Saturday, February 16, 2013

Something Fishy

Self-Portrait WIP (ink)
Untitled Work in Progress, 12x8.5, ink

______One thing I really do miss about this semester is not having any type of drawing class. My "artsy" classes are 3D design, which is actually turning out to be quite fun, mainly because cutting wood results in such a pleasant, burning tinder scent, and then (as you all know by now, I'm sure) that film photography class.

______My classes end around dinnertime every day, so after devouring food, I usually have this nice slot of free time at night before I collapse on my bite-sized dorm bed.  I've found that the looming hours of the night are optimal for creative things like drawing and writing, and so I've been trying to use that to my advantage.  Also, when I say looming hours of the night, I mean any time when it's dark and before 10pm, because I'm a lame-o who needs her sleep since she wakes up at 6am like clockwork.

______Yep, 6am.  I'm kind of the worst college student ever.  I haven't gone to a single college party, and I don't plan on doing so any time soon; chances are I've usually fallen asleep by the time a party starts.  I'm basically an old lady in the body of a 19-year old chick, and I even drive a beetle bug to seal the deal.  I haven't ever had alcohol before.  I tell people that and they don't believe me.  It's just never really fazed me.  It's never been important, and I've never wanted to try it.  Once the sun sets, I just want to lock myself in my dorm room, drink copious amounts of English Breakfast tea, avoid human interaction, draw things, and listen to orchestrated soundtracks and 80s pop.

______But instead of describing my hermit lifestyle, I will leave ye fluff-muffins with this drawing I started last week.  It's a dreamy little self-portrait that I sketched out and inked over the course of the week, and now all that's left is to do is color it!

Self-Portrait WIP (ink) Detail3
Self-Portrait WIP (ink) Detail2


Rory said...

ALI! no college partays for you? wah! Haha ive never drank either--even though literally all my friends have. We are so alike :) I love how confident you are about it, too! Love the drawings. You are so talented. I <3chu <3
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Well... said...

Aliiiiii, reading this post makes me wish I could visit you at your dorm and we'd just hang out reading/writing/drawing like the old souls we are. Haha, I'm so with you! I've never been to a single college party or drank, and I don't plan to. It's just not one of my interests.
Although 6 AM? Yeesh. More power to ya - I've always thought it'd be nice to be a morning person, but no way that's me. Hehe, I never have been -_-
Ah well. Leerrrrv the drawing. You are so inspiring with your art!
Oh, on a side note (like this comment isn't long enough already), my parents are super impressed all over again with your drawings. Teehee, my amazing artistic friend, I'm so proud to know you :)

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Jacqueline said...

great self portrait. i hope you are enjoying you different kind of art classes :)

Keit said...

Hahaha, you just described my days, only without the alcohol part, I looove alcohol :D
And btw, the drawing is lovely...and I'm very jealous of your talent, not the evil kind of jealous :D

Daria said...

Hey dear,
Reading this post was so incredible impressing. I have to admit, that I'm the opposite of you, but I love your self-confidence and I think you are a really special and interesting person!

Greetings from Germany

Carolina Neto said...

amazing draw

Nicole Brown said...

Beautiful! I also havea 6:00 wake up time and am usually in bed by 10:00pm. If i don't get 8 hours i do not function properly.

Good for you not falling in the college norm and being completely comfortable with it! Tea is more delicious anyway. ;)

LyddieGal said...

You know I'm totally 26 going on 96 and college parties suck. I mean, who wants to be around drunk boys and a keg of beer? there are no positive outcomes.
I will say that drinking in moderation with your close friends and family is quite fun, and I hope someday you have an opportunity to enjoy that. Please know I was the girl who had her first drink at 21!

I think you will be far better off spending your nights doing what you love and become an even more talented artist, than running around at 1 am trying to corral your drunken friends.

Chic on the Cheap

Oliva Ins said...

Hello really like your blog maybe we can follow each other ? Let mě know:)

samecookiesdifferent said...

this sketch is amazing dear
x the cookies
much LOVE

Ashley said...

ALI! I am in love with this! I wish that I had the ability to draw myself as a mermaid...I've got a weird obsession ha.

This post so reminded me of me. In college, I wasn't the best partier. I went out, mostly after I turned 21, but often preferred to spend my nights indoors, curled up with a book. Honestly, bars and parties aren't all that great and I can barely stomach alcohol (I find 98% of it absolutely revolting). I went to one of the top party schools in the US, which often made weekends a nightmare. I went out, because I didn't want to feel left out, but often spent half the night wishing for my golden girls DVDs and ben and jerry's Cherry Garcia. I so wish I had had your knowledge when I was your age. I completely admire you for that and think we would have been BFF"s if we had gone to the same college at the same time :)

xo Ashley

Joyce said...

