Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hypothetical Night Club

Connect the Dots

______Holy burnt chicken nuggets in a ceramic dish, this is my last set of outfit photos that I've got leftover from pre-college shenanigans. If you all saw me now, you'd see that I am a whole 0.003% more tan. That much. Absolutely inane, I know. Also when I say pre-college shenanigans, I actually mean kicking my own butt with all the art things I'm involved in. So I hope you guys don't mind a slight change in seeing more art opposed to outfits for a month or so, or at least until I get back into the ZONE, wherever and whatever that is.

Connect the DotsConnect the Dots
Connect the Dots
Connect the DotsCarmine8

______THE ZONE sounds like an extremely unsuccessful nightclub that would be located on some obscure, tiny planet in outer space, one like Pluto. Every three minutes in this night club, a deep, resonant voice would echo atop the sick dance tunes, "THE ZONE," like those car commercials that desperately want to remind you what their sale is all about, even though their sale is actually raising prices and ripping you off, man. Maybe all the employees wear traffic cones on their heads when they're serving drinks and pole dance wearing nothing but fringed speedos and reflective vests. We will have gender equality at this night club, and our diversified range of employees will only be scantily clad if they choose to be, otherwise they can wear a toga made of braided toastor a hotdog costume, or whatever they freaking want gosh dangit. Why?

______Because we here at THE ZONE don't take anyone's crap. But the restrooms do, and gleefully so with their shimmering metallic floors and hourly-sanitized, hands-free bathroom technology. Quick wink. You're in safe hands at THE ZONE. Dare we call ourselves a Safe Zone? We dare freakin' do.

______There will be tiny whole-grain sandwiches with the crusts cut off served through all hours of the night, ice cubes in the shape of cars drifting in crystalline bowls of Kool-Aid, and warm cheese dip and chips galore at every corner of THE ZONE's hexagonal-shaped dance room. Sleek. Contemporary. Obnoxiously geometric, with splashes of construction orange and strategically placed reflective surfaces that disorient wall from floor.

______I can only hope that you will all visit before it's shut down three days after opening, but until that day does come, I wish you all the best of your upcoming week!

Connect the Dots

Vest: c/o For Elyse (exact)
Dress: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Oxfords: c/o Duoboots (exact)
Cicada earrings: Etsy
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Socks: Happy Socks (similar)


Sammi said...

God, you're so funny. Your writing is always so good. And you look adorable. But you have such a clever sensibility and your posts are always so multifaceted. Did you ever think about becoming a writer?

xox Sammi

Demi said...

I was giggling the whole way through your post--it's good to see you back!

CICADA EARRINGS. Those would totally be my jam if I had pierced ears, although a DIY necklace with those hanging off the chain wouldn't look all that bad either. They suit you really well--I just adore this outfit :)

Demi | carbonchic.com.au

Keit said...

Wish I could visit THE ZONE! If they got booze I don't care what it's like :D
And that 0,003% (forgot if there was another zero) tan, sounds like something worth checking out too :D I know you're busy, but I miss your posts, at least I have you on Instagram *creepy smile*.
Adore this outfit, that vest looks like a biker's attire!

Frannie Pantz said...

In my youth, I've been to The Zone-like clubs. They are scary but tons of fun. LOL I love your socks! Good luck with getting back in the swing of things. You're such a talented artist, no one will mind seeing your art on here!

Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

so cute!


Hoda Katebi said...

hahaha oh my gosh your writing never fails to make me actually laugh out loud! Your blog is so happy and alive--I love it! (well....everything except the cicada earrings) hahaha
P.S. totally noticed the .003% tan ;D congrats!

<(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

Jess Fets said...

Your blog will always be my favorite blog. Your writing just makes me giggle with glee every time I read your posts...you know, the kind of glee you get from petting small kittens...okay, maybe not quite that level of glee, but it's pretty close! I also love the white dress + jean jacket look!! I'm also digging those earrings, SO COOL! If only I had my little ears pierced! (Dang it!)

