Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Embrace Thy Inner RDJ + Ozealglasses


______Ozealglasses sports a slick range of carefully selected prescription eyewear, sunglasses, and even biking shades (holla!). Their hand-picked brands lend a modern twist to traditional styles, with thick frames, luscious colors, and dreamy silhouettes. Their brands include, but are not limited to, glasses from the nearly-futuristic Human Skull and pumped up vintage specs from Ospirit. If those aren't your style, then take a gander at their wooden glasses and embrace your inner woodland fairy. There's really nothing that compares to wearing wood on your face.


______I ended up choosing these snazzy tortoiseshell frames by Human Skull and adding a pink tint to them. You can choose a variety of tint colors (eg. pink, blue, orange) and shades (eg. light, dark, sunlight sensitive) as well as picking from a plethora of frame options. I love how their tints are actually vivid opposed to extremely desaturated colors; I've always wanted some sunglasses with rosey lenses that are actually pink, not a gray color that has a touch of washed out rose in them. I'm very tempted to purchase myself a pair of purple or amber tinted lenses in the future...

______But like I was saying, their website definitely offers tons of customization. Even if you don't see a pair you like (doubt it), you can get your inner artist on and create your own. I spent way too long toying around with potential glasses combinations and messing with their virtual webcam try-on. Next stop: customization central, choo chooooooo! That was cheesy. Sorry.


______I had Robert Downey Jr. in mind when I was making these... The man has a tendency to wear fully rimmed glasses with hue-licious tints in purples or blues. Not that I'd know much about his style or anything.

______But I would, actually, because I'm a people creeper.

______(opens a new program to conceal RDJ computer wallpaper) DowneyIluhhyouuuuuuuuu...

______(ahem) Yes, so if you're looking for some special new specs that are high quality, long-lasting, and customizable to the max, look no further! Ozealglasses is here for ya. Guys, I would honestly pick these snazzy shades over a new pair of Ray-Bans any day. Their quality and customization is astounding, plus their customer service is helpful and efficient to the max. These came in the mail under a week and a half and they were custom. Hot damn. I'm in love.


______In terms of my week, it was fan-flippin'-tastic! I won an art scholarship even though the competition was super fierce this year (there were three times as many people as there have been in past years, and friends I thought would hands down get scholarships did not). One of my college goals was to obtain an art scholarship for every year I attended the university, and I can now proudly say that I have done that!


Glasses: Human Skull, c/o Ozealglasses (identical frames here)
Dress: KnowStyle
Blazer: Charlotte Russe
Monkstrap Oxfords: Jeffrey Campbell (exact via Bloomingdales)
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Chain bracelet: Charming Charlie (similar)
Socks: Target


Allie @ Everyday Adventures said...

Congrats on the scholarship!!

Rachel said...

I definitely see the RDJ-vibe you have going with those glasses! Nice look! And your shoes are cool...AND congratulations on getting a scholarship!!! And meeting your goal!

Elana said...

THINGS (since I'm lazy, and list form works well for me):

1. These sunglasses are amazing and now I need a pair.
2. I'm really digging this necklace.
3. That picture of you holding your hands out to show off the flower is the best.
4. Congrats on the art scholarship!! Get it, girl. (I can't pull that off. I don't know why even tried.)

Jacqueline Stewart said...

congrats on winning the art scholarship, you're so awesome and I am glad you've fulfilled your goal. cute glasses and very cool sock/shoe combo, as usual. :)

Indy said...

I love RDJ!!! And I love those socks and just your whole outfit. It rocks.

LyddieGal said...

Oh Robert Downy Jr., so dreamy, and so cocky. Few people can pull off the tinted sunglasses, RDJ, Elton, Ali...

and a huge congrats on winning the scholarship!
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Keit said...

Yaaaay, congrats on the scholarship! This is big news ^_^
And I'm with you girl, Robbie Sexy Junior for the win! :D

Love the new glasses and this website is amazing. I love that you can actually customize your glasses, brilliant! And you look pretty as ever!

Allie said...

I love everything about this look!

Kristian said...

Ha- I wouldn't have seen it, if you hadn't mentioned it, but yes, I can see the Robert Downey Jr. influence. Great look.

Imogen said...

I love these glasses on you. The tortoise shell frame is so beautiful. Super stylish. You have such a talent for making fabulous outfits and I am impressed by how good all the elements of your looks always go together. I am particularly drawn to your pretty dress.

Cindi said...

What an awesome way to rock some nude colors! :)


Runaway In LA said...

I can't even describe how obsessed I am with this outfit! Love the textures and colors, and you definitely have an eye for accessorizing! :-) I can imagine these photos to be in a ModCloth catalogue for some reason, hehe.

AND YES, FELLOW RDJ FANGIRL HERE. I'm not going to lie, I completely fell in love with him after seeing him first in Iron Man, which then convinced me to watch the Sherlock Holmes movies, where I further became enamoured by his beauty. I swear, he's like wine... he gets better with age! ;) Love the little RDJ vibe with your glasses... super cute! I'm sure he will appreciate it too!

You've got such a wonderful blog! :-) I would really love to follow you, but for some reason, my GFC hasn't been working lately so I am unable to follow people sadly! Hoping we can stay in touch! ♥

♥♡♥ Kelsey
Runaway In LA

Jo said...

I learnt about your scholarship on Facebook and was so happy for you. You really have the artistic flair and talents whether in actual art, writing and photography... Heck... you're just such an arty person.

The glasses look lovely on you and I'm pretty enthralled by the customization available!

Дарина Данилова said...

Great shoes and blazer!! Stunning)

Linda B said...

Yes, I concur with that statement. Ahem.
Hehehe, love these huelicious pink tinted glasses you're rocking Ali, you look positively fabulous! The blazer, oxfords, print are the queen at mixing together these outfits of perfection.
Aliiluhhhhhhyouuuu! ;)
Haha, anyway, congrats on the art scholarship!!! That is so awesome, go get it girl!

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Midnight Cowgirl said...

Those glasses are fabulous!

Jamie Rose said...

Congratulations on your art scholarship! That's awesome! Meeting goals is da bomb.

Also these glasses are so cute. I love the rose-colored lenses! I love how they basically mirror your outfit. Everything here looks like it was made to be paired together. Plus you're rocking the socks and oxfords combination, as you often do. I need to wear more socks in outfits for real.

Sam said...

Hi Ali, I like that you can add a tint to these shades, that makes them pretty unique, these look so adorable on you. A Big Congrats on the scholarship, wow, thats amazing, you are truly a huge talent Ali!!! Love the pretty necklace and pastel blazer. May your week be filled with calm & creativity.

Tiffany Ima said...

First, you are the cutest! I am so glad I found your blog!

This outfit is so cute! Love everything from head to toe! I had never heard of this glasses company before today, but the glasses you chose are absolutely adorable!

Tiffany Ima
Style Honestly

Alissa said...

AHHHH. You are rocking the HECK out of those glasses girl! You are totally looking like a cool and confident chick right now!

Sabrina said...

Living life through rose-tinted glasses. How cute is that! I really love your whole outfit. The blazer is gorgeous with the dress. And congrats, I'm glad you sound really happy with where you are!



Congratulations on your art scholarship. As for tinted frames, I've not tried that yet. I wear eyeglasses quite a lot, so I will have to try it out. Beautiful outfit, you look lovely in pink.
/Madison :-)

różowa szminka said...

Wow! You look so adorable!

Lorna Sharp said...

Wow i love your blog!
Ill be so Only yr new follower haha
These socks and shoes are Fab !

Have a lovely week,


jess said...

Those glasses are really cool.