Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green

..which is why I'm wearing red instead. Happy St. Patrick's day! I should have at least worn a leaf on my head or something like that. Hey, I saw this dress today that looked like a big leaf. Should've gotten that. I also saw these two cute old people today wearing green. The old man had a little shamrock shirt and I was like d'awwwwoldpeoplesocute! I hope I'm cute when I'm an old people.

I am sorry for the long drawn out outfit posts. I was sick yesterday and the day before. Seriously, I woke up at like four a.m. and starting barfing all over the place. Okay, not all over the place. I managed to get to the toilet. Either way, it was beautiful. I guess that counts for wearing green since I was able to see the beautiful colors inside of me. "You're not wearing green!" "What about my bile?!" "Hmmm. Yes, well.. I suppose that counts." Actually, it's more of a yellowish color. But that may have just been from the corn I ate. Okay okay, I'll stop describing my digested innards. I still don't much feel like eating food though, which is unfortunate because I like food. It's strange how it's possible for me to be repelled by the idea of eating food. What a sickening thought. Not too sickening. I don't feel nauseous, no worries!

Before I forgot, I wanted to say thank you to the lovely love over at Walk the Sand. Even though my blog was the one that was picked completely random out of all the others, I still wanted to thank her for picking mine! I won some wonderful animal inspired things from her closet-- I have never won anything before, so it's super exciting! You should take a peek at her blog, it's very inspiring!

So! Five or so days ago, I took this picture of the beauuutiful apple tree in the front yard (well, mom says it's an apple tree, but I think it's a pear tree. How should we know? It doesn't have fruit on it. For all we know it's a mustache tree). It's sad though because there were about two or three days of beautiful weather and then, suddenly, these grayish white clouds swam in and sat on the sun. It's hard to tell if it's the afternoon or six at night. Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty though so I can't wait!

Target blazer, F21 striped tank, whistle I found under my bed stuck onto a string,
Mudd shorts, Wet Seal tights, flats


LyddieGal said...

Red. You're cute. Those tights are sooo fantastic!
I wore green today but it was more accident than intent.

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, and I hope you get to see the sun soon!

Zoe said...

you are toooo cute! i love the whole outfit!!!!!!

anton belardo said...

i like the whole outfit!
the weather looks lovely..

kisses A.

projectvee said...

i love your blazer! classy :)

Taj Acosta said...

The picture you took is so pretty! And pink! Love it! xoxo

kate maggie said...

You look amazing! I love everything about this. You are so cute Ali :) Great photos...pretty lady.

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Love EVERYTHING about this outfit. Down to the whistle.

juicy j said...

oh i love those tights!
this outfit is perfect!
you looks beauutifull and that outfit looks amazing on ya! <3

Chelsea said...

that is such a beautiful tree! i want one in my front yard...whenever I get one...maybe when I grow up.
My Life in Style

Laura said...

your look is gorgeous! loving the blazer and the tights. never can i wear them tights i'll rip them! beautiful!

Elaine said...

Wow, you rtights are SUPER!!!! I want.

Enter to win a women's Orient watch!

E said...

How cool! I love how you made it a bit more edgy with the tights!

kot-itsa said...

red and white looks perfect on you!!!love it

Charmalade said...

You can't go wrong with a blazer, stripes, and THOSE TIGHTS. Your outfit may not be green (sorry to hear about your sickness! I hated having the stomach flu and feeling weak from not being able to stomach food), but it's chic!

Btw, thanks for saving me from that vengeful tree bush. But now I have no tree bush to pose with! Though it almost ate me. D:

Toast with Charmalade

Carrie said...

Hi Ali. Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. Great outfit. I love the stripe top and blazer. Have a good weekend :)

Jen said...

first of all, i have to agree with you, that i'm pretty sure that is a mustache tree. there's no way fruits can grow there haha :)

i'm glad you're feeling better now (and your bile definitely counts as being green for st. patrick's). you're looking lovely in this outfit (i'm a fan of the red stripes & blazer combination) and those tights are sick!

and ahhhh i'm so excited for this mustache necklace, you have no idea. i'm probably going to be wearing it 24/7! <3

Yofany said...

love the stripes, the legging, the oh everything!
anyway i really envy your hair, my hair loves to have bad hair day. geez

anyway,mind to exchange link?

Slumber Designs said...

Those tights = F A B U L O U S!!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

those tights are very rodarte!

Anonymous said...

those tights are awesome!

Anna Jane said...

Oh that apple tree picture is so gorgeously beautiful.

As is your outfit, of course, I really like how you've jazzed up an otherwise fairly casual outfit with funky lace tights. Love it!

Hope you had a wonderful st. patricks day - I ended up going out wearing black and gold, so I don't think it's mandatory to wear green!

Hope you're feeling better now?!

- Anna Jane x

LyddieGal said...

Eyeliah of Style Symmetry is having a style challenge contest this week where you must wear an outfit styled by someone else.
I was wondering if you would put together an outfit for me. I would of course reciprocate if you wanted and it's fine if you don't want to - I feel like it's kind of a tricky thing do to when you can't actually look in a closet!
I suppose the best way to do this is to just look at my outfit photos and posts where I've photographed stuff in my closet.


Chic on the Cheap

Winnie said...

The tights and those red shoes are lovely! That shot of the blossoms is so pretty too. I can't wait for everything to blossom over here!

Jen said...

awwww ali, don't worry about, i definitely don't hate you! and hey, it's the thought that counts. and it's better to be safe than sorry! i mean who knows, i could be some really sketchy 76 year old who's creeping on other bloggers...and stealing pictures from some asian's a crazy world out there these days. (I PROMISE I'M NOT!!!! :)) i'll definitely check out some mustaches online as well! thanks for the link.

and thanks so much anyway though <3

monica said...

omg that apple tree photo is beautiful!

and blazer + stripes + denim = classsic

noel said...

wow those tights are amazing! i love the spider web effect they have! you look great :)