Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Black Widow

It was 27 degrees outside today. I wore this plus a jacket. I think my legs are immune to the cold, 'cause as long as everything else is covered, especially hands and arms, I am fine. Isn't there a name for when you can't feel cold on a part of your body? I mean, if you touch my legs, they're cold, but then I can't actually feel the cold. They feel like they're at a normal temperature to me, though!

So, usually I try to make my post titles creative and relate to the pictures in them and the post content-- it can take up to ten minutes to think of something decent. I'll search Google images for the colors or styles of my outfit until some interesting keywords pop up. Does anyone else have this "problem?"

TJ Maxx beret, Norma Komali skirt, Walmart belt, F21 bracelet,
Rodarte for Target tights, Body Central necklace, mom's Fioni wedges


Sonya said...

Cute outfit! & if those tights are from forever 21 I have the same pair, love them!


LyddieGal said...

I love this outfit, the red skirt and lace tights are fabulous.

Generally I'm pretty straight forward in my post titles - if for no other reason than to help me find them when I need to look back. But if there isn't anything obvious, I usually go for a song lyric.

teri seaglass said...

Wow girl! I just stumbled upon your blog. This outfit is cute! The draping of your skirt is cool and interesting! I'm really looking forward to what you post next- so I'm following. :) Follow for follow?

teri at tintedseaglass.blogspot.com

Meggstatus said...

I have been looking for a pleated skirt for awhile, and this one is absolutely stunning. AND (I know you're not supposed to start a sentence with that but I'm going to break the rule just this once) your hat is perfect!

Jen said...

i really love this skirt on you and how you belted it, and those tights have the loveliest pattern! i feel like my legs are starting to become immune to the cold as well, especially since i wear tights so much in the winter no matter how cold it gets outside. :P

oh! and you're insanely adorable in that beret!!

Ally said...

ahh my legs are also immune to the cold! love this outfit, you look so cute! i use mostly song titles of whatever is playing when i'm writing my post.

Coco said...

Awesome hat! And the colours in this ensemble go perfectly.