Monday, June 11, 2012

Sailing to Athens


______Sometimes I'll have weeks or months where I can't find anything when shopping, no matter how scrutinizing my searches are. But hey, I'm sure we've all had a couple trips like that--they create dark times in one's little mind universe, no? Like a miniature black plague, except instead of making you deathly ill, it simply plagues your mind. Of course, sometimes I'll have those fabulous shopping trips where I spot something from across the store and just know that I'll walk out of the store with it--this dress is a prime example of such a trip. I saw its lovely shade of rust peeking out from a cluster of dark clothing and immediately snaked toward it like the sneaky snake I am. The dress was like a beacon in the night, calling out to me with its soothing shade of orange. Try me on, it said softly. You will not regret it. I will be perfect on you. And so, not even questioning why a dress was speaking to me, I complied with it and tried it on.

______Well, guess what? The straps were too long and the bust was too low to the point where alterations seemed useless. The dress, it lied!

______Thankfully, upon texting mi madre un foto, she replied saying that it would be fixable. It's a good thing that my mom can sew reaaaaal fancy-like. She's got some magical sewing hands, she does. Thanks, momma!


______Also, I decided to Google search myself today, 'cause I like to do that every once and a while just for the heck of it, and I discovered that Palladium put me on their blog! It's rather exciting, and quite the honor! I've felt warm and fuzzy all day because of it. 

Dress: via Ross Dress for Less ($18, not bad!)
Belt: via Lotus Boutique
Sandals: Franco Sarto, yo
Necklace, earrings: Charming Charlie


Boheme.Fille said...

What a gorgeous dress, looks beautiful on you! I'm really loving the detail on the belt!

Never question a clothing item that talks to knows better then us! :P

LyddieGal said...

Love x100 I want this outfit!
That dress was a great find, i'm glad your momma could make it work for you, and your leather accessories are just perfection.

I also need that belt. Since 90% of my wardrobe is nautical, it would pretty much go with everything.

Chic on the Cheap

Elanor said...

"and immediately snaked toward it like the sneaky snake I am." -- haha! you are hilarious. :)

when looking at these photos, my first thought was DAMN, GURL IS TALL! you look fabulous! i love this color on you with your blonde hair. <3

Rory said...

that dress is kind of perfect...i'm kind of a little bit TOTALLY jealous!!! great color on you, and I have this weird fetish for cut-out backs so when I saw this one's I squealed. Also, you're a fabulous writer and I'm super jealous! Some bloggers can't write for the life of them but they sure are stylish so I read their blogs anyway. Well, I don't read em but I look at the pictures. But yours--I read AND look at the pictures. Which, by the way, are AWESOME quality. I'm so jealous of your new lens. Do you take your own pictures? with like a tripod? THey are literally so pretty! :)
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Rory said...

would you mind telling me the link of the new lens you got? I seriously need a better lens! and also the question i already asked lol about how you take your pictures! THANK YOU SO MUCH ALI!!! <33
my email:

RetroClassy said...

I love your thoughtful posts and your charismatic writing style. You are a lovely model and that color looks fabulously summery.

xoxo retroclassy

Katie Aman said...

Wow, this is stunning! I love your simple sandals. That color is amazing on you.

anton belardo said...

looking lovely as usual mi dear!

how are you??? :)

and yes i would love to color your hair in lovely rainbows if only we were closer :D
pink would look yummy on you!

kisses A.

Jacqueline said...

love the red dress, especially contrasted with the gold jewels! lovely.

Arianne said...

Does NOT look like a dress for less on you. Excellent find, and you look like you've come straight out of a Falco novel. LOVE IT.

monica said...

very grecian goddess - simply stunning

jess said...

I love that color.

molly said...

I love your dress its so pretty!

Isquisofrenia said...

oh so pretty the color of the dress looks gorg on you

Sandra Leiva said...

Beautiful dress, love the colour <3

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous color on you!

xo Jennifer

Heather said...

That maxi is so beautiful on you - and I LOVE that necklace :)


Well... said...

Haha oh man, I know, don't you hate it when the clothes lie? I'll have those moments where its like it talks me into buying it. Sigh. Thank goodness for our sewing moms! Mine is the same :)
Girl, you are damn right, we are HOT! Especially you!! Haha, this dress is gorgeous on you and fairy-tale like. Which is why I love these long length dresses (thanks to you I can never say maxi dress without thinking about what you said about them last makes me laugh).
Anyway, yes MY CHIN! Lol if you see it from the side you'd probably notice what I mean. But my chin and I are in a much better relationship now, thankfully haha.
Aw Ali, you keep fighting that, because you seriously are gorgeous the way you are! We'll get to that point where we're 100% confident one day, but know that me and many others admire you the way you are and you don't have to diet to change a thing!

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Chococcuro said...

oh gosh you are gorgeous!! That dress is so stunning, and I can't believe that it's only $18?!!!

Lynzy said...

That dress is gorgeous- loving the back detail!!

xx Lynzy

Sarah said...

You look stunning, your dress is perfect!

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Ivana said...

This is grecian glamour at its best, it looks fantastic! And thumbs up to your mama, she has golden hands!

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

You look drop dead GORGEOUS! I'm talking about total beauty in this outfit! I love this color on you, and your mom fixed that dress beautifully. Congrats on being featured too!

Joyce said...

The dress is such a beautiful color and I love the sandals! haha I love how you write, it's always so amusing to read your posts. (hehe especially the sneaky snake part :D) And YAY congratulations on getting featured on palladium's blog, your outfit was AMAZING.

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Ah, well done your mum! The dress is stunning, so slinky and such a beautiful colour :)

Penny Dreadful Vintage

Julia said...

Hello! I just found your blog and I love it!! You have really great style. This orange dress in particular is so striking!!

I'm your latest follower :)

Cup of Tea

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your mother could work ♓รจะป magic on your dress 'cause it'd have been a shame to let such a gorgeous dress go. Love your flats too.