Monday, September 15, 2014

The Obscurity of Things

Self-Potrait with Funky Curtains

______I've always been peculiarly drawn to the abandonment of places and spaces, very similar to the way some boys are attracted to the tantalizing headwear that is a fedora. The way nature smites a space into one composed of peeling wallpaper, tattered furniture, and creaky floorboards is alluring in the sense you've caught something in a moment from which it will only further decompose.

______Some may think the old outhouse I stumbled upon was unpleasant as the texture of mayonnaise on watermelon (mmm yeah, pretend you can feel that one in your mouth), but I've gotta disagree and say it was weirdly compelling, bro. Why, inside was a plethora of eccentric items that would cause any peasant to squeal with delight: a generic baseball trophy, a 1984 road atlas of the United States, a few empty jugs of motor oil, and most curiously, a ladder.

______A ladder in an outhouse? I mean, sure man, maybe there comes a time once in a blue men when you've just gotta take a dump from atop a ladder to make it all performative and stuff. I'm sure someone out there wants to invent the turd-taking Olympics. Hint hint: it's me. The bigger the splash, the higher your score. There's a definite relation between doo-doo size, velocity, and splash circumference. There's a potential topic for your senior thesis. Get at it.

CurtainsCurtains on an Old Outhouse

______So now that we've covered bowel movements and their prospective future role in sport competitions, along with some creepy-looking pictures of me, let's talk about this weird object trailing behind me that just so happens to look intestinal. There is consistency to my blog post topics, random as they may seem.

______This aggregation of segmented strands is actually for a performance piece that I'll have to work with next week for my advanced drawing concepts class, and the forms are based loosely off the gestural, biological forms I work with in my paintings and lithographs. I'm sort of pumped and sort of nervous for the actual presentation, but conclusively I'm ready to go for it. SO READY. Each individual strand is plump with plastic wrap or fabric, and some even have jingle bells in the nodules that produce a delightful wind-chime-esque sound when I move.

______Carry on and be merry, my friends!



Keit said...

This whole post is so artsy my brain is going to explode! :D Hah! I saw the thingies on your back on the Instagram. At first I thought it was part of a chandelier! :D I love the photos, they're creepy, but at the same time beautiful.

Carolina Neto said...

Great pics, honey! Love your taste!

LyddieGal said...

Your first shot is simply stunning, and the piece is really intriguing. Will you be recording your performance piece?
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Jess Fets said...

These photos are all so stunning! I also love abandoned places, I want to check all of them out and see what is left inside! I wish I had more time to do photography! I did it a lot more when I was in college and taking dark room classes!

Marlen said...

gah a performance piece?! ID BE SO NERVOUS. i cant talk in front of a crowd so im uber impressed with you right now. and that first photo of you is hella stunning. Seriously, it's so fun watching you grow as an artist. Proud of you boo :)

xo marlen
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Rachel said...

These photos are quite fantastical...about 50 years ago or so my great-grandpa rescued a 3-seater outhouse from a school that was putting in indoor plumbing...why he rescued the outhouse, I don't know, but these days it sits in the middle of the woods on my grandpa's property and we treat it as a playhouse. It's kind of awesome. And your interesting white intestinal garment is interesting...

Jamie Rose D. said...

Art stuff! Cool! I love that there's jingle bells in your art piece and these pictures turned out spooky and gorgeous at the same time. You're awesome.

Jamie |

Linda B said...

Okay, let me try to reassemble my thoughts. Much like Keit said, my brain exploded from artsy overload.
*serious girl crushing ensues*
Bahaha, Ali, you never fail to inspire, whether it be through your outfits or your writing (turd Olympics, who else would think of that?).
Anyway, no need to be nervous darling, this piece is magnificent, and I can't believe how beautifully you tied it together with the theme.

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Kristian said...

You take fantastic photos- that first one is very arresting- your eyes! Gorgeous. The last two are dreamlike and almost surreal. Love that.

Exploring abandoned places is always so interesting and you do have to wonder at some of the items left behind. Some place you wonder if they packed anything at all, and others have been turned into private garbage dumps...

peach said...

superb! Really nice post sis, excited to see more xx Peach

Miranda said...

Just found your blog, and fell in love with your writing great! XD Love these pictures too. Absolutely following now.

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caffinatedlove said...

haha beautiful pictures and creepy-ass outfit that was actually pretty striking and, I agree with Keit, this whole post was so artsy I wanted to explode from all the artsy awesome.


Diana said...

Gorgeous!! Love your photos, so glad to discover your blog <3