). When we got there, everyone looked so pretty! I don't care who won, I think that everyone there looked gorgeous and deserved recognition. The dresses all looked so beautiful on them. Everyone was telling me that I looked like Cinderella or a fairytale princess. I love Cinderella... apparently, my mom has a video of me when I was little reading the entire Cinderella story by memory.

All in all, it was a fun experience. I felt pretty, my friends felt and looked absolutely amazing, we had fun (although walking across the stage was nerve wracking at first!) and we appreciated ourselves a little more, even if we didn't win-- the most important thing of all! [/end of empowering and deeply inspiring speech]

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Black Widow

It was 27 degrees outside today. I wore this plus a jacket. I think my legs are immune to the cold, 'cause as long as everything else is covered, especially hands and arms, I am fine. Isn't there a name for when you can't feel cold on a part of your body? I mean, if you touch my legs, they're cold, but then I can't actually feel the cold. They feel like they're at a normal temperature to me, though!

So, usually I try to make my post titles creative and relate to the pictures in them and the post content-- it can take up to ten minutes to think of something decent. I'll search Google images for the colors or styles of my outfit until some interesting keywords pop up. Does anyone else have this "problem?"

TJ Maxx beret, Norma Komali skirt, Walmart belt, F21 bracelet,
Rodarte for Target tights, Body Central necklace, mom's Fioni wedges

Friday, February 12, 2010

Grey Sky Falling

The sky down here NEVER falls! I celebrated the day of generous snowfall by making a snowfish. Snowfeeeeeesh! Last year I made a snow dog in honor of Spencer, my old golden retriever puppy, who passed away January 2009 because of cancer (see below). I will never forget him! My older brother made the (somewhat creepy) cyclops rounded snowman thing, which I think resembles some sort of robotic futuristic nun = robo-snownun. Originally, there was going to be a field trip at school today, but we got out just as the snow was nice enough to play with, and we won't have to make up that day on another day, so I am a-okay with everything that has gone on!