Sunday, March 27, 2016

Morningsea + Born Pretty

______BornPretty sent me some lovely things in the mail this past week, including a dainty flower ring, a pearl bauble necklace, and a tiny infinity bracelet. All quite lovely little accessories with incredible attention to detail. They have never disappointed with their quality nor their wonderful jewelry selection and I am always excited to do product reviews for them! Their metals have never turned my fingers green or rusted from exposure to humid southern air even though I've had some of their pieces for a few years--rock on, dudes.

______As usual, you can get 10% off your order with code ALT10! It will take up to a month to arrive, but with their wonderful prices, it's definitely worth it. I've never been one to care for things arriving the next day in the mail either (unless it's like, baked goods. Because you always need your double fudge, triple chocolate, quadruple heart-attack brownies ASAP). Thanks, BornPretty!


Dress: TJ Maxx
Sweater: ASOS
Pearl necklace: c/o BornPretty
Infinity bracelet: c/o BornPretty
Flower ring: c/o BornPretty
Heels: c/o Ted & Muffy


Frannie Pantz said...

Simply gorgeous! I love the socks, as usual.

Jamie Rose D. said...

Your striped dress is so cute! I love all the little jewelry you paired with it and those yellow socks. So much cuteness going on!

Jamie |

LyddieGal said...

Glad to hear that the pieces hold up - your little ampersand ring has always been one of my favorites.
Love your anchor belt, especially with the striped dress. yay for nautical everything.
Chic on the Cheap

Sarah Albertson said...

That dress is very pretty, and wow, your shoes are too cool! I am definitely loving this outfit! :D

Kristian said...

Gorgeous jewelry. I'll have to remember this company.