Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prelude in Pictures

I am Ali, and I am..
  • a grammar freak (oh goodness, I just spelled "grammar" wrong) who executes the use of immense phrases and massively-lengthened words in order to guise the fact that she is indeed nothing more than a high school scholar
  • an organization freak
  • an artist (Sharpies and colored pencils are funfunjoy)
  • one hundred percent pure feminine charm
  • blonde and nerdy (yes, at the same time!)
  • a little bit self-conscious
  • a clothing addict, fashion blog-watcher, vintage-lover, and pugnacious sale and bargain hunter
  • someone who can recall every detail of her bizarre dreams down to what color the floor was
  • a sound effect maker
  • a person with a perverted sense of humor
  • a luster of random tangible objects such as buttons, buckles, studded goods, lobsters (not to nomnom on-- I always feel so terrible when they're all locked up in those tanks in grocery stores), skeleton keys, shiny rocks, feathers, pretty bugs, fat birds, the smell of burning wood and laundry, and the touch of your silk hands, darling
Okay that last one was just a joke.
(was it really, though?)

Aside from the cheesy introduction, this is just going to be where I post some outfits, drawing progressions, dreams, anything that could have -ness added to the end of it, and whatever else pops into my head!

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Georgia said...

Wish I could remember all my dreams. They seem to just slip away.. So I write them down the minute I wake up. Weird, I know.
It would be mine