Sunday, July 3, 2016

Starburst + BornPretty

______BornPretty sent me over some summery items recently: this braided bracelet, a polished set of midi and regular rings, and a gold metal bracelet. I've always loved the contemporary look of midi rings and these will definitely be a versatile set to mix and match with other rings. I'll wear them until my skin is as wrinkly and leathery as that of a dinosaur's. No offense to the dinosaurs; they work those wrinkles. Dinosaur commentary aside, you can get 10% off your order with code ALT10 at checkout.

______I'm still into the poofball trend. I hope it's still a trend because I'm kind of obsessed with poofballs and telling people to "touch my poofball" all the day long. How they respond is how you know whether or not you want to keep being their friend.

______I officially only have one month until my parents and I travel up to Iowa to move me in to my new apartment and studio for the next three or so years... and don't get me wrong, that's incredibly rad and I am pumped to start riding out the next phase of my life, but it's also coming on fast. I'm currently in the process of packing trinkets, bath goods, and other such miscellany.

______It's a ride on the struggle bus. Not only have I found about nine chapsticks, four dead flies with just a few remaining limbs, and a plethora of bobby pins lost from over the years, but also I'm questioning what items are worthy enough to endure the 12-hour road trip up to the corn-infested land of Iowa.

______Do I take my ceramic pumpkin teapot for shelf decor? Do I need to pack all three shades of red lipstick, or just the best one? Do I need to take only books I haven't read, or should I lug along a few favorites? How likely is it that I'll really need this many socks? How many pillows should be on my bed? Can one ever have enough pillows on their bed?

______So many questions with so few answers from the world.


______Long story short, apologies if I fall off the blog radar for the next couple of weeks; on the up side, you can always find me on the Instergrandma!

Dress: Charlotte Russe (similar)
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Braided bracelet: c/o BornPretty
Corn chain bracelet: c/o BornPretty
Rings: c/o BornPretty
Poofball hair tie: Amazon
Jelly shoes: Juju


Rachel said...

Love the nailpolish and all your fun accessories! Happy moving to you--packing is always quite the process--I try not to move so often for that very reason...however I'm not very successful at that...

Frannie Pantz said...

What an exciting time for you! I always get a little sad that I never got the "go away to college" experience. I really love your poofball and could not imagine having to harness my urge to make other people touch it all day long. So fun!

LyddieGal said...

Good luck with the packing - I'm sure it's completely overwhelming and you will never have absolutely everything you need and exactly everything you don't, but once you are in Iowa I'm sure there will be plenty more trinkets that you feel the need to collect.
Chic on the Cheap

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I can totally imagine how exciting and at the same time confusing it can be to pack up all your stuff knowing you will be gone for so long. Hang in there!

I looooooooooove puffs and I'm obsessed with them right now. I have no idea if they are still "trending" but I can't wait to add pom poms to all my sweaters and skirts. hahaha.


The Dragonfruit said...

"Touch my poofball" xD OMG, I love you Ali!
Ah man, such a huge change coming up! I'm excited for you in this next chapter. Although yikes, trying to pick what to bring would be soooo difficult for me too. I'm of the "Eff it, I'm' taking it all" camp, albeit hoarding is not the best thing to do when moving...sigh.
You've got this Ali!

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Chloe Renee said...

Love the poofballs!! I also love the fact that you tell people to touch your poof ball. Hahaha.

Lily Fang said...

Eee, I'm loving the vibrant summer colors here! The bright yellow complements the bright red so well. And of course, that poofball is everything :)

I'm wishing you the very, very best as you prep for grad school in Iowa! What a big adventure. We'll miss you around these parts, but I can't wait to keep up on insta. Sending much love always!

imperfect idealist

Laura Jones said...

i love the colour of your dress and all the jewellery is too pretty! and i feel you on the moving and packing front. i'm meant to be moving in late august/early september and just don't want to start organizing anything relating to it yet, haha! how are you supposed to know what you will be needing, ha? xx