Tuesday, February 5, 2013

As The Wind Beckons


______The picture-taking process started out pretty normal.  As mother dearest and I snapped pictures, there was a slight breeze, one that tousled my hair here and there, as it normally would, and made a few ripples in the fabric of my dress, and maybe even loosened a few stray hairs from my ponytail.  Nothing too severe was going on.  Nothing too awful.  Nothing that would cause alarm.

______But then, without warning, a monstrous wind came from nowhere and furiously swept itself through the area, twisting and dancing through leaves and clothes and hair.  The people of my valley were astonished by this dasterdly wind and took cover.  But no, not I.  I would not wimp out and take cover like those peasants.  I would not succumb to the fear created by the wind.  I was a man, a real manly man.  A real manly man who liked monster trucks and football and bench-pressing girls in swimsuits.

______And so, being the manly man I was, I embraced it.  I embraced the fear.

______And then magic happened.


______....And here's an especially magical one.


______Also, I'm pleased as a peach to announce that the winner of the $80 Msdressy voucher was Heather.  Congrats, lovely lady!

Dress: Modcloth
Studded jacket: JC Penny
Houndstooth tights: pressie
Ankle booties, most jewelry: Charming Charlie


Katie Aman said...

Wind can be a girl's best friend! Especially with a dress as flowy and wonderful as this one! The color is pretty magical on you dear. Glad to hear you've embraced your manlines...bahaha. That made me laugh a lot :)

Debra said...

These photos are fun! Its great how the wind picked up to make your photos more genuine. So pretty!


LyddieGal said...

glad you embraced natures own wind machine and got some stellar photos! always good when it works for and not against you (as it so often does!)

Anonymous said...

You are so so cute! These photos make me want to run outside and do a wind dance (except not really because it is cold but I will imagine that's what I'm doing). And the colour of that dress is so stunning.

iesha. said...

love those tights!!


Tallia said...

Congrats on winning! and I love the wind! specially when it makes my hair look great!


Carolina Neto said...

i love the dress


Elanor said...

I love how you embraced the wind! It never really works out for me when I try to do that. I just end up flashing everyone and having hair in my face. :(

Darling outfit. I love your tights paired with the bright pink dress!

xxoo E

Steven Brown said...

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Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

I am in love with that dress and the print of those tights. Oh, and that wind was PERFECT for this shoot!



Southern (California) Belle

Rebecca said...

I like the bright dress, and those patterned tights are super cute.

Well... said...

Oh my goodness...its simply magical! Haha, love how you embraced the fierce wind - especially while wearing a beautiful dress. Haha, those twirly dresses can be scary in the wind. But goodness, I want to go twirling in the wind now. Such lovely photos Ali - and outfit, duh. ;)

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Francesca said...

Haha how brave to face the fearful wind! It was obviously worth it for these gorgeous photos! They are so carefree and beautiful! Love your outfit too, lovely dress!

Erin said...

You look amazing! I love your dress-beautiful color and the zipper earrings are so quirky and fun!


Erin @ http://www.truffles-ruffles.com/

Imogen said...

I absolutely adore the pink dress and the jacket is perfect with it.

steph. said...

you look so fresh and happy! <3


mochaccinoland said...

so pretty! love your jacket <3


Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

Oh my gosh! The wind really worked for you - I always end up tearing up and looking super red eyed and sad because of wind, but you look amazing! And that pink dress is so cute on you - but those little earrings steal the show for me. Love it!

<3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

you and your mom had a great time. these pictures are fabulous. gorgeous color dress and i love the way you accessorized it.

Sam said...

Hi Ali, your photos came out beautifully, you're a natural in front of the camera. Love the pretty pink dress and the chic way that you've styled it, the tights are so charming.

ChicStreetChoc Eriel said...



Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

these are such great pics. loving your dress. thanks for writing on my blog :)

Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

I love the tights and the necklace.

Wardrobe Quarry

Anna Do said...

I love how the jacket looks with the pretty pink dress.

I've seen your posts and I think they are great so I'm your newest fan and follower :) I invite you to follow me back. :)


Keep doing it girl! ;)

the style crusader said...

Love your pink dress! xx

Sakuranko said...

Well lovely, had days without visiting your blog. but I have not forgotten your beautiful style. I love this dress jacket is great, however the color of the dress is very vibrant and beautiful.



Sam said...

Thank you kindly for your visit..Hope you have a wonderful Friday doll!

Anonymous said...

These are such great pictures, really crisp, great quality. Your outfit is great too, I love how the electric pink is so illuminating!

Melina x


Nicole Brown said...

I love this outfit! Those tights were such a fun surprise!

I agree with the others that the wind really worked with you! I would of ended up a hot mess lol. Like eating my own hair, indecent exposure stuff.

Avi said...

I love when you smile :) and the photos turned out so magical and cute. :D
The outfit is so feminine and perfect for san valentine's day!


Ann said...

What a lovely outfit...
I'm in love with your dress.


I love the patterned tights. That third shot with its windy embrace is quite cool actually. Have a great weekend.

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Antonio Topalovic said...

nice blog :)
Do you want to follow each other?


Gabi K. said...

Just find your blog! Great blog, i love it!
Maybe you want to follow each other? Let me know! I would love it!

Nici said...

Your dress is just amazing! Love the color!

TheButterfly said...

Nice blog

i follow you now ;) i hope you follow me back because i love your blog!!!
kisses pretty


Michelle Elizabeth said...

The way the wind picks up your dress is soooo lovely!

Ylenia said...

Oh you're so cute with this dress I love it!

Brenda Lu said...

you are so chic and stunning!


yiqin; said...

that dress is <3

Emily said...

You are the manliest man in the prettiest outfit. Way to be brave! You look way too adorable. I love the bright color of your dress, and that is such a tough studded jacket. I love the contrast in the combination.

May the force be with you.

Maya F said...

I love your whole outfit, but that jacket and those earrings really did it for me! So cute.
The Metallic Lady

Joyce said...

hahaha glad you didn't dip down to the level of the peasents because these photos are awesome! Love how the outfit is so perfect to be tousled by the wind, hehe that last photo is so super magical :) I think this is such a super cool outfit. The girliness of the bright pink dress works so well with the moto jacket and mannn those earrings are the best.

Ivana Džidić said...

great outfit! The windy photos are stunning:)

Lipsy said...

Love the dress and you look so so pretty!

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Dus Katrina said...

you look gorgeous in that color. love the simple elegance of this look and the fun pics w/ the wind.