Monday, May 15, 2017

Finish Line

______The end of the semester is always predictable but something you never quite get used to, like a wave of salty water toward your eyes; you know it'll hit before you can shut your eyes, you brace yourself for it, but it always stings a little, regardless of how many times you've experienced it. It is a mad, heated rush toward the finish line, where days crash into one another the same way the Kool-Aid man recklessly smashes his way through brick wall after brick wall. He is a lawless Kool-Aid man. I'm sure he's got half the police force after him for all the property he's damaged.

______Within an instant, that papery red finish line snaps like an uncooked spaghetti noodle and boom, you're done. And then you're stopped like a pendulum in time, poised in a starry-eyed daze of not being entirely sure what to do with all this free time you've suddenly acquired. The sands of time have stopped falling. They're piled around you in soft lumps and you can breathe again. In, out. Inhale, exhale. It seems all the time in the world has cascaded down like a sweet rain on you, and you can spend it however you want: performing kitschy hobbies that serve no purpose other than to create something for yourself, baking new recipes that have been digitally amalgamating in the bookmarks section of your browser, or reading books you've been purchasing over the course of the year that have been jammed in your bookshelves like an abundance of cheese in stuffed-crust pizza.

______You can never have too much cheese in your stuffed-crust pizza, just as you can never have too many books in your bookshelf. Anyone who says otherwise cannot be trusted. There is nothing more attractive than a bookshelf that is so chaotic and disorderly but full of things that somehow are tied to one another based on the personality of the person reading them. There is also nothing more attractive than a pizza with a fat, chewy crust. There is a relationship between pizza and books, I am sure, I am positive, there must be, somehow.

______May your bookshelves be filled and your pizzas ever oozing with copious amounts of cheese. Amen.

Dress: Lulus
Heels: similar
Necklace: Nasty Gal
Gold bangle bracelet: Lulus
Rose earrings: similar
Rings: vintage


Rin Handika said...

In love with your outfit so much! So stunning!

Rachel said...

I LOVE pizza, but sorry, not the stuffed crust. too much for me. The hem of your dress is so fun!

Lily Fang said...

Ali!! It's been quite awhile since I've hopped about blogs, but I was happy to catch up on posts--I especially loved your previous look with the pastels and edgy accessories (that ring though!). I also totally agree with the fact that we're so attuned to instant gratification, and it's good to savor the little moments when we can.

I can tell just from these photos that you're back in your home state (we all have our favorite photo spots haha), and I'm glad to hear that you've been enjoying your pizza and books :) This was a big year for you--I have no doubt that you've learned and grown so much. I know for sure that I've loved keeping up with your projects on insta. (Again, another instant gratification thing--old-school blogging seems to be fading away, but we'll do our best to keep it alive and well!). Also, I just want to add that I adore the vibrant color coordination here and the subtle scallops on those fierce heels.

Also, a friend asked me to let any of my artsy contacts to know about one of the projects he's part of--I thought of you right away! Refigural, an online fashion and art digital where he's interning, is releasing its first print issue next month. It features several up-and-coming artists, so I thought you might be interested in taking a gander: Their regular site is, where you can see what their content is like. Anyways, that's just a little PSA haha.

Sending much love and the best as you ease into lovely summer!