Monday, May 23, 2016

Velvet Goldmine

______One day, I decided I wanted to get rid of aaaaaaaaaall my undergrad paintings which were stored in my parents' basement.

______This decision was made after Spring cleaning my room for the second time and deciding something somewhere didn't feel clean enough, that I had to get rid of more things, that there were still cobwebs that needed to be cleared. This decision was also made because I felt I needed a new start with my art (*snaps for unintentional rhymes) as I near the start of... dun-dun-dun... grad school; thus, I put them all up on Facebook for sale. I kind of laughed in my head; I wasn't expecting anyone to really bite at them because to me most of them were fairly old, needed some help here or there, or seemed like paintings where I learned something rather than came to a conclusion of sorts.

______But we are our own worst critic, and they all sold. I spent the next week delivering them with help from my dad's Yukon and many blankets so the paintings would be snug as a bug in a rug on their way to their new homes.

______In my humble bumblebee option, it's more beneficial to have you paintings hanging in someone's home rather than collecting dust, long-legged spiders, and unfriendly ghost spirits in a basement. I've got a photo archive of all my work, so what more do I need with the physical object taking up space? Plus there's that whole thing about money. I have yet to truly become attached to anything I've made.

______After selling everything on Facebook, I received a solid amount of painting commissions, so now I'm looking at getting about four more done before the end of the summer. Here are two (thankfully the largest I'll have to be painting) that I've gotten out of the way this past month.

______Have a fabulous start to your week, my fair feathered friends.

Sensory Tables, 2016
oil on panel, 4'x4'

Untitled, 2016
oil on panel, 3'x3'


The Dragonfruit said...

Further proof that Ali is magical - your paintings!
I'm still sighing over the missed opportunity to snag one before you explode in fame. But ahhh, one day! I'll just have to roadtrip out there to get one, won't I? :P
Love love love your golden shoes and dreamy dress - always so lovely!

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Ivana Split said...

congrats on selling your art! I agree with you, it is so much better to have one's painting hanging in someone's home than being locked in the basement.

you look dreamy! love your gold shoes.

Frannie Pantz said...

That is amazing, but I am not surprised. You are such a talented young lady! And I love your shoes. Like a lot.

Sarah Albertson said...

Your paintings are beautiful, I love them!

Rachel said...

That's so cool that you sold all your paintings! It's kind of mind-boggling to me, the idea of being so awesomely good at art that people want to pay you to make art for them. That's a cool kind of talent to have! :) Love your tiara and golden shoes!

E said...

Your artwork is fabulous so I'm not at all surprised they sold like hotcakes! ANd those gold shoes - magnifique! (also love the post title - one of my favorite movies and soundtracks!)

Lily Fang said...

Eeee, you go girl! That's wonderful that all your art was able to find a lovely home. I know how appreciated it will be--just seeing the vibrant works you've posted here brighten my day. I can only imagine how powerful seeing the actual pieces in person would be. I'm always in love with your use of colors :)

Anyways, this outfit is killer too! I have a soft spot for all things gold, so those shoes make my heart dance. They make me wish I had brought back my gold flats from school haha--luckily I'll be reunited with them again my senior year!

Sending much love always <3 Thank you for your sweet, sweet words of encouragement.

imperfect idealist

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I'm not surprised one bit that they all sold, your art is AMAZING and it would be an honor to have one hanging in anyone's living room. I really LOVE these two paintings you did, especially since you know how I enjoy colorful things. Speaking of which, this red velvet color looks so beautiful on you!! I really like how it mixes with all the pretty gold details. Keep up the great work Ali!


Hera Gratton said...

You always look amazing with skirt.