Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ruffling Feathers

My friends have been trying to coerce me to be in our school's annual beauty walk, and so after a few noncommitted considerations, I have grudgingly agreed to their demands. It's an excuse for me to find a pretty dress at least. I've been searching online for lovely long-length dresses, and unfortunately my favorite find was already sold. And it was only $45.00! It looked like it would fit rather nicely into an Alice in Wonderland movie. After some time searching for long prom dresses, my searching somehow diverged from prom dresses and drifted off to find these ruffled beauts..,

Aren't uneven hems just pretty?

Along with dreaming of ruffly things these week, I've also kept myself busy by making little candies and cakes with special themes as presents for family and friends. Thank goodness this is the last week of school until the holiday break!

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