Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Impractical Lumberjack Outfit


______Firstly, a big shoutout to Momma Hval for taking these photos! She always takes my photos and is a super trouper about it. She was all snuggled up her in green rain jacket taking these photos while being spit on by grey storm clouds while I was under an awning. You're the real MVP, Momma. I don't even know what MVP stands for, but I'm nearly certain it's a compliment. Macaroni Value Product? Most Voluptuous Princess? Marshmallow Volcano Pokemon? I mean, a Google search would let me know, but I like a little mystery in my life.


______I always get a little irritated when I get too comfortable with what I am producing art-wise.

______Which seems like a strange thing to get peeved about, but think about it: if you are not in motion, not improving, not moving some distance (even if you trip and fall backwards), where are you really going? It's like running on a treadmill and expecting to get to Beijing. You're making progress in numbers, but not really going anywhere. Nuh-uh. No China for you.

______I think it's great to have a clear path of where you're going and to finish what you start, especially if that means getting a few pieces of work in the same vein to relate to one another; however, I think it becomes dangerous when you exhaust whatever technique you're trying to perfect to the point where it seems obvious and repetitious. Because that can happen. Maybe three or four works are all you need to get the point across opposed to twenty that deplete its initial power. Or maybe a bunch of smaller ones are. It's all about the planning, I guess. And I'm getting better at that: the planning.


______In art school we were taught that when you kept doing the same thing over and over again, repeating the same process of making, the process became less special, and you weren't particularly growing. You were too comfortable. You weren't conjuring new processes, ways of mark-making, or differentiating aesthetic and conceptual thoughts. There's a delicate balance between finding something new and staying in line with your previous work.

______But that would be the game of it all: finding that balance and walking its line very, very carefully. Like a bug on a wire. Like a fly on tracing its hairy fly legs along the petal of a frosting rose. Like a bumblebee whizzing through enemy-bee territory. Because that's a thing and bees probably have wars a lot more than you realize. Or maybe they don't, and it's not my bzzzzzzz-ness.

______Welp, I've made the horrible bee pun and need to stop talking now. Peace.


Plaid shirtdress: SteinMart (similar)
Boots: BCBG (similar)
Collar necklace: Charming Charlie (similar)
Bracelets: not listing them all sorrry
Socks: frick man they're black socks


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

great look, dear :)

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Valerie Price said...

This outfit is so cute! I love those boots!


Rachel said...

I love this outfit. And the name for it. I often secretly name my outfits in relation to some profession that they vaguely remind me of, so that sounds like the sort of name I'd invent...

Jen Hsieh said...

I don't know if I can keep on going without knowing where your black socks are from. This is unacceptable.

And I can see how doing the same or similar thing over and over again can take away from the process itself. But that only makes it more fun when you challenge yourself to take the same process and continuously elevate it and create something new from it. Not necessarily starting with a entirely brand new idea, but evolving it.

Not sure where I'm even going with this but basically YOU DO YOU because you're great at it.

Frannie Pantz said...

But you're the best at puns! Don't stop bee-lieveing in yourself. :-) I think it is great that you keep pushing yourself to be better but don't forget that you are already great. Relieve the pressure! Love this dress btw and also MVP means most valuable player. And every mother is. Except my mother--she's not a player she just crushes a lot. LOL . . . wait you are probably too young to know that song. And--my mom really is an MVP. I just wanted to make a horrible joke.

Maria- CityLaundry said...

umm this is simply stunning!

I love your outfit. that red really pops!


Lauren said...

I've heard it said that literally the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, so maybe those art professors are on to something. Haha, but I feel your pain. I've pretty much decided for my senior exhibition that I won't be doing photography (what I have been doing for the past five years) and will be doing mixed media instead (what I've been doing for like, six months). Maybe that's insanity!

Tijana Momcilovic said...

nice post, amazing photos :)


The Dragonfruit said...

I'm gonna go with Most Voluptuous Princess...because who doesn't want to be the real MVP if that's the case!? :D
Hehe, and for real, people who help out with blog photos are angels. Especially as the weather gets worse...sigh. You rock, Mama Hval!
I hear what you're saying on art. No China for you xD Lol can we make that a piece of wall art? It'd be the perfect motivation poster...
Love the lumberjack vibes. Mmmmm, plaid...I just love that print. And your heels lace up boots are so awesome! <3

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Claudia Caulfield said...

Perfect details hun ♥


Seyra Rico said...

Well, you make one hot lumberjack in that look!
Same sentiment, too! Blogging is no easy task, and I'm always appreciative to the people who takes my photos.

Kisses from the Philippines!
- Seyra

Anat Koren said...

This is such a chic look. You look so beautiful! Have a lovely day!


Francesca said...

I always love your analogies, you have a gift with creating them! I agree with you, if you get too comfortable then you need a new challenge! I feel like that's how life works! Parents are the best when it comes to taking photos, and they have to deal with the whole "oh no I have to do something different I don't like these" process also!

You look gorgeous as always, I absolutely love that dress and those boots, and red looks amazing on you!


E said...

Your mom's a great photog! And that buffalo plaid and those boots were made for each other!

District of Chic

Nami said...

Let's give a big ole cheer for Momma Hval! She's a peach. Or maybe a plum! And she does a really great job! Of course the subject of her pictures is pretty awesome, too!

Amely Rose said...

what a lovely post my dear
the pictures are amazing, so inspiring,
love your style, it’s always so on point

lovely :)
with love your AMELY ROSE

Kristian said...

First off- you totally rock this outfit. And your mom is a total MVP for being your photographer (regardless of what the acronym even means!)

Secondly- such an interesting perspective. Really, your thoughts on your art and not wanting to get complacent really touch on a lot of the social-emotional issues I talk about with my gifted students all the time. I think there is a balance- I think you need to acknowledge getting a project/task/whatever completed and make sure you aren't just rushing all dissatisfied on to the next this, but at the same time- yes, don't stagnate. Take those risks- and plan those risk. Know what you have in mind. Basically- I loved all your thoughts on the matter and may use some of these as examples the next time some of these issues come up with my students (sometimes they are a bit wary to try new things because they may- gasp!- fail. I like the analogy about "if you aren't going somewhere").

Midwest Muse said...

This is a wonderful shirtdress. I want to own it now. Your mom did such a great job on these photos! My mom would never be able to do that. I hope you are finding a balance with your work. It's always sow difficult.

Alas de Angel said...

Beautiful look! Kisses!

·Alas de Angel·