Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Madeline + SammyDress


______Let us swoon over how whimsical the cape that SammyDress sent me is: it's twirly, it's classy, it's got a vintage vibe that's enhanced by it's deep, navy hue... it's got all the qualities that a sleeve-free garment should have. Plus, it's a spitting image of its product page, if not even more precious in real life. I adore the navy color (my favorite to wear!), the collared neckline, and the pleat on the back. Plus, the cape is made from a thick material that's lined to keep the brisk wind at bay.  SammyDress boasts all sorts of coats and dresses that have cutesy, feminine styles just like this. I even received two kind compliments on it when I was running errands with the parents this weekend.

______It took a little under a month to arrive, which is quick considering it was shipped overseas. Plus, this product was shipped for free, so I definitely have no complaints. The e-mail representatives are very friendly and polite as well, and I would definitely order from there on my own in the future. Hooray!


______So this weekend, the parents and I rallied ourselves up for a family shopping extravaganza. First, we made a quick trip to the bookstore; my dad bought me a copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales, which I will delve into as soon as I get through George R.R. Martin's Dance of Dragons. And since snow pellets and were a looming threat this week, having a dangerous 0.0003% chance of actually turning into snow, we also went ahead and zoomed through the grocery store to stock up on a week's worth of food.

______Hey, now. Don't make fun.


______Valentine's Day is coming up! I get sort of peeved around this time, not because oh gosh never had a boyfriend, but because these other lovely ladies turn into little grey rainclouds that pour out self-depricating Facebook statuses and Twitter updates, putting themselves down for the pure fact that they don't have a significant other. Newflash, dudettes: this is the 21st century and you don't need no man to survive. If you've got one, grand! If you don't, stop sweating over it and attaching unworthy adjectives to your darling little self. The moment when your dreamy dream man steps into your life isn't really up to you. I've been single my whole life and I'm doin' just fine... maybe a little pyscho, but doin' just fine!

______Also, Valentine's Day is when the most adorable recipes pop up. How about these heart-shaped peanut butter blondies or some dark chocolate M&M bark?

______Bake away, my squishy little sea sponges!


Navy cape: c/o SammyDress (find it here!)
Polka dot dress: Ross Dress for Less ($8!)
Tights: Target
Oxford heels: Jeffrey Campbell (similar)
Rose earrings: Charming Charlie (similar)
Ampersand ring: c/o BornPretty


LyddieGal said...

That is a lovely cape, I adore the navy shade and the elegant buttoned collar. I'm glad you've been having such good luck with all your overseas orders!

I for one, am looking forward to v-day this year, but you are quite right, you do not need a man to be happy and you do not need one to take advantage of half off candy on the 15th :)

Frannie Pantz said...

A very lovely cape indeed! I love the color and how perfectly it goes with your cute little polka dot dress!

I have the original Grimms Fairy Tales book from my grandmother when she was a child. I remember reading it as a preteen, not knowing it would be different than the Disney movies and being HORRIFIED! Especially Cinderella, though I kinda follow the stepsisters' leads now on doing whatever possible to fit in a shoe. Where there's a will there's a way I suppose . . .

I've had a man about half of my V-Days and I still hate the holiday. My bday is right before it, so that may be why but I just feel like it is such a waste. Too much pressure and too commercialized. Basically, I prefer holidays that revolve around food and family. ;-)

Alissa said...

I've been in love for 4 years and OMG I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!! I hate dealing with eating out on that day. I feel so sorry for people who are working at restaurants that weekend.

ModernVintageStyle said...

I love the dress, cape and shoes, but oh my how the tights tie it all together Fabuolous! Kx


That cape is darling, I am a huge fan of capes even when I was a little girl. You look beautiful and I love the mix of dots.

I love Valentine's Day, even before I had a bf, you can definitely do non-traditional fun things with friends too! But, we prefer quiet Valentine's... it's too chaotic out in the crowds otherwise. xx/Madison

Jacqueline Stewart said...

what a beautiful outfit ali. Dark blue, white and red always make me think nautically, which is a good thing. :) :)

Jamie Rose said...

I will forever love those shoes. They're seriously the cutest. I love the blue and red color scheme in this outfit too. No wonder you got so many compliments on that cape: it's awesome! You never see enough capes in real life, I think.

Also hooray for not needing a man! I love Valentine's day either way. It's not like you have to celebrate it with a romantic love person, you can celebrate your family or friends or pet. Love is love and Valentine's day means lots of delicious treats.

