Monday, April 9, 2012

Beat It

______This post feels so incomplete to me, but I'm putting it up anyway because I must must must meet my measly one-post-per-week quota. About three-fourths of the way through taking pictures, Sir Lancelot the camera met the ill fate of running out of battery juice, even though he began with half his bars full (my apologizes, I refer to my camera as if it is a human being sometimes); thus, there are no accessory detail shots. I am going to try to get those up later in the week, though. Sir Lancelot, thou hath lied to me! On top of that, I forgot to bring my tripod, and mother dearest and I had to use a traffic cone instead (innovative thinking on her behalf!). Oh, and then the big bag of spinach that I usually buy at the grocery store every week was missing and I had to settle for the two smaller bags of (what I believe is) less delicious spinach with tinier leaves. Talk about a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

______...Okay, so the spinach thing wasn't that traumatizing, but hey--imagine having to settle for crunchy peanut butter when you're so used to having creamy peanut butter all the time... or something. It's a little bit different and weird, yeah?

______Not being able to finish things kind of frustrates me more than it should. It's a bad quality of mine to get so frustrated over even the littlest of things and I know it. I just really don't like it when things don't go as planned or have to be postponed or moved from their schedule. It makes me extremely uncomfortable. I like having control over things that I usually have control over. I really like making lists and checking thing off lists and sometimes even putting things on a list just so I can cross it off and feel accomplished. I'm obsessive and I know it.

______But I guess not everything can be perfect, and not all priorities can be prioritized. Ah, well. Anyway, this week, my two classes on Friday are cancelled, so I'm hoping to be able to stop by the craft store and make some DIYs that have been lying in wait in my bookmarks. Until the next post, fine citizens.

______Are you a "list-making" type of person? Or are you better at just letting things happen as they do?

Top: Bissou Bissou
Shorts: Charlotte Russe
Booties: DIY hand-studded
Necklace and earrings: Charming Charlie's
Bracelet: Lulu's, gifted


elanor, said...

I totally hear you. I'm into making lists too and crossing stuff off! It's very fulfilling to know you accomplished something...half the time I don't accomplish what I want to accomplish though!

Well... said...

I am such a list person. Haha, I make them all the time! Over everything. I've gotten into the habit due to my awful memory.
And poor Sir Lancelot. Haha, my camera died halfway through taking photos last weekend too!
But glad you managed to get these up. Your red shorts and statement necklace are rocking :)
Hope the week goes better for you!

Trendy Teal

LyddieGal said...

I know how you feel, I like to have a plan, know exactly what I'm doing, and I get very upset when things change last minute.

I also hate it when my camera battery dies! Arg! Sometimes I'll just run inside and charge it for 5 minutes, it gives it just enough life to finish out the shoot.

Love Love Love the red shorts!
Chic on the Cheap

Gillie said...

I love those boots and shorts, so gorgeous! Haha sorry you had such a traumatizing day! I always try to make lists but half the time I end up forgetting it and just doing everything out of order

xo Gillie

Becks said...

I use to make lists, just that most of time I end up doing everything in a different order, or rescheduling :/

Nice shorts ! (loving the dress and yellow jacket outfit from days before)

Thx for the stopping by my blog.

Annie said...

You look fabulous in those red shorts - love 'em :) And I'm definitely a list maker - I think it really helps me get things done!

The Other Side of Gray

TheTinyHeart said...

I love those red shorts! I hate when the camera battery runs out during a photo shoot, so frustrating. And I am a list maker too :)

The Tiny Heart

Kym ((bitty)) said...

wow you studded those booties yourself?! crazy impressive. and can we talk about what gorgeous, long legs you have? my, my, you lucky girl, you :)

thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a nice comment.

p.s. - i love making lists too - i have a notebook that i fill with my daily to-do lists; my brother calls it my bible. and what's more fun than making lists is crossing things off it (even if that means adding it only to cross it off. glad i'm not the only one!)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Cute cute outfit! You look a little like Mickey Mouse, but I mean that in the cutest most adorable way ever! Your booties really toughen the look, very very stylish looking indeed.

I'm just like you in that I love making lists, lists, and more lists. I gain great pleasure off crossing things off my list (even though I add 3 new things for every 1 thing accomplished... haha).

Anonymous said...

I love your shorts and those shoes are amazing! Sucky your camera died! Which reminds me, I need to charge mine! <3


monica said...

i love your necklace

im not much of a list person mostly because i never end up using the lists that i make

Jennifer said...

Those are some great shorts!

xo Jennifer

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

omg follow me and I'll follow you

But really, you look absolutely beautiful as always! I swear, you are too perfect for words!

I'm definitely a list person. My friends actually tease me about it. :p

Joyce said...

I love making lists, I make so many in a day!

Love the outfit, the red shorts are so bright and cute and the necklace looks really great :) Ooo that's so cool that you DIY studded your boots, they look awesome! How long did it take to put the studs on the shoe?

Le mode secret, Marta said...

Oh my Goodnes you look so pretty <3 I love everything about this outfit, girl :)

kisses, Marta

Isquisofrenia said...

i really like the red shorts
you look radiant

E said...

Well, I think it's a quality post. Your photos are fantastic and I love how you styled those perfect red shorts!


awesome outfit! and i love these photos!


little moon lover said...

cool outfit.. I really really like the shoes a lot!
and about lists.. I'm an organized neat freak..I plan everything, I work with deadlines, I cannot survive without my agenda or daily planner...which also works as a journal and doodling pad... but yes, it definitely sucks when you can't finish a task or doesn't turn out as planned.. I get really pissed off but writing everything down makes it easier, I can see what to do next, instead of skipping or forgeting other things... do you have a daily planer? maybe you could give it a try... best of luck.. hoping to see those DIYs

yiqin; said...

the red shorts are <3

Pretty Tiny Things said...

Your style is amazing!
Great blog!
Can we follow back each other?

ylenia said...

love the necklace and you look great in those shorts ;)
nice blog here btw, Hope you will visit mine too and let me know yr opinion...we could follow each other!

Jennifer said...

Those shorts are awesome!

xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

oh i love the outfit, very nautical-ish! love the boots most of all..oh and i so agree with you on everything!! :) Followed u on Gfc!
Much love, Gabriele. xx

jess said...

The shorts look great. I make so many lists.

Izzy said...

your figure is so slim and perfect!! and haha I'm not really so much of a list person, but when I do try to organise myself I will make small, more general lists. You should cut down a few of the minor details of your lists and see how you go. Some things aren't important at all in the long run and can be eliminated, and you'll find it easier to achieve everything (and be more satisfied) with a smaller list :)

Isquisofrenia said...

hope you have a fun weekend

Molly said...

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Your style is so vintage and terrific.
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omg cute outfit! i love the shorts!