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

cute outfit! love the dress!

ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page
ChocolateFashionCoffee INSTAGRAM!!!

Ivana Split said...

your texts are always like a breath of fresh air and I love that you have your own special writing style...

the outfit is pretty perfect...I love the dress and so well paired with that vest...just for the record a denim vest is absolutely one of my fav clothing items ever (super practical and cute)..

...and I always love your choice of shoes and socks:) so well matched every time!

Katie Aman said...

Hehe! I truly and sincerely hope that you make it your life goal to create this nightclub someday-you have it all planned out and everything! Now all we need is space travel..hmmm.
YOUR SOCKS! I bet your sock drawer is just brimming with treasures. Fun colors, polka dots, the secret to life-it's all there I'm sure.
Hope you're not too busy my darling, and I always love to see your art so I would definitely enjoy that :)
Have a wonderful evening!

caffinatedlove said...

I wanna go to THE ZONE! Sounds so classy and shiny, like that fake silver they make cheap jewelry out of. for realz.

YAY FOR BUG EARRINGS AND POLKA-DOTTED SOCKS. I hate bugs but for some reason jewelry with bugs on it is my jam as of late.



Linda B said...

Dude, this Zone needs to happen. 0_o
You have it so perfectly thought out! Bahaha, that'd be a club I would actually go to.
And gah, I know, my last summer outfit post is schedule to go up this week, and I'll have to get back out there with my camera and drag some unsuspecting victim to be my photographer.
I always want to get into the fall-themed outfit photos, but finding the time is always a monster...so I hear ya. Though from the sounds of it, I'm certain your schedule's even tighter than mine. Good luck with your art, and I definitely won't mind seeing all of it! :D

The Dragonfruit Diaries

LyddieGal said...

A chevron LWD? Too cute! Polka dot happy socks? Adorable!
Can't believe summer is 'over' and everyone is back at school! Hope you have a great semester!
Chic on the Cheap


I have a thing for cicada jewellery. I have several pieces that I love. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer ending days, and welcome fall.
The African Elephant

Jamie Rose D. said...

Hahaha. Your blog brightens my day.
Also those earrings are so so cool! I need a pair of those. And your comfy-looking white dress. That too. You look awesome!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Jacqueline Stewart said...

well, the zone certainly sounds like an interesting night club!! :)
Hahaha. I love this outfit too, with your spesh socks! I met a model on the weekend that seriously could have been your double. I told her so too, she didn't know what i was talking about, but, I know...OH I KNOW! :D x

Ivana Split said...

thank you for your lovely comment...that's exactly what I was planning to work on...to try to depict the subtle reflections of buildings in the sea on a cloudy day.


jess said...

Your nightclub sounds like something Stefon from SNL would pitch! It's funny. Those earrings are so cool.

Kristian said...

You know, you are funny (I see people tell you that all the time, so I know it isn't a revelation, but you really are), and that sense of humor and playfulness is always so evident in your clothing choices too, like the socks and the necklace here. So you and I love that.

Jo said...

Hello burnt little chick pea, I would love to see this hypothetical night club in real life. It wouldn't be a loser with deep baritone voice hollering The Zone with such hip hop cool style, it would actually be a hit! I'm sure many kids would love to visit The Zone.

Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

Ana Radunovic said...

Hi dear.:)
Your blog is beautiful. This blog is my fav.:)

And follow me on instagram (@radunovicana) I follow back pls;*

Milu Sosa said...

you are so funny! I've been to clubs very similar to The Zone! haha I can't say I love them but I can't say I didn't have fun in them haha your outfit is adorable! specially the polka dotted colorful socks :)
I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other to stay in touch.


Joyce Chen said...

I think THE ZONE needs to become a real thing hahahaha. It definitely won't be unsuccessful if it has all that good food.

Oooo Ali, that pink statement necklace is gorgeous and whoaaa those are some pretty awesome polka dot socks!

Rabea Schulte said...

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