Saturday, February 8, 2014

Watercolor Workings

Swarm Gradient
As Above So Below, Watercolor monoprint with colored pencil, 11x14
Monoprint/Monotype, Fall 2014

______Here's a digestible mixture of prints from my Monotype/Monoprint class last semester. I skipped over the beginning printmaking class since my art professor said that the linocut, woodblock, etc. styles of printmaking wouldn't suit my more drawing-based way of making. It's kind of nice to have friendly relationships with your teachers so you can skip over the classes that aren't going to benefit your artful production. I know many schools lack the true student-teacher relationships that my department has, so I'm more than thankful for being able to have it myself.

______She also suggested I take Lithography this year; although the heavy emphasis on process has me pulling my hair out, it's turning out to be pretty darn neat. She also told us we're basically doing alchemy, so knowing that I'm totally an alchemist now makes it worth the effort. Sweet beans.

As Above So Below (greyscale), Watercolor monoprint with graphite, 11x14
Monoprint/Monotype, Fall 2014

______I also have some excellent news--one of my art professors from last semester lent a kind word to the head of the Religious Studies department about my work and how it seemed to resonate with their desire to chalk out an illustration for their semester-ly newsletter. After meeting with the head for a surprisingly speedy hour, he and I planned out a front and back, illustrative, panel-style spread. When he uttered the minimum amount he'd pay me, my brain went internally blank since I wasn't expecting such an amount. However, trying my best not to hide my astonishment, I nodded cooly in agreement. He regarded me and hastily added, "But that's just the minimum."

______I couldn't have even fathomed such an amount that I won't disclose to begin with, but apparently the department head thought otherwise. One thing I about the my art department is how the professors are so approachable and easy to communicate with... and super kind, of course. Just the other day, my Lithography teacher stayed through her lunch break to help me solve a chemical issue with my printing plate.

It Figures


______Below are some of the ones I wasn't as enamored with, but I'm posting them anyway because others seemed to like them. I'm beginning to appreciate the simplicity of a line and a limited color palette opposed to a psychotic accumulation of form and shape.



Tallia said...

I love lithography! It's such a beautiful art-I think.

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mochaccinoland said...

my fav is the 3rd piece from the bottom and followed by the 2nd last piece. the latter is very dark & give me an impression of end of the world.

if i could paint as well as you, i would post my drawings while taking an outfit break too. i don't have any talent in anything, just mediocre in everything. lol.

have a great weekend babe <3


Ivana Split said...

I feel I will need more time to study those. I obviously like them, but for now cannot pick a favourite.

I'm really happy everything worked out well for you and that you're enjoying your student days.


Jacqueline Stewart said...

ahhhh, congrats ali! that is such great news, and these are awesome illustrations! :) :)


Well done! These take me back to when I was in design school. I miss drawing. These are lovely works, keep up the work!

Linda B said...

That is so incredible to get to have that type of relationship with your professors Ali! Ahhhh, and how awesome is that?? Way to play it cool ;)
An alchemist? Yeah, that'd be pretty neat to say. Haha, what do you do? I study alchemy.
Love these pieces of your work! Always love seeing an art post from you :D

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Rachel said...

Wow!! Congrats on your progress and achievements in the realm of artwork! :)

Ivana Split said...

I hope I will get all the titles right.

'As Above So Below' looks equally fascinating in colour and in grey...and the texture looks so rich.

'It figures' It really attracted by attention when I had seen it the first time (and being able to see my comment that is two days ago). It reminds me of both liquid and the same time.

'Green' looks like something one could stare for a long time and be both relaxed and perplexed at the same time.

'Hexagons' I really admire how you have worked with light in this one.

'Lumpy' is (after giving it some thought) my favourite. There are many things that I see when I look at it. Like many tiny people climbing on top of each other (if this sounds strange please remember that I have a vivid imagination).

So, that would be my personal impressions. I do really like them!

Samantha said...

Wow, that sounds amazing, Ali! Congratulations :) You're very talented and you so deserve this!

Marlen said...

YAAAAY congrats on getting commissioned!! so so so proud of you :) and your work is amazing- that hexagon piece had me mesmerized. you should definitely share more of your art on here, it's so wonderful to see how you express yourself.

also, i wanna be an alchemist. get me in on that.

xo marlen
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Sam said...

Congrats Ali, I am so thrilled that your brilliant work is finally getting the recognition it deserves. I have no doubt that you will be going very very far with your creations, and one of these days people will be paying a pretty penny to hand an Ali H original in their dining rooms. Love the very first print, so beautiful.Have a great week ahead dear!

Nami said...

And now it begins, Alchemist Ali! From the time long long long ago, when you were just a wee lass, your heart and soul showed in your art. Now the same soul shows so profoundly in these paintings, it leaves me breathless. So many others have started to see, and will be discovering, your talents. You are an inspiration, and you have such a gift. I only have one itty bitty request. Stay true to yourself and your style. Always believe in yourself. SORRY, that was two requests, wasn't it? Oh well, I lied. So here's another small request. Can I be your agent when you get rich and famous,? I didn't think so. (I'd rather be your Nami any day of the week and twice on Sunday.)

Anonymous said...

you're very talented

LyddieGal said...

Great pieces Ali, I'm quite partial to the black and white. Congrats on landing the job for the unfathomable amount of money, I'm sure your work is more than worth it.

Also, now that you are an alchemist, would you mind turning some straw into some new shoes for me please? Thanks, your a doll.

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jess said...

The pieces look great. It's fantastic that you have a great relationship with the professors in your department.

megcasson said...

Wow, these are gorgeous.

Katie Aman said...

Ooooo I love the depth in these prints. I think it's amazing how many different ways there are to make art, it is wonderful. And CONGRATS on that awesome newsletter opportunity! That is so wonderful that they see your talent and want to paaaaay you for it. How rewarding, I'm sure! Just shows how amazingly talented you are, girl!