Saturday, February 1, 2014

Alabama Snow Week! + BornPretty


______This week on campus was a little startling. On Tuesday morning, soft white flurries began to descend from the grey sky, and by noon, everything was primed in a thick layer of pristine white. It was snowing. It snew, you guys. The campus was a fresh canvas ready to be tracked upon by dirt-clodden footsteps and be used for building hasty snowmen. Classes were dismissed at 11am and the citizens in the state of Alabama all had their panties in a twist to get back to their home sweet homes, and of course, roads were immediately clogged up due to the demon snowflakes.

______Thankfully, since I still live on campus and can walk just about anywhere, I didn't have to worry about immediately returning home. Instead, I spent the whole day painting from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon. It was refreshing to have the entire painting studio in my dominion, and one of my friends even visited for some fellow art fun. Later, we shuffled our feet through the slushy snow to inform the art quad that "Ali Hval rocks." That's me. I'm Ali Hval. And I rock more than limestone.

______Thanks for the help on sizing out those letters, Mitchell.


______When I dashed out to get lunch on campus just a few slippery steps away, I saw three of my art professors lined up in front of me, and wondered if they were stuck on campus at all. I knew that two of them were working on teacherly things and their own artwork, and when I left for my dorm around five, they were still moseying around the art quad in high spirits as I said my goodbyes to them. It seemed to me they were just enjoying a day in the studio without those darn, pestering students in their way... though I'm hoping they got back fine!


______My dad left from his place of work as soon as the snow began to stick, but it still took him a lengthy 7.5 hours to return home, where as the drive normally takes him an hour. He said the traffic was so congested and the roads so slick with thick ice that people were literally leaving their cars on the sides of roads and walking to their destinations or shelters for refuge. The drive up to our house is quite twisted and hilly, and my dad tallied a total of one-hundred-something cars parked along the mile-long road to our neighborhood. But my dad, being a North Dakotan man since he was a wee grasshopper, stepped in all four-wheel drive and gutsily shimmied on up and down the hill, waving innocently at cops when they urged him to not continue. He is a brave soul, he is!

______It's not like our state can help it--we don't have the equipment down here to handle snow because, well, we never have snow like that. It's like blaming Montana for not having hurricane evacuation centers, or getting mad at a banana for not tasting like calamari. It wouldn't make sense.

______On to the outfit--BornPretty sent me over this very lovely bejeweled statement necklace. I'm able to wear it all day since it's not entirely made of metal and will thus not make me feel like weights are strung around my neck. Plus, it's clearly snazzy. As usual, you can get 10% off your order at their store using the code ALT10.

______Hope you all stayed safe this weekend. Here's a friendly tip: don't eat yellow snow. Eat pinecones. Much more nutritious. They're loaded with fiber and crunchy, too.


Dress: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Blazer: Forever 21 (similar)
Necklace: c/o BornPretty
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, via Bloomingdales
Tights: idk, but here's some similar ones
Ring: vintage
Bracelets: also vintage


Rachel said...

Oh yeah, it really wouldn't make sense for Alabama to keep all of the snow equipment that, say, MI does! Even with the road equipment, I wish our city would shut down a little more in bad storms--not a fun time to be on the roads! And that was definitely a good day for you to be living on campus!

Jacqueline Stewart said...

Hmm, snow...yes, it's still sweltering in Melbs so I can't even fathom the cold, but yay for snow days! We used to get them in Istanbul cos they whole city would just shut down when it snowed. Lol. Great outfit too, I love the jacket and the jewels are certainly colorful. xox

Linda B said...

Yikes, so glad your dad made it home safely! That's insane...good thing he grew up in North Dakota. Haha, I'd hate to attempt driving that!
Anyway, yay for snow days! I remember seeing that photo on your Facebook reminding us how hard you rock ;) Tis true indeed!
Man, to have all that studio time...I envy you!
Darn Idahoians treat snow like it's no big deal and my inner California girl always freaks out when it hits.
Sooo, as far as this outfit goes, I LOVE LOVE LERRRRRRV it! Hehe, that floral blazer is so eye-poppingly enjoyable, and your necklace bedazzles and goes perfectly with it.
Hehe, and thanks for the compliments on my newly dyed red hair :D I'm so excited with how it turned out!

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Jodie said...

Awesome jacket a great contrast to all the snow :)
England is also unprepared for snow and although its never too much we get it frequently and the whole country stops. I only wish I had a 4x4 as my little car can never get me to work.

iesha said...

i live in the panhandle and snew here too! lol. i couldn't believe it. my son was so excited. he hasn't seen snow since we left VA. love that necklace!


Jamie Rose said...

I didn't realize Alabama had the horrible traffic too! I have my internship in Atlanta this semester so I was down there on Tuesday morning and once it started snowing my dad called and was like - you need to leave before the roads get clogged or icy. My Dad and I left Atlanta around 1 and it only took an extra hour and a half or so to get home, but most people who left even an hour after us were on the road for 5+ hours. Some of the interns from our office didn't make it home. One slept in a drug store. They had the salt to salt the roads and failed to do so, so that was pretty stupid on Atlanta's part. I'm glad you made it through the snow though! And your snow graffiti was pretty awesome!

