Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pantalones Locos + JORD watches


______I was recently contacted by JORD Wood Watches to try out a piece from their new line of wooden watches. I chose the Ely model, a hearty piece crafted from a smooth blonde maple that was custom fitted to my wrist. Snug as a bug in a rug. Notched as a watch on a... Loch...ness... monster.

______Ha ha. Um. Anyway, it arrived in a beautifully crafted wooden box with a slide-open top that's a delicacy in itself. Their watches are eco-friendly, meaning tossing them into a forest won't turn it into a forsaken landscape of rusted metal scraps and burnt pines. But I wouldn't recommend throwing your watch into a forest for many reasons, one of them being because it's too darn purty, hyuck hyuck. Honestly though, I'll be wearing this watch around as much as I can!


______I don't believe it's necessary to have your phone on the entire day, and I think watches oughtta wiggle back into our generation for timekeeping. Phones tempt us with their glowing screens and suck us in like your favorite Disney movie, making it easy for us to ignore those in our company,  the ones with whom we should really be sharing an experience. There's nothing that makes you feel more like poo poo than when you're talking to someone and they're more absorbed in their phone than you. Watches allow you to be in the now, 'cause they don't tell you that Arnold Schwarzenegger retweeted a Vine of Paula Deen's cooking show dubbed with 2 Fast 2 Furious dialogue. As great as that Vine is, it'll be there for you when you get home, I promise.

______And if you take a whole gosh darn three hours to reply to a text message, I guarantee that nobody's going to viciously shave your eyebrows off the next time they see you in person for it. Unless their text message read "I'm going to viciously shave your eyebrows off the next time I see you." Then like, you better learn how to draw those suckers on with a Sharpie.

______You don't need to apologize for not being momentarily available. Patience really is a virtue.


______Though you can't always manage what happens with your time, you can do your best to enjoy those free moments. The weeks spent with my grandma at the sewing workshop in Florida were some of the most peaceful I had, even if my thoughts were swirling with notions of finishing projects and remembering responsibilities when I returned to the land of Alabama. But when you have some down time and are literally forced to be away from your work and usual routine, really make the most of it. Living inside a retirement community and sewing amongst a lively clique of sweet old ladies taught me a lot about slowing down, having patience, and being in the now. It made me a little forlorn, too, but I'll focus on the happy stuff.

______We spring onions should glean some living philosophies from the older folks. For example, in your free time, you should take an hour to whip up a batch of walnut cookies plump with chocolate chips, ask your grandpa about his war stories (because he probably still knows Morse code like the back of his hand), shimmy on over to the pool and toast under the bristling palm trees, or plot how you're going to take over an uninhabited island whilst diligently marking up the daily crossword.

______And do it slow. Savor each step in the process. Really be certain you want to take over the northern island opposed to that one to the east. The one to the east is full of hermit crabs that fart a lot, you know. Nobody wants an island full of those. Not even the crabs do, man.


Watch: Ely, c/o JORD Wood Watches
Pants: Bealles (exact)
Top: Charlotte Russe
Heels: ASOS (exact)
Ampersand ring: c/o BornPretty
Rings: Charming Charlie (similar)

Ladies Wooden Watches


Rachel said...

Those pants are rockin'! I actually haven't had a cell phone of my own ever since we moved overseas--I've been sharing with Angel for a year now, and I kind of like not being quite so instantly available. I bet you had your share of interesting experiences at your sewing retreat!
Thanks for your comment on my hair post today. My blog comments have gotten weird lately and no longer get emailed to me, which means I'm even less good at responding to them than I used to be. Nevertheless, they're still appreciated! And I will always be a fan of quick hairstyles!

Taipei Style said...

Nice outfit!


Alexandra Marie said...

Such a pretty watch! Alex


B Ramida said...

Great look!


Frannie Pantz said...

Every time I read your posts I am guaranteed a laugh. You are such a talented and enjoyable writer! "Spring onions!" LOL You're right and I am WAY guilty of being a phone obsessed person. I check my phone ALL. THE. TIME. I don't know why I have such a dependency on it. It's really lame. I have been OBSESSED with these watches for a long time now. I love the wood feel and the fact that they are Earth friendly is a for sure plus. Your pantalones and crop top are also so darn cute I wanna cry! (A good cry.)

Nina Olsson said...

Oh my, I completely agree with the slowing-down thing. Especially during summer break for me it just feels like I constantly need to be doing something "important" instead of just taking a well-deserved break. I went to visit my grandfather this past week and he's just sort of cruisin' through life, taking it day by day while still keeping little projects to keep him going. (Also, I totally need to get a watch to stop being so dependent on my phone... thanks for reminding me!)


Keit said...

Well of course I'll take the northern island, I love the cold!!! :D Ah yes, there's nothing more "reassuring" , that you are an interesting person, than your friend staring maniacally into their phone and even worse, laughing at something that's in THERE and not at the super funny thing you just said!
Ah, your maple watch is sooooo dandy, love the laid back, free spirited way you styled it! I can live in your pants! I can see myself eat nachos in those pants and still look hot and feel comfy!
The hair is so gorgeous, I'm always jelaous of it, when is mine gonna grow already!

The Dragonfruit said...

Farting hermit crabs...bahaha, oh Ali, you have a gift for swinging from silly to serious, and in such a flawless way!
Oooooh, there's that Jord watch! They're lovely, aren't they? Mmmm, love the color you chose :)
So glad you had such a wonderful time with your grandma. I agree, I'm coming to this same conclusion of the necessity of slowing down and not being constantly plugged in. It's invigorating, isn't it? I want to go do some camping where there's absolutely no phone signal so that I really can't be tempted to use up data to see what Arnold's up to ;) Or to snapchat Ali...lol
Girrrrl, I am digging this free spirited bohemian outfit you are rocking! So so very pretty and lovely, and ALL THE PRETTY THINGS/ADJECTIVES/WORDS! xD

LyddieGal said...

You are quite right about relying on your phone to check the time - so often I will pull out my phone, look at everything else, put it away, and then realize I forgot to check the time!

But with your fancy new wooden watch, that will be a problem no more. It's a very handsome timepiece indeed.
Chic on the Cheap

Lily Fang said...

Ali, you're just always so classy and witty. What's not to like about an eco-friendly, chic watch? I'd certainly not be throwing mine into forests :)

The watch thing is so true, though--it's crazy how so many people rely on their phones for everything now. At Expo, several students didn't have alarm clocks or watches, and they had to scramble about to figure something out since they had limited phone use. I thought it was crazy that middle schoolers even had smartphones! The power of stepping away from being so connected that you're tangled is really important.

Glad to hear you picked up some wisdom from your grandmother and spent quality time with her. It is eye-opening to experience life among another generation. While it can be sad since they are getting older, I like to see it as they've had plenty of time to experience life, and they're taking it easy now. I really wish kids nowadays spent more time disconnected, actually exploring the earth and spending time outdoors, listening to old stories. The older generation has so many gems.

Sending much love and the best of wishes your way!

imperfect idealist

Sabrina said...

I love your styling! Those pants are amazing and especially great with pretty top. I'm kind of a grump when it comes to phones and texting. I can't stand when people talk to me and take 5 hours to reply, but at the same time, I don't like when people are focused on their phones when I'm talking to them in person.


Heather Serra said...

I adore your style, you are stunning! And I am right with you about bringing the watch back! Especially the Ely. Good pick! :)