Friday, November 30, 2012

Farewell, November


______I must honor the last of autumn's leaves that have fallen with my yellow dress.  Just as the leaves of nature grow and wither and change from season to season, my citizens, we do, too.  Like the mighty oak that grows where one would think it not able--

______I jest, I jest.  I won't get into something philosophical like that.  It'd really be too much thinking after such a long week.

______It's really not fair for me to complain about long weeks, though, because I only have one more week until the time when my final exams take place.  Uh, what?  Wasn't it Halloween like, last week?  What happened?  I feel like I'm losing track of time.  Honestly, I still feel like a freshman in college at times, even though I'm going into my second semester as a sophomore.  I'm nearly halfway through college and I feel like there are still so many things that I need to learn, so much I need to do, and I can only hope that the rest of my college experience fills these voids and questions within me.  Of course, so many questions that I've been asking myself have indeed been answered, but at times it also seems that more of questions are raised than solved.

______Ah, I digress.  I really can't believe there's only one more month of 2012.  Well, almost one month--the world is supposed to end on the 21st... or did they cancel that?


______Here's to a lovely December, my sweet citizens.

Yellow dress, cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Earrings: Lotus Boutique
Houndstooth tights: gifted
Gold loafers: Urban Outfitters (on sale for $20, aww yiss)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hey, Mickey! + Firmoo Review


______Firmoo contacted me once more asking me to participate in their nerdy glasses promotion... and so of course I had to accept!  Nerdy style glasses are quite adorable and anyone can pull them off, plus they can be dressed up or down.  These prescription glasses came very quickly and I can see through them just perfectly!  It's funny--I've tried to get some nerdy prescription glasses before in real life, but even after going in and getting them fit and such, they never were able to make me see clearly... and yet these, some glasses from the Internet that I never even tried on, somehow magically work perfectly.  Hands down, these are pretty rad.  When function and style combine as they did with these glasses, harmony is the result, and birds sing, and the hills become alive with music, and ice cream rains from the heavens and all the people in the world become joyous (except for those who are lactose intolerant).

______Anyway, I haven't been disappointed yet by Firmoo, and if you're looking to get some adorable nerdy glasses for yourself (or y'know, just some other supa stylish ones), you can get your first pair for free.


______This sweater is actually my mom's from back in the day--it's kind of the most comfy sweater in the world, and the fit is just the perfect amount of bagginess, and I'm amazed it hasn't made it's way onto my blog yet since I wear it so much.  I especially love how the sleeves are so long and floppy--they're perfect for carrying hot tea, or more importantly, for furiously whacking people who deserve it.

Mickey Mouse sweater: vintage
Pleather leggings: oh man I don't know they're old... old as Gandalf
Rose earrings: Charming Charlie
Glasses: c/o Firmoo
Red booties: Charlotte Russe
Mickey Mouse ring: from my dad!
Hair: done by momma

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Feast Your Eyes

Thanksgiving Potatoes and StuffingThanksgiving Stuffing
Thanksgiving Turkey 4Thanksgiving Cranberries and GravyThanksgiving Gravy

______Hi there, 'errybody!  I hope that you're all having a wonderfully easy-going Thanksgiving (if thou dost celebrate it, of course!).  Our family just finished up a rather delicious Thanksgiving meal, and later today, we're planning on going to the theatre to see Skyfall.  I'm pretty sure that we'll be taking the dog on a few walks, too, and just generally stay around home to relax.

______So yep, just wanted to make a quick post to say Happy Thanksgiving!  What's your favorite Thanksgiving Day dish?  I'd probably have to go with white meat turkey with gravy... there's just something so magical about combining a slightly dry meat with something that's so creamy and greasy.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier2
Toy Soldier3Toy Soldier4
Toy Soldier1Toy Soldier6Toy Soldier6

______Gosh, the temperature sure shifted gears all of a sudden.  So much cool air.  So little warmth.  I just love it.  I just love this refreshingly cold weather.

______Well, kind of.  I like it for being able to wear sweaters, for being able to layer and make a wider range of lovely ensembles, for being able to walk to class without mutating into a super sweat blob, and for being able to freely drink copious amounts of green tea without overheating.

______However, when I have to ride my bike around in it, which is something I do every morning, I don't much like it.  I'm not one to work out indoors unless:
______a) there is dangerous weather, such as a tornado or raging ice storm of doom
______b) there are dragons (specifically, the fire-breathing kind)
______c) there's a feisty Pokemon battle taking place (those Pokemon battles can sure stir up some nasty weather, don'tcha know)

______And mornings are usually the worst in terms of temperatures--the cold winds of midnight still linger, the sun is barely up, and even if it is up, it's prone to hide behind those grey skies that don't let the sun's rays travel as far as they do in summer.  I mean, I guess the fact that in autumn the sun is farther away from the earth kind of has something to do with it not being as warm, but hey. Still.