But anyway, this outfit. I love your floral blazer so much! It looks wonderful with your pretty white dress. I'm also loving your cameo ring and those awesome shoes. Everything looks wonderful together!


Wow, crazy, it seems the weather has been so crazy everywhere. I am hoping my flights for work are not delayed this time. :)

Your beautiful outfit has such a charming colour palette. You look lovely.

Joyce said...

Hahaha "snew" is officially my new favorite word. And so glad your dad got home safely, I'm a horrible driver so I'm not even sure how I will handle if it starts snowing, hahaha.

Anyway, love that floral blazer! It is so bright and perfect with your maroon tights :)

Samantha said...

Haha, when I saw Atlanta on the news I thought it looked like a scene from the Walking Dead! I can't imagine a world without snow. And that story of your dad is awesome, good for him. That's a man right there! Haha

When I saw your necklace I instantaneously fell in love. It's sooooo purty :) And I am totally digging how happy and bright your outfit is - makes me want to ditch the greys and put on some colour!

Alissa said...

My cousin got stuck in traffic for over 10 hours last week. It was so sad but he was incredibly funny about it and sent out the most hilarious tweets. Anyway, at the moment I am frigging waiting on my school to call a snow day. EVERY OTHER SCHOOL IN THE STATE HAS BUT MINE HASN'T. I'm about to rage!

Francesca said...

I LOVE this look, the blazer is stunning and it goes so well with the tights, and you look radiant! Sounds like quite the day, but I love the writing in the snow! It's been pretty snowy here and it seems like last week pretty much everywhere got snow! It's cold but beautiful!


LyddieGal said...

Glad to hear you were able to stay safe on campus and that your dad made it home okay!

I really hate the snow, more and more now that I have to drive in it and shovel it. Back in the day when it just meant a day off from school to play it was awesome. Now it's infuriating!

Love your awesome floral blazer - a nice bit of spring, even when there is snow on the ground!

Chic on the Cheap

Katie Aman said...

HAHA. "It snew" That is perhaps my favorite quote ever. I have never used that phrase before, but I think it's high time I start! Miss Ali you are absolutely beautiful. I love all the splashes of color with a white dress, and those shoes are so very pretty! So sorry I haven't commented for like ALL OF JANUARY. Gah. I'm a terrible bloggy friend
Also, Wow on the roads! It usually gets bad here too, although we are much more used to it. a 7.5 hour drive is just crappy.

Jessica said...

Even though I understand that some states don't need snow removal equipment, it still baffles me that people struggle to make it home in slick conditions. I've lived in Wisconsin my entire life. Driving in the snow is like second nature to me! Either way, I'm glad you lived on campus and were able to make it home without too much delay! Love that blazer on you.

If you're interested, you can enter my current giveaway to win a delicate sterling silver arrow necklace from Chloe + Isabel!

mochaccinoland said...

pretty blazer! wish it snowed out of the blue in where i live. lol. each winter is getting milder and shorter :(


Sam said...

Hi Ali...the snowfall sounds like such a wonderful and memorable experience. We barely get snow in winter here, but when it does fall, the entire town gets pretty thrilled about it and schools and all amenities are closed. Having the class to yourself is a dream! Good to hear your dad made it home, albeit in more than 7 hours, woah, the roads must have been really bad. Your necklace is such a pretty piece, I would like one just like it and love the vibrant blazer. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by :)

lauren, curious constellation said...

Wow your dad sounds impressive! I'm glad he's safe though. And I love your hairstyle, it's brilliant!

RaeAbigael said...

Fabulous blazer! I love it to bits! and you look gorgeous dear! :))


Jen K said...

These photos are gorgeous! Such eye candy. That floral blazer with the dress is a beautiful combination.


Lily Fang said...

Oh my--this polar vortex really has created a mess, hasn't it? I love hearing about regional reactions to snow because it's so normal in the Midwest. I totally laughed out loud at your awesome snow message and smiled at your pretty metaphors. So glad to hear your dad got home alright--what a trooper!

Anyways, you look stunning as usual--that floral blazer inspires me to pull out my own for a shoot sometime. And I totally love how the middle jewel on your bold necklace matches your tights--your ensembles always mold seamlessly together. Those Jeffrey Campbells are so chic, too!

Try to stay safe and warm, Ali! Have a wonderful week!

E said...

DC gets a bad rap for not being able to deal with snow, but it's not like upstate NY where it happens 6 months out of the year so I can completely sympathize! And I love the berry colors in this looks! Such a pretty necklace!

Ashley said...

You're just the cutest thing ever! I am in love with this color combo and that jacket though! Le Sigh! Lady you are gorgeous:) I really enjoyed reading about your snow troubles. There could be a blizzard in my home town and life would continue on with no worries. However, when I lived near Seattle a few years ago for student teaching, they closed the schools for a week because of less than an inch of snow. So crazy! Hope you are staying warm!

xo Ashley

jess said...

I love that blazer.

Ivana Split said...

this is such a lovely outfit:) studio guests arrived in the middle of one painting....don't you hate when that happens? well, I guess studio solves that problem.

The Braided Bandit said...

I love these pretty berry colors together, and everything is so well coordinated as usual! I definitely need to get myself some tights of that color! "IT SNEW"!!!! :)
xo Hannah