Thursday, August 16, 2012

Creature Feature

DuckDuck Butts
Statue Bench
Green Plants
Pink HydrangeasHydrangea Rock
Wall Ivy
Butterfly Black and White
Black and White Flower

______Who would have guessed that there's not just one, but two botanical gardens that aren't too treacherously far away from me?  I couldn't just go to one and neglect the other, of course, and so another gardens trip was in order.  Though this garden was supposed to be more of a hydrangea garden, it is not hydrangea season, and thus not many hydrangeas were found to be in the most photographic of conditions--yup, hydrangeas are currently hibernating.  That's what plants do when they're not blooming, right?  They hibernate?  It only makes sense.

______Though the hydrangeas were busy being in deep sleeps (I will return for them one day!), I did find some interesting little creatures to take pictures of, like turtles, insects, and ducks! And just finding those made the trip well worth it.


Rory said...

well worth it indeed!! MAN you are a good photographer. The bugs and butterflies look so amazing...such detail! LOVE THESE PICTURESSS. If you ever start a photography blog call me up an' I'll be your FIRST FOLLOWER. YES.
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Elanor said...

The insect shots are so lovely! And I adore all the vibrant colors in these photos. :) I need to hit up a botanical garden, danngg

Splendidjanie! said...

Very Natural and Beautiful! Peaceful too lol!
Please take a look at my blog! i just made it:- thank you:)

Splendidjanie! said...

Please take a look at my blog! i just made it:- thank you:)

Boheme.Fille said...

Wow, such fantastic picture! I love nature!

Boheme.Fille said...


Naomi George said...

These photos are amazing!!!

♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

LyddieGal said...

stunning shots as always! love the ducks, they are just so cute.
and i will look forward to the hydrangea, when they awaken once again.
Chic on the Cheap

Isquisofrenia said...

yeah rock necklaces are badass

Well... said...

Man, your pictures never fail to amaze me! Mark of a true photographer :)
The dragonfly closeups are so crystal clear - what camera do you use?
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Haha, just in case you were seriously considering them ;)

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Admirably Pretty said...

Amazing photography! I'm stunned!

Xo, Imke

Hanna C. said...

did you change your profile pictures!?

anyways, the pictures are so pretty! love how you captured the pictures. i wish i could get a camera as well :(

Tori said...

These are such beautiful photos!

Makeup & Art Freak said...

Such beautiful and inspiring pictures! Loved your blog! Check out mine? We can follow each other :)

Emily Meyers said...

thank you so much for visiting and commenting ali! These photos are absolutely beautiful. you have a huge ammount of talent!

anyways just a thank you:)

Metajojuana Nyt said...

The shots are great! macro lens eh! Would you like to follow each other?

Love, Nyt
Metajojuana under a Starry Nyt

Sunny & Star said...

These photos are amazing. I wish I had half of the photography skills that you have.

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India said...

so beautiful!!!

Natalie said...

wow i love your photography!! very lovely

Mill Cruz said...

Wow you're pictures are really beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog! Followed your blog, love it!


kim bim said...

great pictures, totally inspiring.
love nature too.
you got a new follower here.
ve a great monday.

Dana said...

Stumbled across your blog.
Want to follow each other? Leave me a note on my blog, follow, and I'll follow right back!
Thank you!


Ashley said...

These pictures are so are beyond talented, dear! Thanks for sharing these...they definitely brightened my morning! xx

Bonnie said...

I want to play with the little creatures. Anytime we see a tiny critter, I want to play with it. Mr. A is worried about rabies, so he freaks out ... It's a whole big thing.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Clara Turbay said...

Tasteful expressions.
@ paquetevistasbi

Xixia said...

Oh gosh, I really need to visit the garden near me. I think I would be appreciate it more now, than as an elementary school girl. :)
Beautiful pictures! I especially like the turtle.

♥ xixia |

Diana said...

seriously awesome pictures! i love visiting gardens like this and feeding ducks :)

Marlen said...

haha aw no, at least you got a bunch of other lovely pictures. your camera is amaaazing, all these shots are so vivid and clear. they're beautiful!

Isquisofrenia said...

yes you can pull off anything

Domestic Sweetheart said...

I heart your blog! I'm a new GFC follower :)

Joyce said...

Ahhh how could i have missed this post?! But yay i'm glad I found it :) Too bad the hydrangeas are hibernating (haha it seems so funny to call flowers hibernating because it really reminds me of turtles) but there are still so many other wonderful photos of things. I especially love your insect photos! The wings look so delicate.