______Bike rides are so much more difficult in the winter--getting up from a snuggly bed layered with blankets is already a task in itself, but then I have to wrap myself up like a hotdog with many toppings and face the brutality of the outdoors for an hour.  It's really no fun when the air lashes against your face like an icy whip--you never know when it will hit, but it does, it always does.  Alas, I shouldn't be complaining so early in the season, because I know it will only get colder.  Much colder.

______Here's to a few months of me sucking it up and riding my bike in the soon to be ultra-dastardly cold air. And to dragons.


Red military jacket: JCPenny
Dress, socks: Forever 21
Studded bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Tights: ASOS
Dog: Internet (no seriously we ordered him from the Internet)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pretentious Party Pants

Party PantsParty Pants1Party Pants3Party Pants2Party Pants7
Party Pants5Party Pants6

______It's getting darker much earlier now, and so it's getting more difficult to take pictures!  Am I the only one struggling with this?  Don't get me wrong--I do like that I'm able to wake up at six or seven and it not be pitch black outside, but I keep forgetting that it gets darker earlier in the evening.  The fact that I took these with a remote probably doesn't help my cause much (for those of you who are capable of using a remote, I applaud and envy thee).

______But anyway, light situation aside, I'd like for you all to meet my party pants.  I was super excited to finally wear them around the other day! They were an affordable $20.00 at TJ Maxx, plus they are pants, plus actually fit me, plus they are pants that actually fit me, plus they are super rad... I mean, with so many positives, they were obviously a must buy.

______Party on, my party-licious citizens.

Party Pants4

Printed skinny jeans: TJ Maxx
Chevron blazer: Forever 21
Turtleneck: ??
Chevron earrings, chain bracelet: Charming Charlie
Heels: Ross

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Dreamstacks, charcoal on paper, 18x24, Drawing II, Fall 2012

______Imagine having to maniacally draw a bunch of faces on top of each other on paper whilst being timed.  Then, imagine picking a small segment from those scribbles which you must create a drawing from using a few interesting lines contained within it.  The drawing that results apparently is a drawing that has accessed the subconscious mind (my art teacher is rad, okay?).  And thus, thar be art.

______During our group critique, some people said that my drawing resembled stacks of pancakes, or a canyon, or two blob creatures (the one on the left is apparently trying to attack the one on the right, which has lips?).  Interesting interpretations indeed--I can only wonder what that says about my subconcious.  Something pretty strange, I suppose.

______But where did this drawing start off from?  What ever could the source have been?  Why, it was a hair line!  It doesn't look anything like it, of course, but that's the subconcious-ness working it's magic...  I think.

______What do you guys think it looks like?  I'm curious!

Dreamstacks Detail1Dreamstacks Detail2

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shadow Ritual


______I obtained this skirt recently on sale and decided that it makes me feel like an evil princess.  Yes, an evil princess.  Evil Princess Ali--I do like the way that sounds.  Fear my evil powers, O peasants.  I guess if I even had an evil power, it would be to turn things into sandwiches with a single glance.  Because turning innocent things, such as small children, into sandwiches is rather evil if you think about it.

______Anyway, I feel quite free right now 'cause yesterday I had the wax cleaned out of my ears and it's just great.  Didn't you totally want to know that?  I'm gross, I know, for sharing this with you all.  But it's so worth it because I feel awesome.  It is as if a weight has been lifted... but from my ears.  I can hear a little better, and even though the experience made me a bit dizzy, I feel like a new woman ready to take on the world.  I even felt a breeze in my ears.  Have you ever felt a breeze in your ears?  If you haven't, it's similar to the breeze you feel when you're wearing a skirt, but it's in your ears.  Yeah, big shocker.  It's kind of invasive, yet weirdly fantastic.  It's a good kind of invasive.  Does that still make it invasive?

______I stopped by Starbucks after the aforementioned ear appointment and one of the barista guys told me that I looked very nice, and asked me why I was so dressed up.  I told him that it was for no reason, really, because I'm sure that telling him I dressed up to have my ears cleaned and to do my grocery shopping wasn't the answer he'd expect.  I should've told him that I dressed up like so because I was an evil princess who was reigning over her evil princess kingdom, and then I should have turned him into a sandwich, snatched my green tea, and dashed away.  How dastardly and perfect that would have been!


Top: JC Penny
High-low sheer skirt: Lotus Botique
Heels: via TJ Maxx
Bracelet: Lulu*s
Collar necklace: Charlotte Russe