Saturday, November 17, 2012

Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier2
Toy Soldier3Toy Soldier4
Toy Soldier1Toy Soldier6Toy Soldier6

______Gosh, the temperature sure shifted gears all of a sudden.  So much cool air.  So little warmth.  I just love it.  I just love this refreshingly cold weather.

______Well, kind of.  I like it for being able to wear sweaters, for being able to layer and make a wider range of lovely ensembles, for being able to walk to class without mutating into a super sweat blob, and for being able to freely drink copious amounts of green tea without overheating.

______However, when I have to ride my bike around in it, which is something I do every morning, I don't much like it.  I'm not one to work out indoors unless:
______a) there is dangerous weather, such as a tornado or raging ice storm of doom
______b) there are dragons (specifically, the fire-breathing kind)
______c) there's a feisty Pokemon battle taking place (those Pokemon battles can sure stir up some nasty weather, don'tcha know)

______And mornings are usually the worst in terms of temperatures--the cold winds of midnight still linger, the sun is barely up, and even if it is up, it's prone to hide behind those grey skies that don't let the sun's rays travel as far as they do in summer.  I mean, I guess the fact that in autumn the sun is farther away from the earth kind of has something to do with it not being as warm, but hey. Still.

______Bike rides are so much more difficult in the winter--getting up from a snuggly bed layered with blankets is already a task in itself, but then I have to wrap myself up like a hotdog with many toppings and face the brutality of the outdoors for an hour.  It's really no fun when the air lashes against your face like an icy whip--you never know when it will hit, but it does, it always does.  Alas, I shouldn't be complaining so early in the season, because I know it will only get colder.  Much colder.

______Here's to a few months of me sucking it up and riding my bike in the soon to be ultra-dastardly cold air. And to dragons.


Red military jacket: JCPenny
Dress, socks: Forever 21
Studded bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Tights: ASOS
Dog: Internet (no seriously we ordered him from the Internet)


Sam said...

You really got him from the internet! Thats so cute, would love to hear the story! Adore your red jacket, a super chic style and looks great with the red socks.

Jen Hsieh said...

I love being able to wear sweaters too! That's pretty much one of the best parts of colder weather - being snug and cozy. Getting up really is a chore in itself though. Your post is making me miss riding my bike back in middle school. I stopped riding since then but I miss the feel of the wind against my face (not the icy whip wind though). Just get one of those face masks. :P

You look like the most fashionable toy soldier I know, by the way. You always look so chic and clean. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit! Looks kind of holiday-like, but still's festive chic! ;) haha. Anyways I love the jacket and tights.
I think the icy-cold air is the only thing I hate about winter. Bravo to you for riding a bike in it!


Francesca said...

Haha I totally agree with you on reasons why I like and dislike the weather. All those pokemon battles are very dangerous! ;) Gorgeous outfit, I absoltely love the pops of color!

Kacie Cone said...

I adore everything about this look!

Melissa said...

This look is absolutely perfect. I love it so much.

<3 Melissa

Well... said...

You and your matchy sock outfits - I love em! And the polka dot tights strike again :D
Aww man, you have some awesome motivation Ali, there's no way I'd be strong enough to face the cold wind...brr! But keep it up.
Haha, and LOVE the Pokemon shoutout xD

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Hanna C. said...

i always wonder how you make your upadates - frequently. I always get delayed:(
anyways, love the outfit. it would be freezig if you wore that over here right now!

ftashion said...

This is such a great outfit! A very chic toy soldier indeed! Your style is really amazing!

Fang Ting

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit!! I have that same spike bracelet! :)


The Fashionable ESQ said...

Hi again, this is such a fun look! totally my style, esp. the structured blazer and tights!
The Fashionable ESQ

fran said...

thank you baby for your comment in the blog. i hope you like other looks and want to follow me

Rory said...

YES YES YES THIS OUTFIT IS PERFECT! I looove the red jacket and with the socks it is just COMPLETE>>>>FULL CIRCLE>>>THE CIRCLE OF LIFE>>>WHAT AM I TALKIN ABOUT>>>....
anyways. what i'm trying to say is this outfit is perfectly cohesive and very nice. I love matchy-matchy and this outfit is just that! Also, how exactly did you order that puppy from the internet?

Anonymous said...

This is such a stellar outfit! I love the tights and the title. Too cute.

Also I definitely wouldn't go out if there were fire breathing dragons either. Unless they were friendly. Then maybe. If they had donuts.

LyddieGal said...

I love your bright red jacket and dot tights!
i hate the cold, so much. i can't even deal.

i love that your dog was ordered from the internet! hahah.
maybe I should credit chloe with being from the animal shelter?

Chic on the Cheap

Estilo Hedónico said...

Amazing outfit! :)
Would you like to follow each other?!


Lily said...

Absolutely stunning photos and outfit--I'm so inspired by your chic color combo and stylish pieces. I am in love with your blog--you gained a new follower!

Sam said...

Thanks for telling me the story about your dog (I am a massive animal lover) and so impressed about how you got him. I wish more people would be like you and adopt pets this way, you should definitely do a post about it, I think it will inspire others!

Sam said...

Thanks for telling me the story about your dog (I am a massive animal lover) and so impressed about how you got him. I wish more people would be like you and adopt pets this way, you should definitely do a post about it, I think it will inspire others!

Amanda Raborn said...

LOVE the look! I've never thought about wearing socks with my booties but that is GENIUS.

PS. I LOVE your comment section... I'm sure I've told you that before but it makes me laugh every time I read it. So annoying.

It's an Easy Life

marama said...

Great look! Love your jacket =)

Joyce said...

I love the polka dot tights, usually the polka dot tights are so small but those are like super cool big polka dots! And woah that jacket is really cool, I love the bright red color and the nice button detail :) Awww bike rides in the winter is definitely so not fun, especially when it's so dark and cold in the morning! But haha I do like the hot dog description and awwww your new dog from the internet is so cute.

Frances said...

You look like a living doll :)
I love your whole look :)
-xoxo, FRANCES

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I remember that just walking in the cold weather was hard (the wind always felt so cold against my face), I can only imagine how much harder it must be to bicycle ride!! Good luck with that!

You look stunning as usual Ali. I loooove your polka dot tights. I just ordered a while ago a very similar pair, thanks for the inspiration on how to wear them!

monica said...

polka dot tights = cute

Isquisofrenia said...

yes your right sheer tights yes

livlovelaugh said...

LOVE your outfit!


Daria said...

Oh what a cute dog!
But your jacket is also very nice. You know that I love all your looks!

Daria from

Boheme.Fille said...

What a fun look! I'm loving the jacket! And the dog, oh dear, he's the cutest ever! :)

Tiana said...

You are absolutely gorgeous, love.
I swear those legs run for miles, making anything look stunning on you - but especially those patterned tights!
It's all just so wonderful, the red, the beautiful blonde locks. I'm loving your blog and loving your style!

tiana of l'esthetique

(and btw- I don't think you're a creeper for liking to watch people at all! In some states, that's a certified sport ;))

Sonshu said...

That is so adorable. Dog from the internet, I actually was blinking my eye at that. And you look so pretty, such a chic soldier :D Very nice!


Anni said...

This is freaking perfection. Reminds me so much of the Nutcracker which is pretty much my favorite holiday-esque movie ever.

Anonymous said...

I so love it whenever you do red on red! You pull it off so well and look so festive, especially here :) And the polka dots? Yes.

Where are your bootie from? Sorry if I missed that somewhere!


Rachel Sullivan said...

Oooh this is a really cute look! Love that jacket!