Friday, February 26, 2010


Sorry for the slowness, I've had lots of tests in the past few days! Things will be sure to speed up within the next week. My grandma has so graciously offered to make me pleated skirts in any color or pattern I'd like! I'm wearing one of them for you all to see next week during school, plus another one is coming in the mail. It's so exciting! I hope you all are going to have a wonderful weekend!

handdecorated tuxedo shoes, handmade mustache necklace, Wet Seal vest, Express dress


LyddieGal said...

I love how you create black and white outfits with so much fun and dimension!

The sequined vest and necklace are adorable!

Have fun picking out your skirt fabric!!

Jen said...

what a great, simple, black and white outfit. i love the little tuxedo shoes and how they add a touch of sophistication...but then the mustache necklace (CAN I HAVE IT?? <3) makes it fun! :)
can't wait to see those pleated skirts!

Wanderlusting Fool said...

LOVE the necklace. so awesome and fun. haha :)

Wanderlusting Fool

Erin said...

it's kinda like charlie chaplin, but way cuter!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

THIS LOOK IS SO CHIC. I love the play on menswear with the tuxedo colours and that superb mustache necklace (which is quite genius).

I would also like to steal those shoes because they are kind of amazing.

Also, I feel like me and your grandma should be friends, as she sounds like the sweetest person ever.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jessica said...

You find some of the best accessories! I love the mustache necklace!

Jen said...

ahhh i would absolutely love that! you're seriously the sweetest! and i'll send you a package in return, it can be a sort of exchange i guess :)