Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ice Ice Princess

Ice IceIce Ice

______"Ice Ice Princess" is by far the most unsuitable title for this post, mainly because it is currently sixty-seventy degrees in the land of Alabama as I scribble these words.  There is no ice for me to princess in.  There may never be any. For all we know, ice is a theory yet to be proven in the state of Alabama during November.  Nonexistent.  A myth, just like Big Foot and gluten-free bread that doesn't taste like your great grandma's mothball-covered prom dress.

______My mom was quick to note the impossibility of me ever being an ice princess as we hopped into the stuffy, sauna-like interior of the car to drive off and take these photos.  She said I would have to settle with being the melting princess instead. I suppose I could be that. I'm not picky as long as I can be princess of some kind of imaginary kingdom. Princess of Various Meltable Things? Sure, I'm game.

Ice IceIce Ice
Ice Ice
Ice Ice

______That means I would have power over all sorts of items with a melting point, like ice cream cones, bags of ice, grilled cheeses, and sugary candies like gummy worms and tootsie pops.  I would also have power over candle wax and chocolate.  So much better than being able to do snowy stuff, right?  Elsa has nothing on me.  Esla?  I never watched Frozen.  I'm a terrible person.

______I could also make the argument that I could make hearts melt, but in a literal sense, that seems inhumane.  And even in a metaphorical sense, probably not possible. So we're going to stick with the happy, non-twisted mind stuff!

Ice Ice
Ice Ice

______I feel like being able to melt chocolate would come in handy during the holidays when dessert-based baking is at its prime.  Similarly, melting cheeses and a variety of other gooey foods could be convenient on a day-to-day basis.  But if we're being completely honest here, and you guys know how I like to be honest, being the melting princess would be completely useless and I'd need a real day job.

______I couldn't even be an evil melting princess--I mean, what would I do? Melt children's candy during Halloween?  Melt the plastic on cartons of milk in the grocery store, thus causing an inconvenient spill for employees?  I guess I could melt those big metal doors in banks and steal all their money, but I would feel like a big jerk afterwards.  And also that's illegal.  Committing a crime just wouldn't sit well with me.

______I just couldn't be a meanie jerk head melting princess.  I just couldn't.

______All right, kiddos. If you could be princess/prince/ultimate overlord of anything in the world, what would it be?

Ice Ice

Top: Charlotte Russe (similar)
Fur vest: Charlotte Russe (similar styles)
Skirt: Urban Outfitters (exact)
Booties: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Earrings: Charming Charlie
Bunny ring: Claire's


Midwest Muse said...

This outfit is super beautiful and perfect. It makes me want to go ice skating or watch a Disney movie. So, like, you're a dream.

Frannie Pantz said...

Sigh. Well the grass is always greener. You may not have ice to princess in but you also don't have ice to fall on, drive in, drag your pant hems in or get your suede boots ruined in. So there's that. Loving the vest and boots! This look is, as Jessica says above, so dreamy!

Rachel said...

Those boots are adorable. And I love that little bunny ring. Rings are my thing, I'm always attracted to them. I wear 8 rings that I never take off. I would be the Princess of...the Ocean? Because of cool colors and I could have blue hair. Or Fire? Because it's scary. Or just the Princess of Food because I love to eat.

Wild Flower said...

Beautiful outfit, looks like it is right of Frozen! :) Now.. if I had to choose, I would probably be Darth Maul, he was just the coolest!!


Francesca said...

You look so beautiful! I absolutely love this outfit and it looks so good on you! You always look so pretty! As fun as being a melting princess would be, I think I would choose to be the Princess Can that be a thing? I think that would be pretty fun, or maybe I would just want to be the princess of Genovia like in Princess diaries since that seems to be the life and my dream since I was like 7!


The Dragonfruit said...

You're a heart melter in the best metaphorical sense possible Ali! ;)
Haha, aw man, send that warm weather this way! We're expected to get our first snowfall this weekend I believe in good ole Idaho. You can experience being an ice princess here if you want!
Love the touch of this furry vest you're rocking, so pretttyyyyy!
Wow, you've never seen Frozen? Such innocence must be protected! I hope you never watch it that's quite a feat to accomplish considering how it's freaking EVERYWHERE. 0_o
I don't know if I could pick just one thing to be overlord of...but I have always daydreamed about controlling the fire element...does that count? xD

I'm on the Tube!

Lily Fang said...

Ah, Ali! I've missed such incredible posts. Your writing and outfits are impeccable.

I completely resonate with your dissatisfaction on being comfortable. For me, I know I'm not truly happy unless I'm striving towards a goal that's fresh and slightly intimidating. The fundamental issue is that sometimes I have to perform the same tasks over and over to improve on something specific, like a violin piece. Like you said, there's a realyl delicate balance to maintain--I have to polish, and I grow in the process, but I also hunger to explore.

As for your next post, I couldn't help but smile at your coffee shop description. People watching is always oddly satisfying. I feel the same way about being cooped up inside during breaks--sometimes I have to get out, even if I don't talk to anyone. Just being around people can be energizing. Talking to strangers can be gratifying, too--I remember spending the day traveling alone, but then I began a conversation with a couple next to be on the commuter rail. It was simple small talk, but really uplifting for some reason. I'm sure there's some psych principle behind it, haha.

Anyways, I adore the lighting in this post and your elegant outfit. The color of that skirt reminds me a bit of Cinderella, and your statement jewelry is so glamorous. Keep rocking it, Ali, and best of luck with your art!

imperfect idealist

Anna said...

I really like this look on you - suits you :) Awesome shoes too!

Anna xx

LyddieGal said...

Ohh 67, now that just sounds delightful. It's more fun to pretend to be an ice princess than to actually be one.
Chic on the Cheap

jess said...

This outfit is so pretty. I love the bunny ring and your hair.