Monday, February 15, 2016

Memory Affair

______My fondest memories of any holiday dates back to the wee grasshopper days of elementary school... I remember a lot of the day in and day out of grade school, like visiting the library, playing Oregon Trail during computer lab days, and those irresistable, oozing cheese sticks paired with chunky marinara sauce during lunch. However, what I most vividly remember is those details of whenever our class would perform some kind of creative endeavor.

______I remember carving boats out of soap with metal shaping tools and how carefully I tried to make it smooth as marble. I remember the smell of that specific soap and the way it felt so satisfying in my hands. I remember how we were carving them in the hallway on a cold day, and the sun was shining through the window on us. I remember how the class next door was growing plants in little baggies and they were pinned up against the windows while we carved away.

______I remember when we had to be a part of the Wax Museum, where each student would create their own "set" by painting a backdrop for a specific person who they deemed important to history. We all lined up throughout the school and parents came and listened to each of us, the wax statues with stories to tell. I was Laura Ingalls Wilder and dressed up accordingly. I remember painting a backdrop with a covered wagon, and a dark sky adorned with cut-out stars I wrapped in tinfoil to make them sparkle.

______Because stars are actually made of tinfoil.

______The more you know.

______And then during Thanksgiving, we did a variety of crafts like making headdresses and turkey hands, but I remember my favorite was making these tall, skinny candles. We were to take a long wick and dip it into this vibrant red wax, pull it up, let it dry, and dip it back in. I remember being so amazed at how the material stacked atop each previous layer like icing on a cake. I always liked things that were hands-on so I could see how I could manipulate the material before me. It made more sense that way.

______But sticking to the holiday that's relevant, I remember how during Valentine's day, everyone would bring in an empty, washed milk carton, and we would spend the day decorating them with foam hearts, stickers, cut-out pieces of paper, and paint pens, all in a variety of reds and pinks.

______And then we would all line our sweet carton creations on a long table. Over the course of the week before Valentine's day, we'd make cards with candy, drawings, and puffy stickers adhered to the inside, all along with a loving message that were likely scribbled in red crayon or cherry scented markers. We would deposit these cards inside the cartons and open them up before Valentine's.

______What are some of your most vivid Valentine's day memories?

Valentine's Flowers
flowers from daddy Hval :)

Kimono: Alter'd State (similar)
Dress: KnowStyle (very similar)
Boots: Chelsea Crew (similar)
Necklace: c/o BornPretty
Whale bracelet: vintage


Sarah Albertson said...

That kimono is so cool, I really like it! I remember making all kinds of Valentine's day crafts as a kid, it was so much fun.

LyddieGal said...

i remember in second grade I wanted to make a poster board sized valentine for my teacher and that felt like a pretty huge deal.
Chic on the Cheap

Rachel said...

Aww! I'm a very nostalgic person, so I'm all about memories. However, never having gone to school, I have no memories anything like any of these, haha! Only occasionally I'm reminded how different the lives of homeschooled kids and kids who go to school are...

Isti Sugiharti said...

This outfit is sooo prefect! Love every item of it! 👌

Frannie Pantz said...

Aw those were the simpler days! I very vividly remember having box decorating contests and Brian Osborn won in our class for his nearly identical replica of a Nintendo (the ORIGINAL!). Love this kimono!

jess said...

I love that necklace. I don't remember too many school Valentine's things but since I went to elementary school in the city we would walk almost everywhere we went and sometimes our teachers would get us all snowballs from the snowball place across from our school.

The Dragonfruit said...

Those are such sweet memories Ali - it made me think back on my childhood and miss those days and that type of craftiness...haha!
Honestly, I can't really remember a very vivid Valentine tradition that we did...I do recall those infamous Valentines cards though. I used to have fun trying to find the perfect one for my friends. They have so many options!
Anyway, love love lovve this combo of the dress and kimono <3
Remember what I said about being the fairy princess? YUP.

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Lily Fang said...

Aw, what a nostalgic throwback! I, too, reveled in playing Oregon Trail--each time there was indoor recess, we all rushed to get spots at the computer. Valentine's Day was also a grand affair--it was so fun to prepare the little perforated cards at home for the whole class. It's funny--I guess I didn't realize how universal the elementary school experience could be.

Anyways, you are beyond rockin in this ensemble. Your color coordination, as usual, is impeccable. That glam necklace complements the kimono so well, and the pale blue adds just the right touch of sweetness to the deeper colors. But the flowy-ness and lace of the dress fit right in with the bohemian vibes of the look. You're a stylin star, girl!

Wishing you only the best--hope your Valentine's day was lovely. How sweet of your dad to present you with gorgeous roses. The shot of the flowers is stunning, too!

imperfect idealist

Kristian said...

As a teacher, it is always so interesting to me to find out what people remember most (and ironically, one grade in the school I work for just did a Wax Museum project!). As a teacher, I like Valentine's for a holiday celebrated in the schools. For one, it is more focussed on friendship than on presents or food, which is lovely. It also isn't very continuos amongst some of the different local religious groups, so no worrying that you are accidentally offending someone or leaving anyone out (which is weird since its technically a Saint's day). Funnily enough, we were just talking about the different things that stood out to us as kids about school, and how those traditions create a school culture. I always loved the costume parade the whole school did at Halloween and working with buddies in different grades on craft projects for the holidays.

As for this outfit- you are rocking it! So pretty and springtime-y. Plus, those booties are to die for and you pull off the boots-with-dress thing, which I find hard to do.