It's you! That ink drawing is so cool, I really like how you did the hair. I'm doing an ink drawing too (except it's for art class and it looks nothing like what it's supposed to be hahaha) And drinking tea, drawing, and listening to music sounds like so much fun! Although i'll probably be reading instead of drawing because unfortunately, i'm just not very good at that haha. I don't think I will be partying in college either, i'm more of a quiet activities kind of person.

Alyssa Molin-Graves said...

Wow, amazing sketch! I just found your blog, it's really fun to read and look through, you are so talented!


Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

ohmygosh awesome.

and i didn't really drink at all until i was21. i love a good cocktail and a nice wine, but i really didn't have a desire to drink for the sake of getting drunk. i get you there completely. but trust me - when you turn 21 - give it a try! i love wines with my meals.

and i never went to parties either. means we were more productive, right? I think so. One time I did an extra credit project (the only one to do so) and when the professor and another kid were staring at the drawing, the kid asked how does she do this, and the professor said, she works a lot, and the kid said, well, yea, i do too, and he said, no i don't think she has a life. Ha. It was awkard to over hear. But I'm okay with that. I have a life. Just didn't involve partying!

<3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

Sam said...

Aw wow, Ali, you are a true inspiration, I admire you so much for your ability to shy away from the partying and drinking scene, I know most college student would never be bale to have such restraint. I did exactly the same and have no regrets for being bland or boring. 6am!! Oh my gosh, thats dedication, I am in my deepest sleep at that time. P.S really powerful illustration!

C said...

This is a gorgeous self-portrait, you draw beautifully! And I think all the parents in the world would describe you as a perfect 19 year old. I know my parents would have been happy if I'd been a smidge more like you when I was in college! Hhaahahha

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

PS. Will you ever open a store? Or put your line art stuff like this on totes?

Please, please do. Maybe use society6? I'd buy one right away.

Eli said...

What a beautiful illustration! It will look amazing filled in!

Veraanda said...

Wonderful sketch!

♡my blogspot -

Francesca said...

Beautiful drawing! It is so pretty, you are so talented Ali!

Haha, I'm the same way. My friends and I do normal things, like go to the movies and have bonfires but we don't go to any crazy parties or anything like that, I just don't think alcohol is necessary, you can have an even better time without it!

e.heart said...

thank you for your lovely comment - i'm in absolute love with this and i'm totally following you.


Katie Aman said...

Oh my, you sound just like me! I've never had alcohol either and as you say-people don't believe you when you tell them that! I was a dorm rat when I was in college too-I would do my homework and go to sleep! Your art always amazes me-I can't wait to see what it looks like when it is colored-please post pictures!

Imogen said...

This is amazing. Very impressive. I have always wished I could draw.

Anonymous said...

You and me both sister. In bed before 10 and up at the crack of dawn. I love it this way though. I feel much more accomplished and fulfilled.

I love this self portrait. Your hair looks amazing!

Sam said...

Thanks for your comment Ali, its good to know there are people out there with the same sensibilities...Have a great day!

Nery Hdez said...

I invite you to my WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY
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Mitha Komala said...

wow stunning illustration! major love! <3

Letters To Juliet

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

this is so pretty!! I would love to hang it up on the wall for its graphic appeal! You're so lucky to have such talent! =)

Jessi said...

I love it! The hair is just..awesome!! I wish I had any kind of talent with drawing like you. You're incredible. Oh, and I am an old lady in a 22 yr old body :) haha. We can be friends. I don't like to go to parties and I've never drank either.

Ivana Džidić said...

lovely drawing, so you plan to colour it? you mentioning ink reminded me---once I used up all the ink (but the kind for fancy pencils) on a painting as a spur of the moment dear first admired it but then said it's a pricy hobby. I wouldn't know and the chances it that the ink would have been wasted anyway...

I've heard that the Art always need privacy, so your hermit like life is surprising. Kafka said that the writing required total isolation. I could name a few more examples but that would make me sound like one of those quote freaks. And if I am one of those, I'm not ready to come clean about it.

Jen Hsieh said...

Please draw me and make me beautiful. Thanks. <3

But seriously, this is stunning and the fish only make it a million times better. I love that everything looks like it's flowing even though it's just a 2D illustration.

And there's nothing wrong with your 6 am, tea drinking swagger. Be the person you want to be. :)

Ivana Džidić said...

I just came to your blog via blog recommendation and now I see that I already know it:) That card with the old lady is so funny!