Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow Flurries Like Dandelion Seeds


______When I tell people I'm an Art major, they usually reply with something along the lines of, "Well, what are you going to do with that?" or, "Art major? But you're such a smart girl..." These words can seem a bit condescending at times, but I always try my best to reply confidently, even if I'm not 100% sure where I'll end up.  However, I'm sure that most people are simply asking these questions in a curious way, and not as silly non-believers.  As for those non-believers, though, chances are if they're going to make fun of me for being an art major, I'll have already beat them to it.  One thing I'm pretty great at is poking fun at myself.  It's not difficult when you're as lame as I am.

______My dream job is to be an illustrator on the side of being a college drawing instructor, and I'm pretty set on that.  Whether that'd mean illustrating a novel, collection of short stories, book of poetry, or even articles in magazines, I wouldn't mind.  Heck, I'd have a party and a half drawing intricate cell diagrams in biology textbooks; I remember that whenever we'd have to draw a cell diagram in our notes, I'd go doodle-crazy and make some badass mitochondria and super squiggly golgi bodies all up in my cell.  Man, don't even get me started about those endoplasmic reticulums... Swoon!


______Even better, if I could find myself a nice, bike-riding writer, I could illustrate his works and we could be the cutest husband-wife team to exist on any planet ever.  We would have a precious dream life and probably end up living in a box as starving artists, but it would be the most tastefully decorated box in all the land.  I'm talking multiple boxes that are interconnected in the form of a castle, with winding cardboard hallways, secret passages, and maybe even a central courtyard.  Texture-real stones scribbled on the exterior with sharpies that fell from people's purses, and windows crafted from shards of emerald and topaz beer bottles.  A doorbell made from an obnoxious birthday card embedded with Shania Twain's, "Soak up the Sun."  An aluminum front door made from the finest of dented trash can lids.

______Ah, yes, we'd definitely be the bourgeoisie of hobos.  I set my standards high and plan these things early.

______That being said, you all may come over to our box whenever you'd like, though I warn you about the stray dogs and bloodthirsty vermin--they don't much fancy unfamiliar people, and you might end up getting bitten and contracting multiple rare, life-threatening diseases.  Until my hobo days, though, I'll just keep dreaming, waiting, moving forward.


Dress: Charlotte Russe
Studded jacket: JCPenny
Ankle boots: DIY
Socks, stockings: Target
Jewelry: most of it I found under my bed actually


Avi said...

I understand you. When I tell people that I'm studying Graphic Design, they think I would suffer hunger. That Graphic Design is not a major, everybody can do design and I really hate it but I don't care I love my major :)

and about your outfit :D i love the color of your dress and your jacket. I think I would go to JcPenny very soon.

LyddieGal said...

I think you can be totally successful with your art major, and its not like you aren't taking other classes! People just want to be negative all the time, and by asking what you are going to do with that, they are just trying to make themselves feel better for choosing something 'practical' over pursuing their dreams.

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

don't pay attention to what others say. someone will always have something negative to say about anything you do. follow your dreams and what YOU want to do :)

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

That dress! And jacket? Amazing on you. And I love your future plans. So hilariously and strangely romantic. Andwhat says being a business major is practical anyway? Or anything. You can make anything work if you are determined. You can also make anything not work if you are not determined.

Also. This jewelry is what's under your bed? Awesome.

Frannie Pantz said...

You are a very talented artist and I am glad you can respond to people with that kind of attitude. Don't let it get you down! I'm sure you will get where you need to go when you need to get there. I love the black and yellow today! It is really pretty and yet edgy!

Little-Hat said...

I'm always so enthralled with your goofy-yet-eloquent prose...what a cool brain you have in your head! Use that brain for whatever you want; it's a sin not to! :) You go, girl!


{The Perfect Palette} said...

I love that you're not afraid to wear bright bold color. Bright yellow looks fabulous on you!

iesha. said...

very cute! you look great in yellow :)


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

love the yellow...especially in the socks! =D
Oh I remember the days when people would ask me "what are you going to do with that?" Well, I'm still not doing much with my major but at least I got a ton of knowledge. haha
Good luck with pursuing being an illustrator!! =)

Agnieszka (Aga) Guerrero Olesinska said...

Pretty jacket

New posts
Ethnic sweater trend!
Studded shoes!

Well... said...

Ali, why do you have to make me laugh when I read your posts? Don't you realize I do most of my blogging from the campus library...I keep getting weirded out and annoyed glances...
Haha, I'm sure you'll make it Ali. Don't let those pessimists get you down! I'm just super proud to own one of your original illustrations. When you're out there illustrating for the top dogs, I'll still have that drawing of us yelling at kids framed and proudly put on display :)
And you know I'd want to visit your hobo home. It sounds lovely ♥
Oh, and your matchy yellow socks with that yellow dress? AND studded jacket?
Gah, you know how to make a fashionista's heart flutter!

Trendy Teal

Debra said...

Your posts are always the cutest. I love your little stories you share. This one had me giggling. :) I told my husband how much I love your boots. Then I noticed that they were a DIY. Ok...give! I love them. And I need them. Lol! Please post how you made them. They are super cool. I loved the WHOLE outfit. You look beautiful. <3


Rose-et-Violet said...

You tell those non-believers, Ali! And I agree with Lyddie, as in the people that question your choices only do so to make themselves feel mightier for going down the more practical lane.

Onto your outfit, yellow is really your color!


Esther Ong said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing this! :)

Fashion for Beauty

Jacqueline said...

that little peep of yellow coming from your socks is adorable! :)

Kristyn Assise said...

Perfect outfit! The yellow dress fits amazingly well.


xoxo_grah said...

