Sunday, April 3, 2016

Flight Attendant School Dropout + eShakti

______I'm super excited to talk to you guys about eShakti today: I spoke to them last week and they sent me this gorgeous customize-fit contrast collar dress in the mail the other day, and I am already certain it's become one of my favorite pieces in the history of ever. Upon opening the package, I swooned, fell on the floor, got back up, saw the dress again, and fell down again. I had to take a breath before I got back up again. I think this may be love: I've always wanted a black dress with white collars and white cuffs on the sleeves. I feel like you could dress it up, dress it down, wear it to go grocery shopping, wear it the Hogwarts Yule Ball, wear it to time travel to another dimension...

______I could go on, but I will spare you.


______I was surprised it came so fast especially for being a custom-made piece. It has a little "CUSTOM" tag sewn in on the collar and took under a week from the day it was ordered to arrive at my doorstep. It has plenty of fine pleats, a zip-up back, and a hook at the top to ensure it stays closed.

______Besides the impeccable quality and endless pages of classic styles to scroll through, their support team is hecka friendly and very responsive to any questions or concerns you may have. Not that you'd have any questions or concerns since they're irrevocably splendid. Yeah, I said that. Customer service: five out of five stars, plus one of those puffy star stickers filled with liquid and sparkles that's immensely cooler than a regular gold star. The highest honor. Am I sounding too cheesy yet? Good deal. I always wanted to be a Cheeto.

______This site knows how to fit a girl; if you don't want a standard size for fear that it's too standard and will give you too much boobie room and not enough waist space to eat more than a few peas, take a go at their custom tool! All you need is a few measurements and you're set to go. I set my measurements to about an inch more than they actually were and I got the perfect fit with just enough wiggle room since the material doesn't have much give. I'd say you'd be pretty safe putting your regular measurements in, but my body is finicky and likes to change measurements a few inches on me throughout the day.


______Not only can you enter your own measurements for a perfect fit, but you can change whether or not you want pockets, alter the sleeve types, and play with the dress or skirt length, too! I opted for a mini dress, custom fit, and chose to keep the pockets because who doesn't like pockets? You can put all sorts of things in them: spare change, string cheese snacks, rocks you stumble across which are shaped like celebrities noses, and that lollipop you stole from an infant in the grocery store* you wore this dress to.

______Overall, my experience with eShakti was incredible, and looking at their endless selection, I know I'll have to keep checking up on them! If you're feeling the eShakti love, too, use code thedrawingmannequin at checkout to get 10% off your order.

*Disclaimer: This blog does not support the theft of lollipops from babies. You do the crime, you pay the time, you swine.

Dress: c/o eShakti
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Flower ring: c/o BornPretty
Bow Ring: Charming Charlie
Earrings: Charming Charlie
Necklace: probably Charming Charlie


Izzy said...

such an adorable dress, I agree it's so versatile! loving the cute preppy collar! :)

Metallic Paws

Rachel said...

It's super cute! I really love the high-contrast with the collars and the cuffs. We are very loyal eShakti customers. It's hard for some of my family to buy clothes that fit here due to being taller and wearing larger dress sizes, and my sisters and my mom all ordered dresses from eShakti for their birthdays--they don't deliver to Malaysia, but my college student sister is coming to visit this summer and she's bringing dresses in her suitcase, haha!

Frannie Pantz said...

I have been in love with eShakti since they first contacted me several years ago. Both my mother and mother in law ordered dresses from them for my wedding. I love this one on you! Gorgeous! Hope you are feeling better!

Sarah Albertson said...

That dress is so cute! I just love the collar! I will have to check out that website, it sounds incredible.

Monique Reinds said...

Wauw such a chic dress~!
Love the combination with a bright statement necklace!

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris said...

Lovely dress!
Mónica Sors

awhite said...

This dress is perfect on you, lady!

Le Stylo Rouge

Kristian said...

Eshakti is an amazing company and this dress is so fun and lovely.

Lily Fang said...

Eeee, this look is so dreamy, Ali! I'm just as excited about this dress as you are--it looks so versatile, and you definitely rock it. The statement jewelry is so glam and your ankle-strap heels are the perfect complement.

I'm happy to hear that the surgery was successful! I really hope that you feel 100% soon--it's no fun for everyday things to feel like challenges. Luckily, you have the cutest snuggle buddy! Sending much love and good vibes for the speediest recovery <3 Hoping all else is going well too!

imperfect idealist