Friday, March 16, 2012

But Even Gold is Not Everything

______I didn't lie when I said I was doing some crafts. As you can see above, I made a necklace! I ventured out and bought some plastic animals from the dollar store, screwed a round hook in the top of a crab, and then painted it gold and later accented it with a little gold mixed with brown paint to give it an aged kind of vibe. Yeah, this is one ancient crab. I bet he's pretty wise. I really like how he turned out, though! The process was tedious and I think spray painting it first opposed to painting it would have made it a lot less time consuming for such a tiny project.

______In addition to making a crab necklace, I also painted a stick. Why?

______Because the other morning immediately upon waking I said to myself, "I think I'll paint a stick today." And so I did. That is why.

______I happened to have this stick lying around in my room, because I have random sticks and acorn nubs and even a few odd shaped rocks in there at all times. I tried to make this stick into a slingshot in the past because of it's perfect Y shape, but it never worked as well as I wanted it to. So instead, painting it would have to suffice--and it did, and I love my painted stick, even though I'm not really sure what purpose it serves other than filling a void in my heart.

______One more thing: though not something I crafted up, it's something I found digging through a gigantic antique mall with a friend! It's a cat box thing that kind of called out to me from the corner of a bunch of tea cups and musty old canes. I thought it was really cool, and for $2.50, I wasn't going to leave without it, no matter how chintzy it may look to someone else. I also wanted to leave with a pair of swords--a dull rapier and a katana, to be specific--but I don't think my mom would feel at ease if I possessed such savage weapons in our house.


LyddieGal said...

that crab looks so cool, i would never have thought he was a piece of plastic from the dollar store.

and your stick would have been a really cool slingshot, and now an even prettier one.

the cat box is pretty cute too!
Chic on the Cheap

yiqin; said...

omg nice <3

Katie said...

Great blog, I am now following!
Katie xx

Dreaming of Forever.

Well... said...

Aww, these are so cute!
You are so crafty. I want to paint a crab necklace now <3 What a pretty necklace! No one else will have one like it either :)
And the stick is so much prettier as a wall decoration. Haha, love the colorful stripes you added.
Oooh, and I can see why you gave that cat box a home! Lol too bad your mom wouldn't understand the need for those weapons ;)

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QT said...

Such a LOVELYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy blog. you look beautiful!

anton belardo said...

lovely crafts dear you know we love them sea creatures
<3 *LOVES*
and the other crafts too!
ooohhh & the cat box thingy is just O______O i do enjoy looking for those kind of little treasures
best things in life

kisses A.

yiqin; said...
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Joyce said...

The gold crab looks great, love all these painted things :)

Katie said...

I love the gold crab!

The painted stick looks pretty nice too haha

lucia m said...

wow! love it!!

Dominika said...

That's just amazing, I have never been too crafty and your necklace looks really great!

By the way, I love your blog, if you would like to follow each other, just drop me a line :)

Ronida said...

that cat box is soooo cute! and the sticks! great job girl!!! <3

Bonnie said...

You made that crab necklace? Dang, girl! You are artsy fartsy!
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Bola said...

Wow! I love crafts and think it's awesome you painted the stick just because you wanted to. I looks great in the frame.