Very well said dear....follow your gut and never be affected by other peoples opinion...:)

You have a lovely outfit...love the yellow outfit and the socks that comes with the outfit is neat...:)


Keit said...

Bahahaha :D I studied political science, can I live in your box? I'll bring my two cats as well :D
Being an art major brings a lot more money than people think. Most jobs now are all about design and programming, web developing and game developers. So art major is something to be proud of and something with which you'll find a job with ease. Don't let stupid people interfere with your development.
Looove the yellow dress :)

Lily said...

haha, you always find a way to make me laugh. Where you got your jewelry is so funny!

I know what you mean. Being Chinese, I'm expected to take a realistic major--something along the lines of doctor, engineer, teacher. Careers far from fashion designer or musician. Given, I don't know what I want to do, but I feel like society is putting practical pressures on us all. You'll be successful Ali--if you want something enough, you can conquer all obstacles!

On the fashion side, I love this edgy look! It's so well put together and that yellow reminds me of spring!

megcasson said...

that dress is so gorgeous and i am in love with that jacket.


Rebecca said...

I just love your black and yellow look! The dress is so cute and the jacket so edgy, perfect mix! I think being an illustrator would be an amazing job! You would get to be so creative!


Anita said...

you look amazing!

C said...

Don't let the haters get you down - continue on your path, it sounds like you've got a good head on those shoulders of yours. And I know your illustrations are magical (so are your outfits, especially this yellow dress)!

ps. I used to dread drawing diagrams for Biology class! Mine never looked great. I'd love to see your illustrations of mitochondria if you still have them! :D


Katie Aman said...

I'm just the opposite-I think that art majors are wonderful and I'm always envious of their talents. I have neither left or right brained abilities, haha! I bet you'd be wonderful at whatever you choose to do :)
I love this ensemble too! Yellow and black is so striking-And I love the little yellow in your socks. Pus those boots are super cool. Love em'!

monica said...

i really hope your art/creative endeavors work out <3

Francesca said...

That sounds like a wonderful plan, you two would be the perfect couple! Being an illustrator sounds like so much fun, and you would be really good at it!

I love this outfit, that dress is so bright and cheery, and I liked how you styled it a little edgy.

Joyce said...

I can't believe that people would actually say that. You are so passionate and work so hard at it and you actually follow your dreams which I think is so inspiring. It would be so awesome if you drew the cell diagrams in the textbooks we have at school, it would make science so much more interesting :) And hahaha that cardboard house sounds super awesome, especially the birthday card doorbell...very classy ;)

Your outfit is so pretty, I LOVE the color of your dress. Your dress collection is seriously so amazing. And ooo that jacket is so cool, I love the studs on it.

Mirror of Fashion said...

So cute that you've matched your dress with the socks. Loves it!

Kate said...

WOW this oufit is so so great, love the combination of yellow & black ♥

Would you like to follow each other?

Imogen said...

This is the most amazing colour on you. You look so beautiful.

Ayantika said...

You look stunning! Loved the jacket :)

Bong's Belleza

Daria said...

you look adorable :)
don't forget to visit my blog:

Ceciliette said...

i want the bike ridding hubby too! People who is not into this "design/art" world sometimes dont understand what we can do for a living hahah happens all the time.

Michelle said...

I love this outfit, such a happy color!
And good luck to you!

Fash Boulevard said...

Obsessed with this outfit. You look beautiful, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post featuring lots of black and white and a little gift from Miss Lauren Conrad. xo


Sofia Clara said...

the socks do it for me! love love love :)

shayla. said...

amazing outfit/photos!! :)

OntoMyWardrobe said...

Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3



jess said...

I love your jacket. You are so funny. I think art majors are great.

Jen Hsieh said...

Yellow is definitely your color. Actually, to be honest, I'm pretty sure no matter what color you're wearing I automatically deem it your color because you just can't do no wrong. So the rainbow is your color. You own every single color in the world.

But I love your dream of becoming an illustrator. I remember when I was looking up the domain name jenhsieh.com, I discovered it was taken already by an illustrator who does the same thing you're talking about! I was bitter mainly because I was jealous of her art, haha. But when you shack up in that fancy box of yours, expect a visit from me. I'll be ringing your birthday card doorbell ASAP! :) <3

Mannequins Dream said...

this outfit is great! i love how your dress matches your socks - so cute! :D xx

Ester Ramos said...

That's a great look!

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Ali of Dressing Ken said...

That jacket is from JC Penny it is awesome. Love it. Did you change the name of your blog? Yes art majors can be difficult though wanting to be an instructor shows you have a strategy. I think teaching at an art or design school could be very rewarding. Earning a living as a freelance illustrator is very hard( I know I work at a magazine). I am a graphic designer and started my blog as a way of transitioning out of graphics. Have you heard of Society 6? Check it out, it could be a great way to bring in extra money with your art.

Ali of


Crystal Ike said...

Your style is SO cute and I love how affordable everything that you're wearing is!

My Blog, Crystal's Beauty Corner

mochaccinoland said...

pretty! love that u added a matching socks to this outfit <3


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Don't let others get you down Ali, I'm sure you will be successful no matter what you do. Especially in Art, you are so incredibly talented. It is so inspiring how you are following your dreams no matter what. Oh, and looking cute to boot :)


Jamie Rose said...

I'm sure you'll end up just fine nomatter what your degree is! I hate when people ask, "what are you going to do with that degree?" I'm like, "get a job."
Also, this mix of yellow and black is so cute! Like a pretty bumblebee! Your jacket is so cool with the studded details and your matching yellow socks are such a cute detail.