Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spot On

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______Why yes, I do have an immense love for navy and white polka dotted things. Polka dots and I are best buddies for life.  I almost love polka dots as much as I love the idea of ruling Earth one day (and I do love me some Earth ruling).  That being said, finding this dress was a bit of a dream come true.  The price tag was also a dream come true: 'twas a mere eight dollars.  Yes, eight dollars--and it's even lined!  How about that?

______Not only did I steal a deal on such an awesome dress this week, but I also won this vintage navy purse through a giveaway hosted by the super lovely Elanor of Missing Lovebirds.  It's even more amazing in person, and literally the perfect length, size, and everything.  I seriously love it.  Sweet beans, you guys.  Sweet beans to the max.  Even though I use purses all the time, I'm very reluctant to purchasing them with my own money; thus, winning one really helped increase my purse collection.  Now I have a grand total of three purses--one each in navy, black, and cognac. That's basically every color in the neutral color palette rainbow!  Nothing can stop me now.

______What're your favorite patterns or colors to wear?

Spot On

Dress: Ross Dress for Less ($8, yeah!)
Heels: Go Jane (*a lobster and a unicorn totally mated to produce these)
Anchor belt: Lotus Botique
Airplane earrings: Charming Charlie
Purse: vintage, won from MissingLovebirds giveaway


Jodie said...

My fab print has to be leopard print but I live how polka fits look absolutely stunning on you!
Love your earrings!

Jen said...


That's incredible. You look gorgeous in polka dots so it makes sense that you love it so much. AND THAT BAG. Can I borrow it? It's insanely perfect in every way. You're just hitting the jackpot, aren't you? ;)

Rory said...

My fave pattern? Stripes. I also am really into galaxy but that's a trend that I'm sure will pass eventually... :P Anyways, my fave parts of this outfit are TOTALLY THE ACCESSORIES! those earrings ROCK. I am a weirdo who actually enjoys flying on planes so i very much like those. and the shoes! Those ruffly things...LOVE it! Classic pump is classic no moreeee . I'm also totally digging that bag. Goes great with this outfit! Even better that it was FUHREEEEEEEEEEEE <3

Well... said...

Haha, oh I understand the pain of loving items but not being willing to part with money for glad you won that bag in a giveaway! You really do have quite the neutral collection now ;)
And I am in complete agreement with Rory on your accessories - those airplane earrings are the cutest things I've ever seen! They're so noticeable too, even from a distance :D
Hmm, my favorite pattern would be stripes...or floral. I'd say they are tied for favorites.
And so glad to hear you contradict the Freshman 15 myth! Haha, I'm getting sooooo much walking in that I'm thinking it might make up for my lack of jogging :b

Trendy Teal

Jodie said...

thank you so very much for the comment on my halterneck pin-up dress. i completely agree with you that trying somehting new has comoletely paid off- i am now a fan of pin-up halternecks. i feel like a massive amount of clothing is suddenly avalible to me.
Ive been trying quite a few things i though i didnt suit lately and they have all turned out well but its been massivly nervewracking!

p.s. just re-red the description of your shoes (lobster and unicorn mating) fantastic description!

Daria said...

Oh girl, I love to read your blog so much! And I'm so in love with your stunning earrings!
You made a cool bargain and congratulations to your new purse!

(Stunning heels!!!)


Daria from

Outside Looking In said...

Love the dress and those shoes are so fun! My fav pattern is stripes!

monica said...

love the look - so vintage

Sakuranko said...

Really beautiful dress...


Sakuranko Blog
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India said...

woouw love your bag! great outfit!

LyddieGal said...

Oh my goodness, the airplane earrings! I saw those in the store... they are so darn cute!
and your dress is too... you look so gorgeous in it!
Chic on the Cheap

Joyce said...

Wow I love the polka dot dress (and it's lined!)And those shoes are seriously so cool. (Although I can no longer unsee the lobster and unicorn baby hhaha) I don't think I have a favorite but I do wear polka dots and stripes a lot. As in whenever I see anything striped or polka dotted, I feel like I must have it.

congratulations on winning the giveaway, the bag is like the perfect size!

Amanda said...

Congrats on the bag is absolutely stunning.. and I love how you styled this look... Blue suits you like a glove =)

Allie said...

This is such a great look! Love the polka dots...and those shoes are so fun!



Alissa said...

Um........... can I just scream how much I love this entire look!?! My favorite pattern is polka dots, I think the last 4 out of 7 posts I've done have had them somewhere on me!

Ashley said...

You look amazing! I love how you styled this dress! That bag is simply perfect and blue and white polka dots totally suit you xx

Twenties Girl Style

Anonymous said...

I looove those earrings! They are too cute!


NaNa said...

What a gorgeous dress. The polka dots are awesome! <3

love from the NANA girls xoxo

Isquisofrenia said...

looks so cute with the red shoes

Bushe said...

Omg you look so chic!!I am now your new follower..:)
ps: if you wanna checkout and follow my blog its

Anni said...

Those shoes girl <3 I have just been staring at them in wondrous envy. I can't even pick a print just because I utterly love them all, but usually the louder, tackier and brighter it is, the more I love it.

Boheme.Fille said...

Fabulous! The dress, the accessories, the shoes, the bag! I love, love them all! You look gorgeous!

jess said...

Leopard print is my favorite pattern. That is a great purse.

Bonnie said...

I love polka dots and animal prints. Those are my favorites! They are fun.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Xixia said...

...$8? $8?!?! That is freaking amazing!
And I'm sure you know this, but I love your blue and white outfits. Such a great color scheme. :)

I adore polka dots overall, but I think I love color blocked patterns more. I think they count as a pattern at least. ^^

♥ xixia |

S▲N said...

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S▲N said...
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Adly Velasco said...

Love the dress and the way you paired with red heels! Superb!

Jeeh Trend said...

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Julia said...

Those red heels are adorable!! I love the little fan detail, makes you stand out of the crowd! Good job with the red, white, and blue. Super cute.


Mel said...

What a lovely dress! I've been searching for the perfect navy and white polka dot dress, and I see you've had it the whole time :D Haha also digging your plane earrings!

poldo napitupulu said...

you look so fab!
the dress rea;;y suits you well

mind to follow each other?
please let me know

Stephanie Lin said...

Oh spots are always so lovely. I love your bag as well!

Sara said...

you look like a little french girl! i love your outfit a lot! so stunning!

Amy Higg said...

Oh my this is adorable! love it!
I would love if you could check out my blog :)

Clara Turbay said...

Inspiring and classy blog, love it.

blackberryfashion said...

You look adorable :) I'm following you now :)

Katie Aman said...

Everything about this is wonderful! Your bag makes me SWOON. I'm so into classic, structured bags right now and that one is perfection. And your shoes dear!! They are so unique and wonderful. You look beautiful!

Elly said...

Super cute! I love polka dots!! :) But my favorite print of the moment would have to be dalmatian print! And your shoes are stunning! They're so unique, I couldn't stop staring at in every picture! The earrings are also super cool!

Roxanne said...

I love your earrings they are so cute!

hugs and kisses,,

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Phuong Stanyer said...

What a stunning dress! And those shoesss! Love it all. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm having a total polka dot moment, and this post just added fuel to the fire! And for $8?!?! You kill me, lady.

Seriously, it's so fun and inspirational to see how you put things together! I love how it's different and new but also totally relatable. Love it :)

Yulie Kendra said...

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