I hope you're staying safe and not snowed in over there! It's icy where I am and I haven't been to my internship in Atlanta since Monday. They're closed tomorrow too. So hooray for snow days, sort of!

Katie Aman said...

Navy is such a great color, especially on you with your fair skin and hair. This cape looks so wonderful! I would love to have one, there is just something so classic and wonderful about a cape.
Haha, ahh Valentine's Day, what a silly thing. I was single until I was about 20 and met my hubby and still something always goes wrong on Valentine's Day-one of us is sick, etc. I find it's better to just act like it doesn't exist (except for wearing lots of pink and red in Feb! haha).
The person who steals your heart is going to have to be pretty special, miss Ali because you're a good little 'squishy sea sponge'!

Linda B said...

Haha, self depracating? Pssh, please, we all know why I'm single. I'm too freaking attractive! ;)
Anyway, it is pretty annoying to see those sad singles posting about it on Valentines day. It's like oh come on, it doesn't matter! It's just another day in the year - if you wanna be sad about being single, at least be consistent ;b lol
This cape is absolutely darling on you Ali, I love the deep navy shade!
I've also acquired Grimms Fairy Tale book! :D We'll have to go through it at the same time haha

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Keit said...

Don't know which is worse, the cheesy girly photos of pink cupcakes and icky kissing instagrams, or all the depressed females eating ice cream....
Anywhoooo, the cape is so cute *swoons*. It's a masterpieces, that's for sure, and love how you styled it! ^_^
BTW, are Martin's books any good? A friend of mine liked them at the begging, but now she's thinking of using the latest books for coffee mugs :D

Samantha said...

Oh, I LOVE this outfit! That cape is precious. I like the colour scheme of this outfit too, the blue, red, and white - it looks great!

And I guess I should say hello to a fellow GRR Martin fan :) I've also read the Grimm fairy tales (for my children's literature English class - how easy!) and yeah, quite scary. Hans Christian Anderson had some pretty frightening stories as well. I can see why Disney tweaked the stories a bit!

And you are dang on with your V-day views, girl! I am very much against social pressure and I find that day is full of it. If it was more about general love it would be better.

Rachel said...

That cape is quite fantastic!!
I never had a boyfriend until...umm, right before I got married. It was fast, haha!
Even my first Valentine's Day post-marriage, Angel was working night shift so I went to a party at my college and we decorated sugar cookies and did all sorts of ridiculous fun stuff and it was basically just like my previous single Valentine's days pre-marriage: it was awesome.

Jo said...

Happy Valentine's Day, sweets! I like all the stuff you said about women moping about how they don't have a significant other on Valentine's Day. Yeah, we don;t need a man to survive!

I'm like you. I love navy blue! I love navy blue on you! What a lovely cape. It is always a good thing when the actual product looks exactly the same as on the webpage.

Audrey said...

Your outfit is so cute! I tried on those exact oxfords at Nordstrom, but they didn't have a size small enough for me. :(

Miche said...

Love the polka dots and red tights, such a cute look!
Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

Francesca said...

That cape is gorgeous! I love the sleeves, and color and everything about it! Very cute outfit too, love the pop of red and you look so pretty!

I completely agree with you. People need to stop being so down on Valentine's day, it's a day for pink and chocolate and friends and family not just about being in a relationship. Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!


Lily Fang said...

Oh, I've had a similar positive experience with Sammydress! They really are so sweet. Loving this chic cape you chose--perfect with that classy polkadot dress and those vibrant red tights that match your pretty earrings. And of course we can't forget those Jeffrey Campbells :)

Hehe, stocking up on food is always a good idea. Glad you got to spend some quality time with family! Grimm's Fairy Tales sound awesome. I'm going to try to catch up on reading for pleasure during my blogging break.

And YES. I totally agree with yoru V-day thoughts. I saw a tweet that express a similar idea: when a person asks you why you don't have a boyfriend, say "cause I'm a hot pot of rice who don't need no side dish!" Haha I loved it. Preach it girl!

Also loved your art in the previous post. What a fantastic opportunity and I could totally feel your enthusiasm. Love the warm to cool color transition in the first piece and the ethereal shapes and hues in the third one. How lovely and intricate!

By the way, check your email for a guest post request :) Stay lovely, Ali! Have a fantastic week!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Oh Ali, you just look AWESOME every.single.time!! This cape is so whimsical and girly, I absolutely love it. Plus, those bright red tights are just so bold and fun!! Love!!! I totally agree with you about Vday btw ;)

Vivid room said...

Great cape!!