Friday, October 5, 2012

They Tell Me I'm Heart to Spot

Heart to Spot
Heart to Spot3
Heart to Spot2
Heart to Spot7
Heart to Spot1
Heart to Spot8

______...Actually, they don't really tell me anything.  I don't even know who "they" are.  I just wanted to make a punny title (heart to spot ha ha ha haHA), and I totally spent longer than I needed to mulling it over.  I hope I'm not the only one out there who spends ridiculous amounts of time chalking up these witty titles that nobody really thinks twice about.

______But hey, even if you don't care about my silly titles, that's all right.  And if you do care, I wish that I could buy you a tiny ornamental cactus, because you're seriously lovely, and tiny ornamental cactuses would be my way of telling you that.  Either way, my big, red, sweater-emblazoned heart will go out to you, 'cause I care about you, citizens.  I sure do.

______I haven't much to say this week, so have a lovely Friday and weekend, you guys!  I know I will--I'm rather enjoying the refreshing coolness that's crept into my morning bike rides, as am I that spicy and invigorating scent of decaying leaves.  Ah, how magical the changing of seasons is!

Heart to Spot4

Sweater: Old Navy
Shorts, red booties: Charlotte Russe
Tights: ASOS
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Purse: vintage, via Missing Lovebirds giveaway
How punny I am: priceless


mafalda. said...

Great outfit, I love you sweater, is so confy but at the same time can give charater to an outfit :)

Valentina Coco said...

Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
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Jenny said...

How fun is this outfit and what a great way to dress for Friday and be ready for the weekend! Love that super CUTE sweater and how you added those red booties and polka dots tights! Couldn't be more adorable!


LyddieGal said...

I appreciate a good punny title as much as the next girl, and am just as guilty when it comes to mulling them over for ages in the hopes that someone will tell me "your post title is so clever/hilarious!"

Your outfit is quite adorable, I love your bright red booties, and the sweater is lovely.

And Ali, your post title is so clever/hilarious!

Chic on the Cheap

Anonymous said...

Hahaha I love the punny title! It's perfect. And I love the sweater. It's such a wonderful bright colour.


Well... said...

I do appreciate your punny title Ali ;) I need to get more creative with mine! As soon as I saw the outfit, I was like "Aha, I see what she did there. Very clever!" xD
Those polka dot tights are so bold, especially with that graphic sweater. So eye-grabbing! I imagine you weren't very heart to spot in this outfit :b

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Keit said...

Oh yes, hate it when I can't think of a title right away and usually spend too much time over thinking it, not that anyone reads those :D I wanna cactus! I love your dotty legwear and the lovable sweater ^_^

Sakuranko said...

I love you blouse is really cute sweetie~~ The neckacle really lovely~~


Sakuranko Blog
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S.S. Milk said...

I am the exact same with trying to find fun wording! :) Love it and the outfit!

Accidentally Stylish w/ S.S. Milk

Jayne Wilson said...

those booties are so adorable! I need some for fall!

Admirably Pretty said...

What an adorable look! I love the colours and that sweater is amazing!

Xo, Imke

Boheme.Fille said...

The color combo is great! And that sweater..really love! I also have a big crush on tights with dots, although I don't own any pair.:)
I always have problems with the titles of the post, I envy you for finding such witty titles all the time.

Leonor said...

I looove your collants!! so gorgeous! great look dear:) keep in touch:)


The Fashionable ESQ said...

The picture quality on these is great. I like a great outfit that is not too stuffy!
The Fashionable ESQ

jannatul rahamoni said...

the tee remind me those bracelets too..Thanks for stopping by on my blog..xoxo

Valentina Coco said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! Of course I follow you back!
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Valentina Coco said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! Of course I follow you back!
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blackberryfashion said...

You look so pretty :)

Tori said...

This is such an adorable look! I love that sweater :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

girl, you look AMAZING! love the bold blue and red and polka dots!!

Sandy a la Mode

Katie Frank said...

oh wow, this is definitely my favourite look I've seen today yet! :) Really, love every single piece about this!
Would you like to follow each other?

Rose-et-Violet said...

Love, love, love this! Especially that necklace. And the fall just makes things so lovely and cozy. I'm glad someone understands that spicy scent that autumn brings!


LoveCharlesVintage said...

I liked the title! And your style is excellent, especially those red boots!

Daria said...

What a funny and cute look! Love it!

Daria from

Katie Aman said...

Haha! Actually the title was the first thing I noticed and I giggled for sure...I love coming up with ridiculous puns! This is such a cute outfit-a big heart and polka dots? So whimsical and fun for sure! And your boots are the perfect statement piece to make this outfit pop. I love it.

Joyce said...

hahahaa I LOVE the title Ali! The heart top is so cute and I really like the big polka dot tights, it makes such a statement. And so does your shoes :) Ahhh me too, I like that it's finally getting colder. It's hot chocolate season! :D

The Garage Starlets said...

So beautiful! Love your sweater!

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jess said...

I love the tights!

sara josephine - sartob said...

loooove the touch of red on your entire outfit! gorgeous tights anyway ;)


Heather Belle said...

Loving this outfit on you, pretty lady! I'm really loving those shoes! Just found your pretty little blog :)
xo Heather

Maddie said...

Such an awesome outfit! I really like the bold colors you chose! You have such a nice blog, so I am definitely your newest follower! :)

Sandra B. said...

You look amazing darling <2 love this outfit!

Anonymous said...

Ok, you are just too cute :) I will totally acknowledge that I do the same thing with titles. Many an evening has passed with me staring blankly at an otherwise finished post, tryin to come up with something snappy but seemingly effortless. Blogger problems, eh?

FWIW, I thoroughly enjoy your titles :)


mochaccinoland said...

cute mix of dots & heart <333


Katie Frank said...

im following you via bloglovin too <3

Nanthini said...

Ali, it's always a delight to read your posts and see your photos! What a wonderful stylish way of spreading love <3 :)

Closet Fashionista said...

Woah, your legs look a mile long. That necklace is sooo cute! I love gators :D

Clara Turbay said...

youthful, bold and tasteful.

Jen Hsieh said...

First of all, don't ever stop with your witty titles. They make everything infinitely better (if that's even possible). You're amazing at styling up your outfits though because this is the bomb. Especially the shoes matching the heart. I just ordered a pair of those boots but in a taupe-ish color (to spoil myself for October). Can't wait to wear them with tights, just like you did here! <3

Also, I'm jealous of your bike rides. I need to get a bike ASAP.

livlovelaugh said...

i WANT your legggggggs~ You are gorgeous~


The Garage Starlets said...

Looking so cute :)


różowa szminka said...

I really like it! You look great

Despina T. said...

great blog!
wanna follow each other???

Lana S. said...

Your outfit is so cute, especially love the tights and boots!

Lana, xo

Avi said...

Hi! I'm your new fan :D love your outfits and you are so pretty <3

I love your sweater so much. I really want it.


Ashley said...

Ali!! You are SO adorable! This sweater is amazing and I love that you paired it with denim shorts and polka dot tights. I've only done this combo once, but you just reminded me how cute it can be. Love the shoes too...they definitely tie the outfit together!!


Irene Buffa said...

Adorable! :) Follow each other dear?

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GGGGGGorgeous! :)

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Fabrizia said...

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Milex said...

totally in love!!

Isquisofrenia said...

oh the tights are freakcen awesome